How to Install a Drop Ceiling – 5 Simple Steps and 1 Big Mistake

If you had asked me a year ago would I ever write an article called “ how to install a drop ceiling ” I would have looked at you like you had three heads. Yet, here I am. Or quite, here we are .I figured out how to install a drop ceiling for my basement I ‘m guessing you are here for the lapp rationality that I was Googling for days on end a class ago. You want to know if you can install a drop ceiling in your basement on your own.   The short-circuit answer is yes ! Yes you can and it ‘s not that hard. You can save a set of money by doing it yourself IF you do n’t make some of these key mistakes. If you ‘re hera because you ‘re still trying to decide should you go with a drop ceiling over a drywall ceiling for your basement then make certain to read both sides of the debate hera on the locate. here ‘s Jason ‘s article that is decidedly against drop ceilings. And here ‘s my argument FOR choosing a suspended ceiling ( let ‘s show a little regard ).

now let ‘s get to the kernel and potatoes of how to install a flatten ceiling. drop ceiling l-channel

Drop Ceiling Installation Tools and Materials

L-Channel: Metal channel thats shapped like an L. You will install this first around the entire perimeter of the wall, a few inches below your ceiling ( hence the “ dangle ” in drop curtain ceiling ). drop ceiling main t T-Channel: Metal groove thats shapped like a … yep you guessed it, T ! These run perpendicular to your floor joists. 4 foot cross T’s: These are like mini T-Channel that run twin to your deck joists and snap to the chief T-Channel drop ceiling cross T2 foot cross T’s: If you are purchasing 4’x2 ‘ tiles, these are not needed. If you are going with 2’x2 ‘ tiles, these are needed and run between the 4 foot thwart T ‘s. Drop Ceiling Tiles: These will be the most expensive part of your drop ceiling project. They come in a long ton of styles and can be humidity and cast insubordinate and offer respective levels of reasoned insulation. Drop ceiling tiles come in flower mounts ( the tiles are even with the T ‘s ) or with reveals ( tiles sit slightly below T ‘s ). personally I think the reveals provide a nice aesthetic equal. Wire and Wire Hanging Eyelets: The eyelets are screwed to the floor joists and the telegram is looped through the eyelet and the wholes in the main T-Channels to provide the want confirm from the slant of the tiles.
Tin Snips: You ‘ll need a good pair of tin snips to make all the cuts on the L and T channels. I recommend this Bostitch model on Amazon. It ‘s rated 4.5 stars and has release transportation with Prime. eyelet bit Drill Eyelet Adapter: A special exercise bit that the eyelets fit into. Worth its little system of weights in gold ! Several fresh Utility Knife Blades: Do yourself a party favor and breed up on utility program blades before getting started. I can’t stress how important sharp blades are while cutting tiles.  Cutting fell ceiling tiles dulls them cursorily and if you attempt to cut tiles with dull blades, your cuts will look haphazard .

How to Install a Drop Ceiling

I found a great video that explains how to install a drop ceiling. I ‘ve embedded it at the buttocks of this article after these steps, but I recommend reading these steps first. I pretty much learned 90 % of what I needed to know from this guys thus props to him ! I want to highlight here the key steps with some annoyance saving pointers. Save yourself some major aggravation and avoid my mistakes. Read through these, then watch the video recording, then leave a comment with any questions on how to install a dangle ceiling. Step 1 – Design Your Drop Ceiling Grid It starts with a crippled plan. literally, measure and make a TO SCALE disembowel of each room. then layout your tile space and see how it looks. Like tiling a deck, you want to make certain your extinct edge ceiling tiles are n’t besides small. Ideally they will be evenly placed along the margin. There are several websites and videos online on how to lay out a room. I was extremely annoyed though that every video on the vane assumes you have a simpleton square shaped room. If you do, you ‘ve got a huge advantage in figuring out how to install a drop ceiling. Both of my main rooms had cut ins, stick out outs, and soffits. If that ‘s the same for you, use the television as a begin orient, lay out your room and make tweaks one commission or the other to avoid small tiles near those obstructions. Step 2 – Install the L-Channelhow to install a drop ceiling using these L channels Here’s an nicely mitered L channel on an outside corner. While learning how to install a drop ceiling be sure to take the extra time to get these corners correct. nowadays, time to get your hands dirty. Determine the devolve you are going with and measurement around the circumference of the room down from the floor joists that amount. Mark the localization of your wall stud and using self taping wallboard screws, cling the L-Channel to the wall. home corners are elementary – Either overlap the two pieces or butt them in concert. outside corners can similarly be butted together but to give them a sharper search, I overlapped them and cut one on a 45 degree angle to give the appearance of a miter corner. Step 3 – Install the T-Channel The main T runs perpendicular to the floor joists. Place your beginning main nibble of T-Channel spaced away from your wall as determined in your grid layout. These pieces of channel will be supported on either end by the L channel and will be supported in the middle by the eyelets and wire spaced approximately 2-4 feet apart. This amounts to about every other or every third joist. once you have the telegram loosely run through the channel and the eyelets, next shape to ensure the channel is level. One good scheme is to run a string taut from rampart to wall in line with the L-Channel. then pull the person wires tight to bring the T-Channel in production line with the string. Wrap the wire around itself to ensure it does n’t sag or come loose with the weight of the tile. Rinse and repeat this process with the T-Channel spaced 4 feet apart until all the duct is up.

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Step 4 – Install the Cross Ts Cross T facility is a snap. Sorry, bad pun. You need to snap in the 4 foot traverse T ‘s. Again if using 2×2 tiles, the 2 infantry cross T ‘s equally well. It ‘s easiest to do both at once for a smooth install. Start with full T ‘s and once complete move to the edges. measure and cut each T to size. Always cut a bevel on the wall end to avoid interference with the wall. As you are going, shed in a couple full tiles to square up the grid. decidedly do this before cutting the edge tiles to ensure the grid is wholly square .drop ceiling light cut out After all the T ‘s are installed, drop in all of the entire tiles and move on to the edge pieces. measure and cut these as well. If you bought tiles with a uncover, the best way to get an accurate hack is to foremost cut the tile to size and set it into position. then score the tile along the edge, remove the tile and cut the uncover. This can fairly accurately be done by hand and by eyeballing the depth of the cut. After 1 or 2 cuts, you ‘ll get used to it. Make extra cuts for other interferences ( drop light, roll of tobacco detectors, etc ) .

Here’s the best video I found online showing how to install a drop-ceiling:

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Get the latest Flash Player or Watch this video recording on YouTube. Adam_Profile There you go, Done ! A successful drop ceiling install. Congrats ! Do you have questions about how to install a drop ceiling ? I ‘d love to hear them below ! -Adam More Links on Basement Ceilings: 0 Your Best electronic mail > > * Signing you up… Come on internet,it\’s GO TIME!

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