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When you create a document, you may need to paste links to other documents, Excel spreadsheets, or even some websites with beginning information. besides, you can add hyperlinks to your profile or even e-mail address Word proposes respective different ways to insert hyperlinks to the text file :

The simplest way to insert a hyperlink in Word

Type the savoir-faire starting from http:// or https://, www. ; and Word mechanically turns a web address into a associate when you press Spacebar, Enter, or any punctuation sign of the zodiac .
Notes : If you do n’t see the hyperlink after inserting the address, check it. If the address is correct, you probably have a trouble with AutoCorrect options. See the note of the tip Insert an electronic mail hyperlink in a document .

Paste the link using the Clipboard

   1.   Copy the connect to the Clipboard :

  • Open the link that you would like to insert in the document the browser, select the link, and copy it to the Clipboard (for example, by clicking Ctrl+C),
  • Type the URL in the document (or any other application such as Notepad), select the link, and copy or cut it to the Clipboard (for example, by clicking Ctrl+X).

   2.   Type the text for the link in your text file and select it. For example, select the name of the company :
Hyperlink in Word 365
   3.   Right-click on the selected text, and select the imitate connection from the Link list in the popup menu :
Link in popup menu Word 365

Note : If you paste link copied from the Microsoft Edge, you can see the page title alternatively of the url :
Hyperlink in Word 365
alternatively of Hyperlink 2 in Word 365.

Pasting formatted links rather of URLs is a newly feature of Microsoft Edge that is improved the copy and paste of world wide web URLs. This feature copies and pastes a URL as a hyperlinked title alternatively of as a web address. Please don’t confuse the article title on the webpage and the web page title – they can be different!
To paste the URL copied from Microsoft Edge, do one of the follow :

  • On the Home tab, in the Clipboard group, click the Paste drop-down list and then select Keep Text Only:
    Paste Keep Text Only in Word 365
  • Right-click where you want to paste the link and choose the Link option in the popup menu:
    Link in popup menu Word 365
  • Turn this feature off in Microsoft Edge:
    • In Microsoft Edge, click the Settings and More (Alt+F) button, then select Settings:

    Settings in Microsoft Edge

    • Under Settings, select Share, Copy & Paste:

    Share, Copy and Paste in Settings Microsoft Edge

    • Under Share, Copy & Paste, select the default option you want:
      • Link to paste the URL as a hyperlinked title,
      • Plain text to paste the URL as a web address.

    Share, Copy and Paste in Settings Microsoft Edge

Insert the link using the Hyperlink dialog box

   1.   Type the text for the yoke in your document and select it. For model, select the name of the company .
   2.   On the Insert yellow journalism, in the Links group, click the Link push button ( or click Ctrl+K on the keyboard ) :
Link button in Word 365
   3.   In the Insert Hyperlink dialogue box :
   3.1.   Make certain that the Text to display text corner contains the correct text for the link,

   3.2.   Type the hyperlink address in the Address field :
Address field in Insert Hyperlink Word 365
   3.3.   Click OK to insert the hyperlink in the document :
Hyperlink in Word 365
Notes :

  1. If you want to change the link, the text of the link, or the link’s screen tip, right-click it and choose Edit Hyperlink… in the popup menu:
    Hyperlink in Word 365
  2. If you want to delete the link, you can delete all the text of the hyperlink or right-click it and choose Remove Hyperlink in the popup menu (it removes hyperlink and leave the text).
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