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You asked how I hung these plates on the way, and FINALLY I am revealing how I hang plates .

Remember those erstwhile wire denture hangers that we used to use ? I would take them off of plates, and put them in the cabinet, and they would become a disorderly mess. I truly prefer not seeing the hangers. You can use a disk hanger, but they are expensive, specially if you are doing a wall of plates.

therefore how did I do it ? here ’ sulfur my plate hang secret. First I bought some Gorilla glue, but you can use whatever kind of glue you want. It needs to be solid uncompromising glue. I besides bought electric magnetic tape and D rings. D rings come in different sizes and you can get the size you want .


For the first gear plate, I glued the D resound in place, but as the glue dried it seems to expand and moved the D ring away from the plate. so for the second plate, after I glued the D ring in plaza, I used some electric tape to hold it in place. DO NOT use good the record without using glue. The record is fair there to hold the ring in target while the glue dries .

Check the plate several times while it dries, because as the glue dries it can immobilize the call so that it won ’ metric ton swing out any more. Keep moving it to be sure it does not glue in stead. I let it dry overnight. You can see the dry glue in the photograph below .


I think you could use masking tape, since it is just needed during the dry action. The other thing I want to tell you is that this is fairly permanent wave, thus brand sure that is going to work for you. I think even with the D ring on the back, you could still use the plates late for eating if you like. I did remove the glue and ring from a few plates using a tongue, but I can ’ thymine guarantee it will come off .
therefore of naturally as with any advice I offer hera, I am simply sharing my experiences, and can not guarantee you will achieve the lapp results. Use this proficiency at your own gamble .

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