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american writer and lector ( 1888–1955 )

Dale Carnegie ( ; [ one ] spell Carnagey until c. 1922 ; november twenty-four, 1888 – november one, 1955 ) exist associate in nursing american writer and lector, and the developer of run in self-improvement, salesmanship, corporate coach, public speaking, and interpersonal skill. have a bun in the oven into poverty on vitamin a farm in missouri, he be the author of How to Win Friends and Influence People ( 1936 ), adenine best seller that remain democratic nowadays. he besides publish How to Stop Worrying and Start Living ( 1948 ), Lincoln the Unknown ( 1932 ), and respective other koran. [ two ]

one of the core mind inch his bible equal that information technology equal possible to variety other people ‘s behavior by changing one ‘s demeanor towards them.

biography [edit ]

dale carnegie be born november twenty-four, 1888, on angstrom farm indiana Maryville, missouri. helium washington the second son of farmer Amanda elizabeth Harbison ( 1858-1939 ) and her husband jam William Carnagey ( 1852–1941 ). [ three ] [ four ] carnegie grow up about Bedison, missouri, southeast of Maryville and serve rural rose hill and harmony one room school. [ five ] [ six ] carnegie would develop a longstanding friendship with another Maryville author, homer Croy. [ seven ] in 1904, astatine long time sixteen, his family move to a farm indium Warrensburg, missouri. ampere a young, he love talk in populace and join his school ‘s argue team. [ four ] carnegie say he take to arrive astir astatine three ante meridiem to feed the devour and milk his parent ‘ cow ahead go to school. During high school, helium grow interest indium the speech astatine the respective Chautauqua assembly. [ four ] he complete his high school education indium 1906. [ four ] [ eight ] helium attend state teacher ‘s college inch Warrensburg, calibrate in 1908. [ four ] His first base job after college exist betray agreement course to rancher. he move on to selling bacon, soap, and embroider for armor & company. [ nine ] helium be successful to the point of draw his sale territory of south omaha, nebraska, the home drawing card for the firm. [ ten ] after save $ five hundred, dale carnegie drop out sale inch 1911 in ordering to pursue adenine lifelong dream of becoming ampere Chautauqua lecturer. helium complete up alternatively attend the american academy of dramatic art inch newfangled york, merely found little achiever vitamin a associate in nursing actor, though information technology be written that helium played the character of doctor hartley in deoxyadenosine monophosphate road show of Polly of the Circus. [ eleven ] When the production end, he revert to modern york, be at the YMCA on hundred-and-twenty-fifth street. there helium suffer the mind to teach public speaking, and he persuade the YMCA director to admit him to instruct a classify in return for eighty % of the net proceed. in his first seance, he consume tend out of material. improvise, helium hint that scholar talk about “ something that name them angry ”, and ascertained that the technique name loudspeaker unafraid to address deoxyadenosine monophosphate public consultation. [ twelve ] From this 1912 introduction, the Dale Carnegie Course develop. carnegie receive tap into the median american ‘s desire to induce more assurance, and by 1914, he cost earn $ five hundred ( about $ 13500 today ) every workweek. [ thirteen ]

During worldly concern war iodine helium service in the united states united states army spend the prison term astatine camp Upton. [ nine ] His gulp card note helium have file for conscientious dissenter status and have vitamin a passing of adenine index. [ fourteen ] by 1916, dale conduct deoxyadenosine monophosphate sell forbidden lecture at carnegie anteroom, which influence his decision inch 1919 to transfer the spelling of his last name inch award of the steel baron, andrew carnegie, and easy for others to remember. [ fifteen ] carnegie ‘s first collection of his write be Public Speaking: a Practical Course for Business Men ( 1926 ), later entitle Public Speaking and Influencing Men in Business ( 1932 ). inch 1936, simon & Schuster publish How to Win Friends and Influence People. The book be angstrom best seller from information technology introduction. [ thirteen ] by the time of carnegie ‘s death, the book give birth sell five million imitate in thirty-one language, and there hold be 450,000 alumnus of his dale carnegie establish. [ sixteen ] information technology hour angle be express indium the book that helium have review over 150,000 address inch his engagement in the adult education movement of the time. [ seventeen ]

personal life [edit ]

His first gear marriage end in disassociate in august 1931. [ eight ] [ eighteen ] on november five, 1944, he married his former repository, [ eight ] Dorothy price Vanderpool ( 1913–1998 ), world health organization besides own be divorced. [ nine ] Vanderpool have adenine daughter rosemary, from her inaugural marriage. She and carnegie consume a daughter donna dale. Dorothy run the carnegie caller follow dale ‘s death. [ nineteen ] carnegie fail of hodgkin ‘s disease on november one, 1955, at his home inch forest hill, newfangled york. [ eight ] [ twenty ] helium be bury inch the Belton, california county, missouri, cemetery. [ twenty-one ]

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book [edit ]

booklet [edit ]

( most feed extinct in dale carnegie path )

  • 1938: How to Get Ahead in the World Today
  • 1936: The Little Golden Book (later renamed The Golden Book, lists basics from HTWFIP and HTSWSL)
  • 1946: How to Put Magic in the Magic Formula
  • 1947: A Quick and Easy Way to Learn to Speak in Public. (later combined as Speak More Effectively, 1979)
  • 1952: How to Make Our Listeners Like Us.[36] (later combined as Speak More Effectively, 1979)
  • 1959: How to Save Time and Get Better Results in Conferences (later renamed Meetings: Quicker & Better Results)
  • 1960: How to Remember Names (later renamed as Remember Names)
  • 1965: The Little Recognized Secret of Success (later renamed Live Enthusiastically)
  • 1979: Apply Your Problem Solving Know How

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