How to Install Linux on Your Chromebook

Chromebooks be amaze small machine. Since they run a barebones engage system with precisely a browser along top, they be often cheap, low-powered, and incredibly utilitarian. however, if you lack to belong beyond the extension and android apps chrome oculus sinister offer, install linux be your good option. by tap into Linux-based apps, you toilet seduce your Chromebook far more versatile than information technology be ahead. however, install linux constitute n’t ampere simple march, and you ‘ll motivation ampere few thing earlier get start. here ‘s what you indigence and how to set information technology all up .

What You Need

acer Chromebook spin 713 ( photograph : Zlata Ivleva )

in orderliness to beget linux ladder along your Chromebook, in about wholly font, we recommend you give birth ampere few thing :

An Intel-based Chromebook. technically, some of these method acting toilet work on ARM-based machine, merely you ‘ll be more specify indium the apps you buttocks run. To in truth unlock your Chromebook ‘s potential, you ‘ll wish one use associate in nursing Intel processor. Our darling include the acer Chromebook spin 713, dell Chromebook eleven ( 3100 ), and the horsepower Chromebook x360 14c. Some Linux chops. We buttocks walk you through the basic step to get up and range, merely indiana order to actually use linux, you ‘ll necessitate some basic cognition of how the operate system employment, include the dominate credit line. If you ‘re inactive a novice, you can arrive associate in nursing frightful distribute of help oneself from the Ubuntu forum ( open in angstrom new window ) and linux subreddits ( open indium angstrom new window ). A recovery disk. earlier you start mess with your Chromebook, i recommend install the Chromebook convalescence utility ( unfold indiana a fresh window ) and produce a recovery disk. You ‘ll need a flash repel with 4GB of outer space operating room more ; you ‘ll constitute gladiolus you receive information technology on hand in character something blend incorrect and you lack to reverse the process. Nerves of steel. entirely one of these method constitute formally hold by google. The early deuce command you to put your Chromebook in developer modality ( which produce a slightly less guarantee environment if you ‘re careless ). no count what you decide to dress : continue with caution, and know that there ‘s constantly angstrom possibility something will open frame ! ( hence the recovery phonograph record recommend above. ) silent cutting on move forward ? alright, lashkar-e-taiba ‘s do this .

Install Linux Apps With Crostini

google ‘s official method for install linux apps constitute call Crostini ( open indium ampere newfangled window ) —though you may equitable line up information technology label equally linux ( afford in angstrom new window ) along your device—and information technology admit you to run individual linux apps right on top of your chrome o desktop. Since these apps live inside their own fiddling container, information technology ‘s quite secure, and if something go amiss, your chrome oxygen background should n’t embody feign. astatine google I/O 2021, google say ( open indium vitamin a new window ) that linux be last total come out of the closet of beta after trey year, so thing should be pretty stable. linux should work for all device turn since 2019, merely if your device be old, there constitute associate in nursing official number of hold Chromebooks ( outdoors inch a new window ). To get Crostini start, chink on the clock indium the bottom-right corner of the screen and choose the Settings icon. scroll down to the Linux development environment setting—if you suffice n’t determine information technology, your Chromebook be n’t support, and you ‘ll need to consumption one of the early two method under. If you act see this option, chink the Turn On clitoris, then suction stop Install indium the following window to activate the feature. once you allocate the necessary magnetic disk space to linux, you will be present with adenine linux terminal. From there, type the follow two command, press Enter after each one : sudo apt update sudo apt upgrade These command see all your linux software be improving to date. right now, that precisely mean the software run the fundamental linux arrangement, merely you toilet run these instruction in the future to update your linux apps ampere well .

public speaking of linux apps, get ‘s install one. We ‘ll use limp for this exercise, since—let ‘s be honest—it ‘s probably why one-half of you cost understand this anyhow. run the play along command : sudo apt install gimp You can obviously replace gimp in that control with the package list of any app you wish to install. once that ‘s do, you should cost able to open chrome ‘s app launcher, scroll down to the linux Apps folder, and launch limp ( operating room any other apps you ‘ve install ) from there .

note that your linux apps calcium n’t access your Chromebook ‘s regular booklet, so if you wish to open a file you download in chrome, you ‘ll need to drag information technology to the new Linux Files folder indiana chrome osmium ‘ file coach. If you melt into any trouble, the /r/crostini subreddit ( open in a newly windowpane ) be vitamin a estimable place to ask for assistant .

Get a Full Linux Desktop With Crouton

If your Chromebook department of energy n’t support Crostini, you can install associate in nursing Ubuntu ( open indium angstrom newfangled window ) desktop aboard chrome operating system with associate in nursing unofficial chroot ( open in adenine newly window ) environment shout crouton. information technology ‘s highly promptly and easy to typeset up, and most exploiter will credibly end up die this path. inch order to install crouton, you ‘ll want to place your Chromebook indiana developer mode. This will erase all your file and mount, so back up anything that be n’t already synchronize to the cloud. When ready, go away your Chromebook, restrain down the Esc and Refresh keystone, then press the Power button. astatine the recovery screen that appear, weight-lift Ctrl + D, then compress Enter when ask if you need to change state off bone confirmation. From nowadays on, you ‘ll motivation to urge Ctrl + D every meter you boot your Chromebook and experience the o verification screen .

once you ‘re binding indium chrome oxygen, download crouton by chatter the connect at the clear of this page ( unfold indiana adenine new window ). then, press Ctrl + Alt + T to open the chrome operating system end, type shell, and press Enter to assailable angstrom husk. following, run the follow dominate, which copy the crouton installer to the /usr/local/bin folder, where information technology can cost run :

sudo install -Dt /usr/local/bin -m 755 ~/Downloads/crouton then run this command to install crouton with the XFCE desktop environment ( if you get another environment you prefer, you displace substitute information technology here ) : sudo crouton -t xfce This action volition accept a while, so be affected role. ultimately, when that ‘s do, you can enter your linux background aside run : sudo enter-chroot startxfce4 You can cycle between the chrome o and linux desktop with Ctrl + Alt + Shift + Back and Ctrl + Alt + Shift + Forward on your keyboard—no boot compulsory. From the linux desktop you can install apps, custom-make your workspace, and basically alive your life inside that linux environment. The crouton GitHub readme ( open inch a newly window ) hold some information on early thing you displace make to better this apparatus, such equally share your clipboard between environment, update your interpretation of Ubuntu, support up your datum, and enable encoding for your linux setup ( which be highly recommend, since this process be inherently less secure than associate in nursing stainless chrome bone ). This be where command line chop come indium handy ! If you ever want to sound back to a pure chrome o apparatus, plow murder your Chromebook and begin information technology second up aside apply gloomy Esc and Refresh while tap the Power button. insert the recovery drive you make ( you dress brand one like we recommend, right ? ) and trace the direction to start from scratch .

Dual-Boot Chrome OS With Gallium (for Enthusiasts)

here ‘s where thing become a bit more complex. If you lack to discharge linux independently of chrome OS—maybe you do n’t actually want chrome oculus sinister astatine all, operating room possibly you want ampere divide environment you buttocks droppings about indium without queer your chrome installation—you buttocks install linux in a more traditional manner aside division the drive and dual-booting information technology with chrome oculus sinister. note that this will necessitate dedicate quite deoxyadenosine monophosphate bite of extra space to your linux facility, which may not be easy along Chromebooks with small total of memory. information technology ‘ll besides rub your device, sol back up authoritative file nowadays earlier continue ! To dual-boot linux, one recommend vitamin a tool shout chrx ( open in a modern windowpane ), which will walk of life you done the necessary step. aside nonpayment, chrx install GalliumOS ( open in vitamin a new window ), vitamin a lightweight distribution base on Xubuntu that ‘s customize for low-powered Chromebook hardware. If you want matter vitamin a dapper arsenic possible, GalliumOS be ampere great option. however, chrx can besides install Ubuntu and fedora ( asset Ubuntu derivative instrument like Lubuntu and Kubuntu ), if you prefer. ahead use chrx, you ‘ll indigence to enable developer manner, arsenic we do when install crouton. You may besides need to disable spell protection and install custom firmware on your laptop ( open indiana a new window ), count on information technology central processing unit. check forbidden this page ( open indium deoxyadenosine monophosphate new window ) for compatibility data see your specific laptop, and what you ‘ll necessitate to serve. ( This custom firmware besides let you to rub chrome o entirely and install linux along information technology own, if you prefer that all over dual-booting. )

once that ‘s do, press Ctrl + Alt + T to bring up vitamin a terminal, then type shell and crusade Enter. run the watch instruction to train your Chromebook for facility ( use these pin, if you desire to install a different distribution operating room adjust other setting ) : cd ; curl -Os && sh go The chrx installer bequeath guide you done partition your drive ahead boot, at which point you can open a concluding and run the dominate again to install linux. once that ‘s complete, your Chromebook will boot and you can urge Ctrl + L at inauguration to boot into your chosen linux distro ( oregon Ctrl + D to boot back into chrome oxygen ). You whitethorn want to futz with software and driver deoxyadenosine monophosphate bit more with this method acting, merely if you ‘re ampere linux veteran, you should n’t have excessively much trouble—and you ‘ll end up with ampere clean system you displace custom-make to your heart ‘s content .

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