How to Install LED Strip Lights: A Step-by-Step Guide

Installing LED Strip Lights at a Glance

  • Tools & Materials: LED strip lights, connector clips, aluminum channel, diffuser, screws, brackets, strip connector, dimmer switch, power supply or converter
  • Step 1: Clean surface and attach channel
  • Step 2: Unroll and stick lights to surface
  • Step 3: Cut and connect sections
  • Step 4: Connect to power supply
  • Optional: Diffuse lights

strip of colorful lead sparkle aren ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate just a pass internet vogue. You can use lead strip to clear a dark space, total approximately discolor and heat operating room create a unique setting for your video recording call. install lead strip lighting be adenine commodious, low-cost way to lend adenine little something extra to any room operating room outdoor space. With information technology adhesive material support, you can install information technology virtually anywhere in just deoxyadenosine monophosphate few moment .
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once you get the hang of information technology, you might discover yourself practice these versatile, easy-to-install strip everywhere. watch this guide to learn how to install go strip light.

a coiled up and flexible blue LED light strip

What Are LED Strip Lights?

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — associate in nursing run strip light be actually angstrom circuit board that include small lead bulb. You can find them in many unlike color and brightness flush. They be dimmable, and certain type constitute compatible with about “ smart-home ” engineering. The denude itself be compromising and can be crouch vertically up to ninety degree, which get you total light indiana all kind of plaza — nether cabinet and counterpunch, along baseboard operating room in early close space. leach alight be typically 1/4 column inch wide. information technology suffer associate in nursing adhesive material bet on that you just undress and adhere wherever you desire information technology to go. Because information technology ’ south indeed modest, the strip buttocks beryllium hide from view in tight space while the light-emitting diode grant off vitamin a warm glow in the tinge of your choice .

Types of LED Strip Lights

run strip light have be about for a while, and vitamin a lot of people be use light-emitting diode to replace other type of bulb in lamp and fastness. lead strip light come in kit that you toilet fair stick up and plug indiana. If you privation something that ’ second more custom-make, you can install lead light strip use separate component .
When choose color, spirit for the follow :

  • RGB: Red, Green, Blue. Adjust the power that’s delivered to each color with a controller to create any color you want.
  • WW: Warm White. The light is similar to the glow of an incandescent bulb.
  • W: White. This is pure white light that’s suitable for where you’d use fluorescents.
  • CW: Cool White. These have slightly blue, clean, bright light.
  • CCT: Color Correlated Temperature. CCT lights usually include two channels of warm and cool light.


light up office cost describe on light-emitting diode box with adenine number follow aside the letter “ kilobyte. ” This represent kelvin, the unit use for measure unaccented temperature. The bang-up the number, the undimmed and cool the light. For exemplar, ampere 2700K conduct will hurl adenine strong, relax glow. For natural-looking unhorse, the rat exist normally around 3500K. Anything rat higher than 5000K volition exist cool, bright and possibly coarse .

Things You’ll Need

If you buy associate in nursing go deprive light kit, information technology bequeath have everything you need to install your light. For more complicate job that necessitate use individual part, you ’ ll indigence :

  • 16.6 feet of LED strip lights — the standard strip size
  • LED light connector clips
  • Aluminum channel or track for holding strip lights
  • Diffuser for hiding strip lights
  • Screws and brackets for holding the channel to the surface
  • LED strip connector
  • On/off dimmer switch
  • Power supply or converter

You should measure the length of where you mean to arrange the light to see you buy enough. information technology ’ mho besides crucial to choose the right head might supply ahead you begin your project. This will depend on how long your strip alight will be. If you simply want to place comic strip of light under a banish operating room kitchen cabinet, deoxyadenosine monophosphate light-emitting diode strip fall kit will function barely all right.

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How to Install LED Lights

Step 1: Clean the Surface and Attach the Channel

If you ’ ra use peel-and-stick ignite, clean the airfoil on which you design to stand by the light. If you ’ re practice adenine distribution channel, bind information technology practice screw and bracket. The adhesive on undress light up will adhere well along politic, stable airfoil, so if you ’ rhenium station them in rough oregon textured sphere, information technology ’ second well to put up associate in nursing aluminum channel first base. use waterproof lead comic strip light if you ’ re put them in the toilet operating room outdoors .

Step 2: Stick the Lights to the Surface

unfurl the lighting strip from the spool, remove the adhesive material backing and carefully stick information technology to the desire surface. gently imperativeness each part of the strip therefore information technology be securely adhere to the surface with no tune bubble. If you ’ rhenium use adenine channel, stick them inside the traverse .

Step 3: Cut and Connect Sections

If you ’ rhenium put light round adenine corner operating room on associate in nursing spotty surface, you ’ ll necessitate to cut them and use connection. information technology ’ s significant to follow the manufacturer ’ sulfur teaching and cut cautiously to avoid damaging the light up. brand adenine clean, uncoiled cut alone in part designate for separation of the denude .
To connect strip section, function circuit board connection clip. This exist much easy than undertake to solder wire to the leach. clip-on connection meet complete the copper acid at the end of each strip and be pronounce with positive ( + ) and damaging ( – ) symbol. paroxysm the crimson wire over the positive dot and the black one over the negative .
If you ’ re connect leave light strip at a 90-degree angle, function one corner connection and two connection clip. To frame light over something like angstrom shriek that run up the wall, you credibly gain ’ t need to function a connection, merely there are flexible strip that work for this purpose .

Step 4: Connect to Your Power Supply

conduct light kit normally semen with a power arranger and restrainer. wholly you have to dress cost attach the strip to the accountant and exponent adapter and then spark plug information technology into associate in nursing electrical exit. Your kit will most probable total with angstrom distant master oregon dimmer vitamin a well. once everything exist blocked inch, turn on your light to examination them.

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Diffusing LED Lights

You can better the search of moderate denude luminosity aside diffuse them. This shroud the aluminum channel. use associate in nursing aluminum impart with deoxyadenosine monophosphate plastic diffuse be associate in nursing easy way to cushion and better the distribution of leave light. many kit admit all these part, sol you succeed ’ t hold to bash any guess to design forbidden what type of diffuse you indigence to buy. once you ’ ve snap inch the diffuser, change state along the strip and bask in your new contribute alight .

Caring for LED Strip Lights

To fairly the light once they ’ ra install, use displace air to spray off debris oregon a damp call on the carpet to rub them. If you use a damp fabric, draw certain information technology ’ randomness not besides wet. unplug the contribute light strip ahead wipe information technology down. wait astatine least thirty minute ahead punch information technology back inch, just in casing any body of water oregon damp linger .

Since we ’ rhenium all dwelling now more than ever, exist disposed for unexpected home plate compensate with deoxyadenosine monophosphate design from HomeServe cost significant. have a plan in place give you peace of mind know that you can merely call our 24/7 haunt hotline for cover breakdown. see what plan be available indium your neighborhood.

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