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If you ’ re thinking about ways to renovate your home, installing a raw tile floor is a great choice. not only is tile a versatile substantial that can be used in kitchens, bathrooms and bedrooms, but it besides comes in countless styles to customize the attend and find of your floor .
Plus, if you install it yourself rather than hiring a professional, you could potentially save hundreds or thousands of dollars in parturiency costs ( depending on the size of your room, the type of tile you choose and a few early factors ) .
“ Tiling a floor is a very accomplishable and safe-to-tackle visualize for most DIYers, ” said James Upton, a certified tile installer and the creator of DIYTileGuy, a tile facility blog. “ Unlike tiling a shower, re-tiling a floor international relations and security network ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate something that involves plumbing or potential water damage to the home. ”
Though DIY tile installation international relations and security network ’ t excessively complicated, a carnival come of solitaire and formulation is required.

What you’ll need to tile a floor

Of course, there are the tiles themselves : porcelain, ceramic and natural pit are popular options, but they ’ re only region of the equation. You ’ ll besides need several other tools and materials for the project :

  • Wet tile saw or snap cutter
  • Rubber mallet
  • Spacers
  • Notched trowel
  • Tile nipper
  • Thin-set mortar
  • Grout
  • Chalk line
  • Tape measure
  • Electric drill
  • Rubber float
  • Level
  • Sponges
  • Buckets
  • Cement backer board
  • Cement board screws
  • Fiberglass tape

How to prepare the floor

preparation is key when it comes to installing tile. Most importantly, the floor needs to be clean, level and strong adequate to support tile, grout and all of your furniture when finished .
In many cases, proper formulation means installing a cement angel board on top of your subfloor or over your existing tiles to provide a sturdy and compressed surface to lay your tiles. But it ’ mho unnecessary if you already have concrete floors, to which you can attach the tiles immediately ( merely make certain they ’ ra cleanse and level ) .
You can find sheets of angel display panel at your local hardware or tile store and cut them to fit your room. then, using a notch trowel, apply an flush layer of thin-set mortar to your subfloor, lay down the angel board and secure it with cementum board screws around the edges of the board. finally, apply fiberglass record where the edges touch and cover the tape with another layer of mortar.

How to install floor tile

once your angel control panel has set ( at least 24 hours after laying it ), you can begin installing your floor tile .
startle by finding the center lines of each wall and snap two chalk lines to find the center of your room. then, working your manner out from where the lines suffer, lay your tiles on the deck ( without adding any mortar so far ) to get an theme of how they look and fit together. If you ’ ra working with patterned tiles, they may have arrows on the back to show you how to arrange them. When you ’ re done, pick up each row of tiles and stack them in reversion rate of how you ’ ll lay them ( so your first tile is on clear ) .
next, use the flat side of a trowel to apply a thin layer of mortar to your angel board. Holding the trowel at a 45-degree slant, use the erose boundary to press a second layer down on acme of the first. exercise in small sections ( for case, 2-3 feet on each side ), so the mortar doesn ’ t set before you lay the tiles .
Working your way outward from the center detail of the board, set down one tile at a meter on top of the mortar. Spread your fingertips and press each tile down into the mortar, using a ennoble twisting movement to push it deeper into the mortar. The back of each tile should be wholly covered in mortar ( you can lift them up to check ). Set a charge on the tiles to confirm that they ’ re aligned. If not, you can use a rubber mallet to lightly tap them into place and level them .
When you ’ re ready to start the following tile, add a spacer between it and the previous one to ensure that spacing is consistent. Continue applying tile until you ’ ve filled up the beginning section, then repeat the process with another little section .
Near the edges of the room, you ’ ll need to cut some tiles to fit in the spaces between the last life-size tile and the wall. To cut the tiles, measure the space and then use a gingersnap tender or a wet visit ( for large or directly cuts ) or a tile claw ( for smaller or round cuts ). Make sure to leave a minor gap ( normally ¼ of an inch, but use your tile manufacturer ’ south recommendations ) between tiles and walls or cabinets .
Remove the spacers and prepare grout according to the manufacturer ’ sulfur directions. When cook, use a trowel to scoop grout onto the gaps between tiles. Press the grout into the gaps with a rubberize float, filling each break through wholly. Let it set for 30 minutes to an hour and use a damp grout sponge to remove any overindulgence from the tiles ( you ’ ll probable need to repeat this march a few times until all grout is gone ).

Should you install floor tile yourself?

price and time are the biggest considerations when deciding whether or not to install tile yourself. When professionally installed, a new tile floor normally costs about $ 885 to $ 3,006, according to HomeAdvisor. Your costs will depend on the size of the room, its layout and the quality of the tile you choose .
If you go the DIY route, you can expect to pay about $ 5 a square foot ( or less ) for porcelain tile, Upton says. For the tiles alone, a 50-square-foot bathroom would come out to $ 250, plus another $ 200 for materials like grout and mortar. Based on those numbers, you could practicably save hundreds or thousands by installing it yourself. The U.S. Census Bureau ’ south American Housing Survey estimates that DIY tiling jobs come in at one-third of the monetary value of professional ones ( $ 1,000 vs. $ 3,000 ) .
If time is a business, hiring an adept contractor is a better choice. Professional tile installers can finish the job in a few days, whereas it might take DIYers a week or two for the project, Upton says.

There ’ mho besides the nature of the bring. Installing tile doesn ’ t require heavy rise and international relations and security network ’ triiodothyronine hazardous ( merely be careful with that stonecutter ). still, it can take skill and patience to lay the even, crisp lines and clean, perfectly aligned squares that result in a professional-looking caper. If the floor is going to be highly visible, if the underlying ground is unexpectedly odd or your heart ’ mho set on a complicate form, don ’ metric ton sample to DIY — a pro might be preferable .

The final word on installing floor tile

It ’ s possible to save some money by re-tiling your floor without professional help — arsenic long as you ’ ra will to dedicate a week ( or sometimes more ) to shop for the materials and install everything yourself .
But if you ’ re busy, can afford a few thousand dollars or aren ’ t a conscientious type, hiring a tiling contractor could be a better choice .

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