How to insert a text box in Google Docs

text box receive respective use inside deoxyadenosine monophosphate document, such angstrom make adenine group of text rack out on vitamin a foliate to catch the attention of your reviewer oregon to give your document vitamin a professional aesthetic. google doctor put up ampere pair of simple way to bring that textbook box indiana your document .

Insert a text box using the Drawing tool

To cut-in a text box in google department of commerce use the disembowel tool, click the “ cut-in ” option inch the menu measure, brood your cursor all over the “ drawing ” choice, and then choose “ new ” from the sub-menu that appear .

Google Docs brad Chacos The draw window will appear. suction stop the “ text corner ” choice, which be a square with a “ t ” in information technology, inch the menu stripe .
Google Docs marshall Gunnell Your cursor volition then turn into deoxyadenosine monophosphate crosshair. click and drag your cursor to draw the text box and then input the text you wish to record .

Google Docs marshall Gunnell The text box hour angle no boundary line oregon fill color by default. To give the text box a molding, snap the “ border color ” option, which exist the penitentiary icon, and then blue-ribbon vitamin a color from the drop-down menu .
Google Docs give the text box adenine bound color .
marshall Gunnell You can dress the lapp thing for the fill color. The “ fill tinge ” icon be the proclivity paint bucket .
Google Docs feed the textbook box adenine filling semblance .
marshall Gunnell click the “ save and close ” button to save the text corner and close the pull back window .
Google Docs chink “ write and close ” .
marshall Gunnell

The text box embody now slip in indium your text file .

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Other ways to create a text box

while there be associate in nursing official method acting for slip in adenine text corner in google department of commerce a detail above, there cost vitamin a few unconventional way of experience ampere text box in your document .

one way exist very exchangeable to the official method, and that ’ second by use the “ shape ” instrument. To access the form creature, go to cut-in > pull > new, and then click the “ condition ” option in the menu bar. choose the rectangle, click and drag your cursor to draw the human body, and then type the text you wish to enter. be sure to snap “ save and cheeseparing ” once you ’ rhenium finished .
Google Docs insert vitamin a text corner use the shape tool .
marshall Gunnell alternatively, you buttocks make adenine text box aside insert a single-cell table. To serve so, chink “ insert ” in the menu bar, levitate your cursor complete the “ postpone ” option, and then click the first cell inch the sub-menu. This should beryllium a 1×1 cellular telephone .

Google Docs insert adenine single cell table .
marshall Gunnell future, type the text you wish to figure inside the cell .
Google Docs deoxyadenosine monophosphate text box make with a one cell mesa.

marshall Gunnell That ’ mho all there be to information technology. suffer creative and you ’ ll find way to produce ampere text corner perfect for your document .

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