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Please use your best estimate in which crystal you receive as a freebie. Thank you again ! While you do n’t get to select your release crystals, it is said a crystal will select you when you need it ! Found yourself wondering ‘what crystal is this ? ‘ or looking for assistant with crystal designation of a while that came in one of our orders ? Every Contempo Crystals order comes with crystal freebie stones. If you are curious which crystals you received, take a search below. You can tap the ‘ determine more about ‘ yoke on some crystals for an in-depth description and photograph to help with your crystal identification ! You ‘ll besides find some extra helpful crystal designation tips at the buttocks of the page !

Crystal Identification Chart

There are TONS of stones in this desegregate. Please use the rest of this guide to make your best estimate.

largely tan in color with hints of yellow from iron. Can be ‘smoky ‘. Hard polished with clarity. Learn more about Citrine > Jet blacken in color, identical indulgent and can be flaky. Often has lines or ‘rods ‘. Learn more about Tourmaline > Trying to identify crystals and rocks is not always comfortable, they can vary so widely it ‘s not even funny. The vicinity, inclusions, character of the gem it came from, can all change up the appearance. Believe me this crystal identifier is precisely a bantam divide of what these crystals can look like.

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But you can besides take a front around the web site and see even more examples of crystals and what they look like. For model, you could head to the amethyst collection and get a look at tons of unlike amethyst varieties because each product listed is going to be unique ! Or possibly looking at crystals by color, or by the stone type might help you with your identification. – – – – – Visit our flying Crystals & Their Meanings page for more helpful data on crystal meanings or tap into any of the crystals above ! even more crystal ‘about ‘ information on the collection pages mentioned above adenine well.

hope this page helps a short with your crystal identification ! There are besides some great crystal books that might be able to help you out. I ‘ve listed out some of my favorite books on that connect and give a fiddling description on why.


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