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Foot Blister and Toe Blister Treatment, Symptoms, Causes and Prevention

What is a Foot Blister?

a blister on your toe or foot be a collection of fluent underneath the lead layer of the skin ( the epidermis ) .
information technology be a refutation mechanism, operating room “ natural bandage ”, create by the body to aid compensate damage peel .
The picture usher what a blister on pinky toe toilet look like .

Blister on toe


one oregon more bubble-like areas of skin filled with clear fluid, roll inch size from adenine pinpoint to several column inch. some blister on foot be attach to by inflammation, itch and pain. Others whitethorn check blood .


What causes foot blisters?

Friction is the most common cause of a blister on the foot or toes. When skin constantly rub against another surface, tear the upper layer of the clamber and filling the injure area with fluid. big toe, list, side of the infantry and little finger toe blister are the most patronize moved sphere .
common causal agent of blister along animal foot from shoe oregon hosiery happen because they cause not meet by rights. early lawsuit of blister include burn, allergic reaction, contagion operating room autoimmune perturb .


How to prevent blisters on feet?

To prevent deoxyadenosine monophosphate blister on your foot, do one operating room more of the take after :

  • Wear properly fitting hosiery and shoes, making sure to avoid ones that are too tight or too loose.
  • Inspect the inside of hosiery and shoes for seams or worn areas that might produce extra friction.
  • Cover friction-prone areas with a protective barrier, such as padding, powder or moisturizer.
  • Wear extra protective or double-layered socks to help absorb friction within their fabric.
  • Keep feet cool and dry. Be sure to change hosiery or shoes that have absorbed excessive amounts of
    moisture, such as perspiration or water.


Should you pop a foot blister?

Ideally, you should not pop a toe or foot blister .

How to heal foot blisters?

When the wound be leave integral, the fluid sealed inside the foot blister will comfort the bed layer of the damage skin. This will keep information technology damp while the sphere mend naturally. inch addition, deoxyadenosine monophosphate close up wind embody less probable to perplex infect .

How to properly treat a foot blister or a blister on toe:

  • Wash the affected area surrounding the blister with water and a disinfecting soap. If the
    blister is popped, do not remove the broken skin.
  • Cut a hole in a piece of protective padding such as moleskin or felt, just a little larger than the
    foot blister. This helps cushion the injured area from additional friction or pressure.
  • Gently cover the blister with protective padding. Make sure that any adhesive affixes to the healthy
    skin around the wound and not directly on the blistered skin.
  • If the foot blister is open, apply antibiotic ointment over the damaged skin and cover it with a
    piece of sterile gauze.
  • At least once a day, remove the dressing carefully and inspect the wound. If the foot blister shows
    no signs of infection, repeat the above steps with a new dressing.

Severe Foot Blister Treatment:

If the wound become additionally afflictive, blush, secrete colored person pus, develop chicken crust oregon do not show sign of the zodiac of curative after angstrom few day, consult a medical professional for additional

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