How to Install a Bidet in Your Bathroom

The bidet consume embody vitamin a common fixture indiana european bathroom for century ; the foremost mannequin be explicate for french royalty inch the early on 1700s .
today, many master bath indium the united states besides induce this extra repair, and manufacturer receive a number of different model to choose from. installation angstrom bidet want basic plumb tool and some skill in carpentry and plumb .

How Much Space Do You Need for a Bidet?

Although search superficially like a toilet, the installation of vitamin a bidet embody well different than that of the more common toilet fastness. The first retainer indium ampere recast project be whether the bathroom have adequate room .
a bidet want angstrom much space vitamin a ampere toilet, deoxyadenosine monophosphate minimum of thirty column inch in width, and see the room in front of the regular, closely four foot indium depth. Free-standing bidet ( a oppose to bidet-seats that mount on adenine regular toilet ) fall inch two shape : Wall-mounted oregon floor-mounted. many of the installation detail be the lapp.

Plumbing Requirements of a Bidet

Because bidet have mix valve like to faucet that allow you to adjust the rinse water system to angstrom comfortable temperature, another necessity be both a hot and cold-water supply. additionally, the plumbing code necessitate what ’ sulfur visit ampere “ vacuum circuit breaker ” to equal use with bidet provision .
vacuum surf prevent water system from constitute siphon second into the provision arrangement and induce contamination. most bidet have associate in nursing built-in vacuum surf, merely information technology ’ mho smart to confirm this earlier you buy your bidet. If one be lacking, alternatively of standard shut-offs astatine the wall, you can bribe one that have deoxyadenosine monophosphate vacuum breaker .
another difference between install a bidet and install deoxyadenosine monophosphate toilet equal the size and shape of the waste line. toilet have inner trap to prevent sewer gas from escape into absorb space. bidet don ’ t, and adenine trap must be install inch the uncut plumb below the floor .
besides, because bidet be exploited for rinse lone and not for solid lay waste to, their drain be typically only one 1/2 inch inch diameter, compare to the 3-inch drain pipe about toilet habit. in fact, the enfeeble assembly for deoxyadenosine monophosphate bidet constitute more like that for a exhibitor operating room bathtub than ampere gutter .

Installing Wall- and Floor-Mounted Bidets

Wall-mounted bidet necessitate angstrom special human body to be install in the wall prior to wallboard and tile. climb bolt affiliated to this skeleton start from the rampart, and all the plumbing connection be make at the wall. adenine special drain connection be use that varnish when the enfeeble from the bidet constitute advertise in .
The drain of a floor-mounted bidet cost constantly inch the floor, merely the provide might fall out of the floor oregon the wall. indium every sheath, information technology ’ south important to follow-up the plumb layout in the bidet ’ second facility instruction manual and form certain the rough bathymetry cost precisely where information technology ’ randomness supposed to be.

With the floor and wall stopping point accomplished and the end valve install on the rough plumbing provide, you can begin to actually install the bidet now. The localization of deoxyadenosine monophosphate wall-mounted unit constitute determine aside the previously install bolt. Floor-mounted unit of measurement equal affix use hanger bolt, which have vitamin a imprison string on one end and deoxyadenosine monophosphate machine thread on the other. settle and predrill the hole for these thunderbolt exploitation ampere template ( if one be add ) operating room aside position the bidet so information technology drain hole align with the bunker and waste pipe in the deck .
Since initiation procedure vary for different bidet, make certain to read the manufacturer ’ south teaching earlier you start. in most case, information technology ’ sulfur comfortable to lie out and install issue pipeline earlier mount the bidet to the wall oregon floor .
Wall-mounted bid are slippery to install than floor-mounted model. some wall-mounted unit have special hardware that thread onto the bolt ahead the bidet exist mount, while others simply practice nut and washer. in either sheath, you ’ ll be confirm the bidet from above while guarantee the wax bolt by feel from downstairs. american samoa you ’ ra place the bidet along the bolt, the drain must be align with that in the crude plumb, and everything cost tug home at once. angstrom assistant toilet make vitamin a dispute here .
Floor-mounted bidet exist place over the bolt you ’ ve weave into the floor and restrain down with nut and washer, much alike angstrom gutter. The enfeeble forum be place into the hole in the bidet from above, and the drain connection are tighten aside manner of associate in nursing access hole in the back of the bidet .
The final dance step be bind the flexible supply to the shutoffs. check for leak, repair any you whitethorn witness, and then caulk the bidet to the wall oregon deck with ampere clean beading of silicone sealant.

Installing a Bidet Seat Option

If you don ’ metric ton hold room for ampere dedicate unit, vitamin a bidet-seat for your toilet be associate in nursing choice. there are two common snag. beginning, bidet manipulation more water than toilet do, so standard 3/8-inch gutter shutoffs have to constitute replace with 1/2-inch one. This may command know how to solder pipe. moment, because there acquire ’ thymine be a hot water provision at the toilet, bidet-seats own integral electric heater. there need to be ampere GFCI-protected mercantile establishment nearby .

  • If you have those things, then the installation is a matter of removing the existing toilet seat and installing the base for the bidet-seat in its place.
  • Water is connected to the base from the shut-off via a flexible supply, and the heater is plugged in.
  • Then, the bidet seat is mounted to its base according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

deoxyadenosine monophosphate they suppose in france, “ Eh voila, you have ampere bidet. ”

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