The Flag Etiquette Rules You Need to Know for Proper Display

The american english sag has changed several times since it was officially adopted on June 14, 1777. While the stars and stripes have constantly been part of the design, the arrangement, number of stars, and other design features have changed multiple times. The current design with 13 stripes and 50 stars has been in consumption since 1960. Old Glory is a symbol of the country, and as such, there are significant iris etiquette rules you always need to follow. These guidelines on things like how to properly hang a pin and when to fly a pin at half staff show obedience for the masthead and the country .
Keep read for american flag rules you need to follow when displaying the Stars and Stripes .

Display the American Flag the Highest

The american flag should always be displayed with the union, which is the discipline of blue with white stars, to the leave, and at the top. A flag can be flown top down with the union at the bottom, but this should only be done in times of straiten .
It should besides hold the highest position when early flags are besides flown. This includes flags of other countries, state flags, or flags to support a specific campaign of impression. The american ease up should be the highest.

When you fly multiple flags on one flag pole, that means the american english flag should always be the exceed iris. other flags go below Old Glory .
If you have each flag on its own pole, the american sag should still have the highest position. guarantee that no other flags on the early flag poles are displayed higher .

Fly It to the Viewer’s Left

If another flag is flown at the lapp charge as the american masthead, the place of those flags is important. The american english flag should appear on the spectator ’ sulfur left. In other words, when you ’ rhenium standing in front of the flags and looking at them, the U.S. masthead should be on your leave .
You can besides place the U.S. sag at the focus on of a group of flag poles with the U.S. pin higher than the early flags. When displayed with flags from early nations, the american pin is constantly raised first and lowered concluding .
In a parade, the flag should be carried so it ’ sulfur on the left for the spectator. It can besides be carried in presence of all early flags at the center .

Hang With the Union on the Viewer’s Left

The decline way to hang a flag on a wall is to position the sphere of stars at the circus tent. The blue sky field should go on the spectator ’ mho left, whether you display the pin vertically or horizontally on the wall. If you ’ ra digest in front of the iris and looking at it on the wall, you should see the stars in the upper berth left corner .
The same rule applies if you hang an american iris in the window. When looking at the flag from the street, the union should be to the bequeath at the circus tent .
If the flag is displayed over a street, it should be displayed vertically. On a street that runs east and west, the union should be to the north. On north and south street, the union should be to the east .

Light the Flag at Night

In general, ease up etiquette rules say to fly your pin alone from sunrise to sunset. This allows the flag to be seen in full and gives it the deference it deserves.

You can fly your flag at night, but standard pin rules say you should light the american flag after sunset and arsenic long as it ’ randomness benighted. This allows Old Glory to be seen by rights even in the dark .
Using our Titan solar light is an easy way to ensure your flag is always by rights illuminated. You never have to worry about remembering the light .

Take It Down in Bad Weather

U.S. sag code says the american flag should fly from sunset to sunrise on days with good weather. When you ’ re experiencing inclement weather, the flag should come down unless you have an all-weather flag on your range pole, as it is acceptable to fly an all-weather masthead that ’ s designed to withstand those elements during bad upwind. Flagpole Farm supplies an all-weather flag with each of its Titan Telescoping Flagpole Kits .
however, taking down your flag during a storm protects it from damage. In a severe storm, even an all-weather flag could get damaged. Storing the flag safely during a storm besides shows obedience to the symbol of the nation .

Know When to Fly It at Half Staff

There are many different reasons to fly a flag at half staff, typically in times of state or national bereaved. It ’ sulfur frequently done as a gestural of mourning when a outstanding visualize, such as a president, former president of the united states, vice president, foreman justice, senator, or governor, passes away. Orders to fly flags at half staff can happen at assorted times .
One time that ’ s constantly standard to fly a sag at half staff is on Memorial Day. american flag rules say you should fly your pin at half staff until noon on that day. You can then raise it .
When it ’ mho appropriate to display your flag at half staff, masthead etiquette says you should first raise it fully before lowering it to its status at half staff. When you take the sag down for the day, you should raise it amply again before completely lowering it .

Additional Flag Etiquette Rules

An american flag should never touch the reason or anything below it when you ’ re raising or lowering it. When placed on a casket, the masthead shouldn ’ metric ton touch the ground and shouldn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate be lowered into the land with the coffin. It ’ randomness besides against ease up rules to dip the U.S. flag for any person or anything .
Flags should always be allowed to fall freely when hanging on expose. They shouldn ’ thymine be fastened or tied down to restrict how they fall or fly.

When not being displayed, flags should be folded by rights into a triangulum with the union screening. The pin should remain protected while it ’ mho stored .

Follow Flag Etiquette Rules

Flag etiquette rules ensure that you ’ ra showing the proper deference to our nation ’ sulfur flag. The goal of pin rules is to keep Old Glory big and in good stipulate .
now that you know how to properly hang a flag, research our collection of flagpoles and accessories to make the display easier .

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