6 Easy Steps to Installing Sliding Barn Door Hardware Like a Pro

How To Install Barn Door Hardware Like A Pro | Step-by-Step

DIY Barn Door Hardware Kit Tutorial | MJC & Company

6 Easy Steps to Installing Sliding Barn Door Hardware Like a Pro

so you ‘ve seen all of the fantastic Pinterest, Instagram, and HGTV posts on all of these stunning handmade customs sliding barn doors, and you ‘re thinking to yourself, “ man, I wish I could afford one of those ! ”
well, have I got some full news for you ! Installing sliding barn door hardware is simpler and cheaper than you think. You ‘ll need some essentials to get started and a small bit of know-how, but deoxyadenosine monophosphate long as you follow along in this tutorial, you ‘ll have a new custom sliding barn door hang in no time ! Just wait and go steady .

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Before you even start to consider installing your barn door hardware kit, you will need to know the width of your door equally well as the available horizontal and vertical wall space .
If you have n’t already built your barn door, we ‘ve got an amazing DIY Z Barn Door Tutorial for you to check out here .
There are a few types of hanging barn door kits you can buy, but we will focus on installing a Single Barn Door Hardware Kit for this tutorial. once you ‘ve got the one door hardware kit down, hanging a Bi-Parting or Bypass Rail System will be much easier .
MJC & COMPANY specializes in manufacturing excellent DIY sliding barn door hardware. It ‘s our telephone line of hardware, and we ‘ve got enough of top designs for you to choose from, sol be indisputable to check out our integral hardware collection once you ‘re fix to go .

What Size of Hardware to choose?

sliding barn door hardware width - mjc and company
Choosing the decline distance of hardware is superintendent easy ; take your door width and multiply that by two, and ad four inches. The reason for the extra 4 ” is to allow for some overhang and room for erroneousness .

Pro Tip: Remember, it ‘s always well to have a fulminate that is besides retentive quite than besides short. Consider a 4 ” overhang the minimum to allow .

here ‘s the rule : (Door Width x 2 + 4″)
Door Height: When considering door height, the only thing to keep in thinker is the ceiling stature and the available header quad. You will want a minimum of 6 ” – 8 ” of header distance for a comfortable install .

Pro Tip: You want to make sure you have at least 8″ of header space above your door to be on the safe side. Eight inches will usually be enough space for most hanger designs.

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now that you ‘ve chosen the correct size for your MJC & Company barn doorway hardware, it ‘s time to start the facility process. Let ‘s get started .

step 1 : ATTACH THE HANGERS ( wheels )

first, you want to mount the hangers on the top of your barn door, one near each corner .
sliding barn door hardware hanger hardware - mjc and company

Tools Needed
  • Speed square
  • Clamps
  • Drill
  • Drill Bit – 3/8″ – 1/2″
  • Tape measure

Depending on the style of door you are hanging, the final examination placement of the hangers will vary. They should be installed 3 ” – 6 ” from the boundary of your door to the center of the hanger. experiment with different placements to see what measurement looks the best for your particular lotion before continue. Be certain not to go besides close to the edge .
once you ‘ve found the correct placement, grab your rush square, and slide the hanger astir to it and temporarily clamp it in identify, making certain it does n’t shift in position. nowadays that you ‘ve found the right horizontal stead, it ‘s prison term to get the vertical placement correct before drilling your holes .
Depending on your rack size, the vertical placement will vary. The easiest room to figure the good position is to measure the width of your vilify + the width of the anti-jump cap + 1/2 the astuteness of the groove in the wheel. The sum measure will be the col between the top of your door and the bottomland of your hanger wheel .

Vertical Placement Formula for Hanger:  ( width of vilify + width of anti-jump cap + 1/2 the depth of the rack rut ) = sum gap between the top of door and bottom of hanger steering wheel .

Go ahead and drill 3/8 ” – 1/2 ” holes through the door using the pre-drilled holes in the hanger as a guidebook. Insert the hexadecimal thunderbolt with the point facing towards the rampart and the acorn en on the opposite side. Make sure to slip a washer on both ends of the bolt before screwing on the acorn crackpot .

Pro Tip: By installing the flat bolt head on the inside of the door facing the wall, you will prevent the bolt head from rubbing the wall when opening and closing. If needed, you can also slightly countersink the bolt head into the backside of the door so that it’s flush with the door face.

Repeat the serve on the face-to-face corner of the barn door and tighten both sides thoroughly. now you ‘re quick for the future step .


Most barn door rails come standard with pre-drilled initiation holes at every 16 ” OC ; however, most older homes or door openings may not have the studs by rights positioned the barn door fulminate. For this reason, we recommend that you use a header control panel above your door for installation.
You can use whatever size board you want ; the most common size is a 1X4 or 1X6. You can either paint the heading to match the door, wall or even use a contrast color to make it pop. It ‘s your address, therefore get creative !
You can use whatever size dining table you want, I recommend using a 1X4 or 1X6. You can either paint the header to match the door, wall, or even use a contrast color to make it pop. It ‘s your address, so get creative !

  •  Header Board Height: The center of your header board should be about 2″ above door height (Door Height + 2″)

step 3 : MOUNT THE RAIL ( to header board )

sliding barn door hardware header board - mjc and company
The rail stature will vary by hanger design ; however, the harsh measurement should be about 2.25 ” above door acme. This will leave a roughly 1/2 ” col underneath your door and about 1.75 ” of clearance from the center of your train to the crown of your door .

Pro Tip: If your shock is mismatched, take your measurements from your floor ‘s high side to find your center point for the rail to ensure your barn door wo n’t drag the floor when being opened/closed .

Overhang the edge of the rail 3 ” -5 ” and mark your beginning fix on the header circuit board. Pre-drill the hole with a 3/16 ” drill spot. Holding one side of the railing up, place one of the track spacers ( wide flange against the rampart ) and line up the vilify ‘s first hole with the spacer. Snug the thunderbolt but do n’t tighten it all the way equitable yet .
Using at least a 4 ‘ flush, mark a straight level line from the center of the spacer you precisely attached across the stallion duration of the door. Swivel the rail up and mark each hole for the remaining spacers and bolts .
Attach the far end side of the rail first and continue with the remainder of the holes, placing one spacer ( wide-eyed flange against the rampart ) and bolt per pre-drilled fix.


barn door floor guide wall mount - mjc and company
following, you are going to need to install a floor guide. If you bought an MJC hardware kit, then there is a T-Guide criterion in each software. Another option for a deck usher is an adjustable wall-mount guide .
a. T-Guide Installation: For the T-Guide, you will need to cut a groove in the bottom edge of your door for the scout to slide through. The groove should be directly in the center of your door. Make certain the door is plumb in the hang position before making fastening to the deck .
b. Wall-Mount Guide Installation: The wall-mounted floor guide is super easy and convenient. It ‘s typically sold individually but will save you the hassle of having to groove out your door. And since it ‘s wall-mounted, it ‘s a lifeguard when install over a carpet, concrete, or tile floor .

NOTE: Both the T-Guide and Wall-Mount floor guide will mount on the door jamb ‘s edge on the closure side. Make sure you placement the shock guide in a way that it is supporting the door when amply opened and closed .

footstep 5 : HANG YOUR DOOR

how to hang sliding barn door - mjc and company
After the floor scout is in place, carefully hang your barn doorway and slide it through the floor usher .

NOTE: Make any final examination adjustments to the steer if needed to ensure the door is plumb without holding it into place .


how to install barn door hardware kit - mjc and company
Position your barn door into the fully closed side and slide one of the doorstoppers up against the doorway. Tighten that down all the room .
skid your door into the amply opened position ( cautiously ensuring you do not slide it completely off the train ) and install the moment doorstop in the same way .
Congrats ! You now have a amply functional sliding barn doorway that you installed yourself .
now sit back, relax, and enjoy your amazing slither barn door !

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