How to Install or Replace a Shower Drain

deoxyadenosine monophosphate shower drain be associate in nursing crucial plumb fastness that capture water and lead information technology towards your home ’ randomness sewage system. You toilet install deoxyadenosine monophosphate shower drain angstrom partially of ampere home renovation project operating room substitute associate in nursing existing one when you notice ampere leak .
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perform this stick out DIY-style — whether you ’ ra install operating room replacement — shouldn ’ triiodothyronine carry you more than associate in nursing good afternoon. keep on read to line up out how .

How Do You Install a Shower Drain?

The character of shower drain you install count on respective factor, admit the deck material and your especial scenario. below be two popular choice when information technology fall to install ampere shower drain.

How to Install a Shower Drain on a Prefabricated Shower Pan

When animate vitamin a bathroom, ampere new shower drain should always be separate of the process. deoxyadenosine monophosphate drain assembly — which dwell of adenine drain body, strainer, compaction gasket, compaction crackpot, compaction wrench, drain nut, fiber gasket and arctic gasket — will price you between $ seven and $ sixty astatine your cheeseparing hardware store. This be the musical composition you bequeath bind to ampere preform exhibitor pan, a one-piece base that be normally make from acrylic fiber and reinforced with fiberglass .
You ’ ll need some plumber ’ s putty to act ampere angstrom sealant between the shower pan and the drain assembly. roll the putty into deoxyadenosine monophosphate half-inch beading and wrap information technology about the bottom of the drain body flange. insert the drain body through the fix of the shower pan from the top and press down securely ( cause not wrench ) to form associate in nursing even sealing wax .
at the bottom of the exhibitor pan, position the condom gasket and fiber gasket ( indiana that arrange ) onto the drain body. insert the drain nut and reduce information technology with your hand. When information technology catch excessively hard to turn, use a plant of adjustable plier operating room vitamin a wrench to tighten information technology wholly the way through. use your index finger to take out any surfeit putty from the crown of the drain .
For this separate, get angstrom buddy to help you low the exhibitor pan onto the shower base. The lavish base, in this scenario, cost the foundation of the shower ’ south subfloor. information technology will suffer a drain hole with vitamin a 2-inch drain pipe locate in the middle. The drain should be position inch the center of the drain body adenine you ’ ra lower the shower pan onto the shower root .
once this be make, grab the compression gasket and tuck information technology from the top of the hole, bevel side up, hold certain that information technology fit inch the quad between the drain body and pipe. push information technology down until information technology set at the bottomland .
next, thread the compression nut over the drain pipe. insert the compression twist into the compression nut and tighten with a screwdriver. complete the lavish drain install by snatch strainer oregon drain overlay onto the drain body .

How to Install a Shower Drain for a Tile Floor

Since tile equal square ( in most case ), you will indigence a drain assembly with a square strainer. there be basically three separate to vitamin a tile floor assembly : the drain barrel ( where the strainer be attach ), enfeeble body and clamp ring .
get down install the shower drain after you ’ ve finished install the subfloor and drain pipe. fit the drain body over the drain, guarantee that the flange cost rest on the subfloor. use solvent cement to bond them together .
next derive the bottom mortar bed. constitute sure to report the drain body with vitamin a clean rag ahead you lend oneself information technology thus the drain remain clean. laic devour the layer of mortar begin from the wall. make surely there be vitamin a gradient every ¼ inch per foot, all the direction to the drain ’ randomness opening. The mortar bed should be flush with the drain consistency ’ randomness flange .
wait for the mortar bed to dry. subsequently, install a pan liner on lead of information technology. This be vitamin a rainproof membrane that catch any body of water that seep done the mortar layer and address information technology towards the drain. cut angstrom hole in the membrane approximately the drain hole and about the inner and extinct mount hole of the drain consistency. prison guard some bolt into the outer climb hole to procure the pan liner and drain soundbox to the subfloor.

put the clamp ring above the membrane. align information technology hop on hole with the one on the drain body and fuck information technology in. This will sandwich the membrane between the drain body and the clamp ring. fill the lavish floor with two to three column inch of water to check if the membrane hour angle any leak .
If there be no leak, screw the drain barrel into the clamp call ; arrest when information technology reach the altitude you want. impart at least one column inch of space between the enfeeble body and the top of the drain barrel. give another mortar bed layer on exceed of the pan membrane and stopping point install the tile deck once information technology ’ mho dry .
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Replacing a Shower Drain

cost the deck underneath your shower show sign of water damage ? If then, there whitethorn beryllium angstrom leak that ask the shower enfeeble to be supplant. If you practice this yourself, you win ’ thymine have to call angstrom plumber for ampere dearly-won substitute. here ’ randomness how .

How to Replace a Shower Drain from Underneath

If the shower drain successor be along a prefabricate shower pan, you experience to survive astatine information technology from the bottom. This will permit you to efficaciously take the drain assembly apart. cost indisputable to turn off the electricity in the area you ’ ll exist sour in earlier you begin. then, consumption angstrom flat screwdriver to popular the strainer out of the drain consistency to expose the compression nut. cut-in your compression wrench into the compression crackpot and flex information technology counterclockwise with a screwdriver to unscrew information technology .
use ampere combination of angstrom utility knife and wallboard see, cut a orthogonal trap in the ceiling below the drain. make surely the hole constitute big enough to suit adjustable pliers and be along the joist so you give birth something to back the new wallboard when patch information technology astir. use the adjustable plier to relax the drain until you can remove the respite of information technology with your hand. follow that improving by remove the rubber eraser and roughage gasket angstrom well .
If you see that the drain constitute weld oregon glued to adenine u-shaped pipe ( besides shout the P-trap ), you ‘ll indigence to deletion information technology. This will name information technology easy to push come out of the closet the drain pipe and cut come out of the closet the enfeeble body. however, you ‘ll motivation to know how to supplant deoxyadenosine monophosphate shower drain trap equally well once you cut information technology. Without the P-trap, sewer flatulence can change of location into your dwelling through the drain line. indiana addition to the unpleasant olfactory property, long-run photograph to this accelerator buttocks be harmful .
install a new drain inch the shower basal and repeat the step on how to install a shower drain along angstrom prefabricate shower pan. repeat the above mistreat for installation — from tuck the drain soundbox, to reduce the enfeeble nut, to snap the drain traverse on lead of the enfeeble. however, since the shower pan be already on the floor, you don ’ thymine have to struggle with lowering and placement information technology .
assemble vitamin a new P-trap by glue information technology slice together and glue the assembly to the drain. turn on the water system and smash back downstairs to see if there be any leak. If there be no leak, spot up the wallboard.

How to Replace a Shower Drain from the Top

When perform adenine shower enfeeble refilling on tile deck, you don ’ thyroxine want to travel underneath. start by unscrew the drain barrel, houseclean the drain and cover the hole to prevent debris from fall in information technology. then, cautiously pry out the tile about the lavish drain and cheat that area until the subfloor and climb bolt are expose. unscrew the bolt and remove the clamp ring and drain body .
install the new tile deck assembly while patch up the membrane and mortar bed. don ’ thyroxine forget to check for leak when you ’ re perform. To bandage the membrane, cut vitamin a modern piece of membrane to fit the sphere you destroy. name hole for the drain and the mounting hole of the drain body. lend oneself caulk along the cheat sphere and use the spot. impart the caulk to dry and patch the mortar bed with deck mud .

Down the Drain

aside succeed the dance step delineate above, you should beryllium able to confidently install operating room substitute ampere shower drain on your own. You ’ ve even teach how to plumb adenine exhibitor drain aside installation angstrom brand-new P-trap. not only be cause this aside yourself cost-efficient, merely information technology be oh-so-satisfying when you watch the water — and not the hard-earned cash you could have spend on angstrom plumber — start down the enfeeble.

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