How To Insert A Menstrual Cup For Beginners (Diagrams Included!)


Chances are if you ’ re understand this then you ’ re reasonably familiar with the concept of a menstrual cup, but still have some questions you NEED answered before you make the leap ( How do I choose it ? Fold it ? Insert it ? etc. )
Trust me, I was once in your shoes, which is precisely why I created this lead on how to insert a menstrual cup for beginners .
Because while it can be super intimidating to start using a menstrual cup, once you make the switch I can about guarantee you ’ ll never go bet on to tampons again.

not merely are they much less expensive ( think $ 30 once every 10 years vs. $ 15 a month ), but they ’ rhenium release of toxins found in conventional menstruation products, including aluminum, alcohol, bouquet and bleach that lead to cramping, afflictive periods and hormone imbalances like endometriosis .
Add on the fact that they besides help to majorly cut down on environmental consume and are highly abject care ( change once every 12 hours ) and it ’ s pretty much a no-brainer .
But before you start using your menstrual cup, there are some key tips that will make insertion as a founder indeed much easier, optimizing your menstrual cup have as a resultant role. Read below for more !

Pro-Tip: Need help on selecting a menstrual cup perfect for your needs, size, flow, etc. ? See this steer featuring a roundup of the best menstrual cup for beginners .


+ Clean Your Menstrual Cup

Before your first use, you ’ ll indigence to sanitize your menstrual cup by boiling it in a pot of water for 5 minutes, using tongs or a slot spoon to make sure the cup doesn ’ triiodothyronine touch the bottom of the pan ( this is how you ’ ll sanitize it after each bicycle a well ). Let it dry and cool before using .

+ Wash Your Hands

once your cup has been sanitized, wash your hands in warm water with a non-toxic hand soap ( this brand is my fave ) .

+ Fold Your Menstrual Cup

As shown in the diagram above, there are three recommend menstrual cup folds for beginners. here are the specific instructions for each flock .

C-Fold Menstrual Cup:

congregation your menstrual cup by flattening the cup and bending it in the middle, bringing the two ends together to create a C-shape. ( See diagram above ) .

Punch-Down Fold Menstrual Cup:

Use Your index finger to press down on the brim and collapse the menstrual cup. nip to hold into rate. ( See diagram above ) .

7-Fold Menstrual Cup:

Fold the menstrual cup by squeezing the cup to flatten. once flattened, fold the clear correct corner of the brim down and across the opposite side of the body of the cup, creating a 7-shape. ( See diagram above ) .

+ Get Into A Comfortable Position

Try sitting or squatting on the toilet with one leg raised. If you ’ ve used a tampon before, I suggest getting into the same put you do when you insert one .

+ Insert Your Menstrual Cup

once your menstrual cup is folded and you ’ re in a comfortable position, use one hand to lightly separate your labium and the early to insert your cup slowly, rim-first, into your vagina. skid it up and rear at a 45 degree fish ( towards your tailbone, not straight up ) until the torso of the cup is amply inside of your vagina, with the bow of the cup within approximately 1/2 edge of your vaginal open ( this will differ person to person, depending on the situation of your cervix ). The cup should sit lower than a tampon, with the rim right below or around your cervix. ( See diagram below ! )

+ Secure Your Menstrual Cup

once inserted, give the root a very pacify tugboat to ensure your cup is properly in invest and has formed a suction-like seal around the walls of your vagina. You should feel some resistance as you piano pull down. You can besides double check to make sure your menstrual cup is amply opened by running a feel around the body of the cup. If you feel any folds, use the stem to gently rotate the cup until it opens completely, creating a seal.

how to insert a menstrual cup for beginners


hurrah ! If you ’ ve made it this far chances are you ’ ve successfully inserted your menstrual cup and are no longer a founder ( at least at interpolation ) .
once you ’ ve worn your cup for up to 12 hours ( timing depends based on brand and size of cup ) it ’ randomness time for removal and reinsertion. here ’ s the easiest way to do so :

+ Wash Your Hands

+ Resume Your Comfortable Position

+ Use The Stem As A Guide, Do NOT Pull

This is the key part of removal for beginners, as I find it intuitive to want to pull on the menstrual cup stem for removal. rather, use the stem as a usher to locate the ridge at the infrastructure of your cup. Pinch the base with your thumb and index feel, wiggling the cup from slope to side as you lightly pull it out. Keep it upright to avoid spill. When the base of your cup is past the vaginal opening, tilt your cup fore to remove the front rim first, followed by the remainder of the cup .

+ Empty Your Cup Into The Toilet

+ Wash Your Cup

First wash in cold water, then wash thoroughly with warm water system and a balmy, non-toxic soap. Rinse thoroughly, then follow the instructions above to reinsert .


At what age should you start using a menstrual cup?

It ’ second safe to use a menstrual cup once you start your period, or about 12 years of age .

Can virgins use a menstrual cup?

Yes ! If you ’ re honest-to-god enough to menstruate then you ’ ra old enough to use a menstrual cup, regardless of sexual activity. That being said, anything being inserted into your vagina can potentially tear your hymen, including inner menstrual products ( cups, tampons, etc. )

How long can you wear a menstrual cup?

This may depend on the specific menstrual cup post recommendations, however in cosmopolitan most menstrual cup on the grocery store can be safely worn for 12 hours before being emptied and rinsed .

Can you sleep with a menstrual cup?

absolutely ! however if you have a very heavy flow, you may need to empty and rinse during the course of the night to prevent leak. If you know you have a heavy menstruate, I recommend choosing a menstrual cup brand that can accommodate ( see this military post for tips ! )

When should you replace your menstrual cup?

This advice much varies depending on the brand, however most menstrual cup brands on the commercialize recommend replacing every 2-5 years ( with some alike Saalt permanent a long as up to 10 ! )

Can I use a menstrual cup if I have an IUD?

Yes. Because a menstrual cup sits inside the vagina while an IUD is placed inside the uterine cavity they shouldn ’ thyroxine intervene with one another .

How do I choose a menstrual cup right for me?

See this guidebook on the best menstrual cup for beginners deoxyadenosine monophosphate well as tips to select a menstrual cup specific for your needs. besides, this is the cup I personally use and love and you can use the code LAUREN15 for 15% off. 

How do I clean my menstrual cup?

If get rid of and reinserting, follow the steps above under moisten your cup. If your period has completed and you ’ re doing a final examination laundry between cycles, follow the sanitation steps under the how to insert your menstrual cup for beginners incision. Make surely it ’ s completely dried, then storehouse in a breathable fabric base ( most brands will provide this ) until your next use.


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