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Adding an on-line signature to a Microsoft Word document is easier than ever .
Although Word has its own digital touch feature, other solutions allow you to create, request, and store digital signatures and documents .
here are some of the best ways to add an electronic signature in Word :

How to Add a Handwritten Signature in Word: The Easy Way

The easiest way to add a signature wrinkle to your Word files—and any other contracts and documents—is through an on-line sign cock like Signaturely.

rather of just using a basic Microsoft Office key signature line, Signaturely allows you to request signatures, keep traverse of your files as they get signed, manage your documents, supervise them on the go, and more .
perfect for both individuals and businesses, on-line sign platforms make it easy to manage multiple documents and ensure that signatures are legally binding around the universe .
here ’ s how to create a digital signature with Signaturely :

Step 1: Open and Create a Free Account

Signaturely is a simple and effective document signing tool made to help you upload documents and collect electronic signatures from any device.
start by going to Signaturely and creating a complimentary account. You ’ ll get three complimentary touch requests per month and can transform any document into an on-line contract .

Step 2: Type, Draw or Upload Your Signature

Signaturely allows you to create your own signatures online
now that you have a touch cock, you ’ ll need a touch trope to upload to your files. You can create a free electronic signature with Signaturely ’ s on-line key signature godhead in a few seconds .
This tool allows you to draw your signature and perfect it by adjusting your colors and lines, or type your signature and choose between unlike colors and fonts to personalize it .
once you ’ re done, you can download it for spare and start using it right away .

Step 3: Upload Your Document

Go to your Signaturely account and select the Word document you want to sign .
You can upload files from your computer, connect your mottle servicing to your Signaturely bill, and search for files there .

Step 4: Add Signature Lines

now that you ’ ve selected your document, you can insert key signature lines for you and your signers. These signature lines give the text file more validity than plainly inserting a signature picture file onto a Word document .
Select the type of signature argumentation you want to add and place it on your document. It ’ s a banal to add touch lines at the end of the document ; some users choose to add lines on each page to make it easier to prove intention .

Step 5: Send Your Signature Request

With the document fix to be signed, just add the electronic mail addresses and names of the signers. You can then send them a key signature request along with an optional message .
Signaturely allows you to send the touch request to all signers simultaneously or select the ordain for the document to be signed. The course of study mechanically sends the text file to the following person in credit line as signatures are collected.

Signaturely will send signees an e-mail notifying them that their signature is needed and guide them throughout creating and inserting their electronic touch on your text file .

Step 6: Track And Save Your Documents

once you ’ ve sent your touch requests, you can use Signaturely ’ mho dashboard to keep racetrack of your document. You ’ ll be able to check which signer is next, which will help prevent any delays .
If you need to expedite the sign summons, you can use in-app notifications to remind users that their signature is needed gently .
once everyone has signed your document, you can store a copy on your Signaturely report .

Another Way to Add a Handwritten Signature in Word: Step-By-Step Guide

There ’ s an alternative way to add a digital signature to your Word document. This method involves converting your handwritten signature into a digital prototype .

Step 1: Sign a Blank Piece of Paper

Simply write your signature on a blank piece of paper, ensuring you have adequate space around the edges to adjust by and by .

Step 2: Scan Your Signature Onto a Computer

Take a photograph of your handwritten key signature or scan it to digitize it. You can improve the picture by boosting the contrast and brightness. This will make the touch a solid coloring material and keep the backdrop white .
Some edit software besides allows you to select and delete the background of your image, although this by and large international relations and security network ’ t necessary for a digital key signature .

Step 3 Insert a Signature Line in Word

now that you have an double of your touch, you can insert a signature line by opening your Word document, going to the Insert pill, and clicking on Signature Line .
Select the sic you want and click OK to finalize the process. You and your signers can now click on the signature line to sign the document .

FAQs About How to Add a Handwritten Signature in Word

here are answers to common questions regarding adding a signature line to Microsoft Word documents :

How do I write my signature on a Word document?

You can add a signature telephone line to your document on Microsoft Word by going to the Insert check and choose Signature Line. This will allow you to create areas for your users to sign the document and will lock it to prevent any changes or modifications.

Can I handwrite a signature in Word?

You can add a handwritten signature to your Word document by taking photos or scanning your existing signature. You can besides create an electronic signature with Signaturely ’ s loose signature maker ; their creature will help you draw one as stopping point to your handwritten touch .

What You Need to Remember About How to Add a Handwritten Signature in Word

As we ’ ve seen, there are multiple ways to add an electronic touch to your documents. While you can use the Microsoft Office key signature cable feature, on-line sign platforms can help you efficiently create and manage your on-line signatures and files .
Create a absolve Signaturely report today, upload your documents, and see if it ’ s the right fit for you .

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