Harvesting Potatoes: How And When To Dig Up Potatoes

You ’ ve planted early, hilled cautiously, cultivated and fertilized. Your potato plants are full and healthy. now you ’ rhenium wonder when to harvest potatoes you ’ ve then cautiously tended. Knowing how to harvest potatoes will help you will help you get the greatest benefit from your crop .

When to Harvest Potatoes

For winter storage, it ’ mho best to let the plant and the weather tell you when to harvest potatoes. Wait until the tops of the vines have died before you begin harvesting. Potatoes are tubers and you want your plant to store as much of that flavorful starch as potential .
Temperatures of both the breeze and dirty should besides factor into when to dig. Potatoes can tolerate a light frost, but when the first hard frost is expected, it ’ south time to get out the shovels. In areas where the fall is cool, without frost, soil temperature will dictate when to pick potatoes. Your territory needs to be above 45 F. ( 7 C. )
When to dig potatoes for dinner is much easier. Wait until late in the season and take only what you need, cautiously resetting the establish so the smaller tubers have a opportunity to mature.

How to Harvest Potatoes

immediately that you know when to dig potatoes, the wonder becomes how. To harvest potatoes, you ’ ll need a shovel or a spade fork. If you ’ re harvest for supper, drive your fork into the territory at the outside edges of the plant. Carefully lift the establish and remove the potatoes you need. Set the establish back in place and water thoroughly.

After deciding when to dig up potatoes for winter storehouse, dig up a “ test ” hill for maturity. The skins of mature potatoes are thick and hard attached to the flesh. If the skins are thinly and rub off easily, your potatoes are calm to ‘ new ’ and should be left in the background for a few more days .
As you dig, be careful not to scrape, bruise or cut the tubers. Damaged tubers will rot during storage and should be used american samoa soon as potential. After harvesting, potatoes must be cured. Let them sit in temperatures of 45 to 60 F. ( 7-16 C. ) for about two weeks. This will give the skins time to harden and minor injuries to seal. Store your cured potatoes at about 40 F. ( 4 C. ) in a dark space. Too much light will turn them green. never allow your potatoes to freeze .
After you decide when to dig up potatoes, get the hale family involved. Equipped with a minor basket, even the smallest child can partake in this fun and rewarding feel .

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