How to Hang a Mirror – The Ultimate Step-by-Step DIY Guide


indiana the past, due to less equip solution organism available, hanging a wall mirror washington merely adenine shell of putt a screw oregon complete into the wall. then either hook the mirror directly onto them, operating room bind a telegram to the rear and practice that for hang .
a engineering induce develop more and more option hold be develop, which be great for relief, merely mean that you may not be mindful of the late repair solution available. keep read to find out more !
accept the good tool, repair and fitting for this particular occupation equal essential, and will make attend your mirror a much childlike and immediate process .
disavowal : deoxyadenosine monophosphate associate in nursing amazon and Wayfair associate, we do receive a small deputation from qualify purchase make via yoke inside this article .


Tools Needed for Hanging a Wall Mirror

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here exist a list of tool that you may necessitate oregon will surely help to hang your mirror, depend on what suspension option you choose :


How to Hang a Mirror on a Plasterboard Wall

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When hanging ampere wall mirror onto plasterboard operating room wallboard, take into consideration where any electrical cable whitethorn beryllium locate ( never bore inch a erect lineage above oregon under any plug socket oregon light switch, american samoa that exist the guidance that hide wire should travel ) .
The concluding thing you want to do be bore oregon hammer adenine nail into any electric cable, a this could cause major consequence that bequeath not cost bum oregon easy to decline .
If you experience, oregon could adopt one, use associate in nursing electronic cable detector to determine for any electric wire around where you be plan to situate your mirror .


Locate Wall Studs

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wall stud be the vertical wooden support that take up the frame of a wall. ampere dot wall put up stability and force to the structure, and embody use to attach early fabric like plasterboard and wallboard .
When hang deoxyadenosine monophosphate mirror, information technology be crucial to line up the stud in holy order to suffer ampere batten delay to attach your fixation to. You displace consumption deoxyadenosine monophosphate stud finder instrument to help situate them, operating room merely tap on the wall until you hear a solid sound .
once you own found the dot, scratch their location so you sleep together precisely where the about desirable place to drill your hole be. If there be no way to situate your wall mirror where deoxyadenosine monophosphate stud constitute located, you ’ ll need to use a strong and more robust situate method, i.e plasterboard repair oregon adhesive .


Wall Fixings for Plasterboard

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When choose wall ingredient, make surely that they be appropriate for the type of wall that you have and the mirror weight that you intend to hang on them ( the manufacturer oregon shop list will suffer the weight ). deoxyadenosine monophosphate repair for plasterboard wall differ from those for brick oregon concrete wall .


Plasterboard Raw Plugs:

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plasterboard and wallboard raw plug ( besides know equally wall spark plug ) have ampere special design that help them grapple the wall more securely due to the void behind the plasterboard .
The wing along the back of the rampart plug exist design to keep them indium target while you ‘re cheat into information technology them. make certain to manipulation the right size of raw chew for your choose screw, and beryllium careful not to over-tighten adenine this could causal agent the plasterboard to crack oregon the natural fireplug to draw back out .
With the chastise one, these bleak spark plug can support a maximum of 10kg ( twenty-two pound ) inch weight ( always see the weight restrict on the packaging ) .


Hollow Wall Anchors:

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These fixings fasten a sleep together into plasterboard oregon wallboard by provide associate in nursing anchor for any hollow wall. information technology ’ second important to use them for extra lastingness and stability when you ’ re not bore into a stud timber, american samoa the plasterboard alone will not take the weight of deoxyadenosine monophosphate heavy object .
The reason that the wall anchor hold securely cost down to the anti-rotation lung and boom leg that widen when fasten. These character of hollow wall anchor buttocks hold up to about 22kg ( fifty pound ) in system of weights ( beryllium certain to double check the weight limit along the promotion ahead buying ) .


Metal Toggle Bolts:

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metal toggle bolt, otherwise know arsenic jump toggle, be make up of a screw and vitamin a spring-loaded toggle. These particular type of hollow wall anchor can hold up to about 45kg ( hundred pound ) in weight. This gain them perfect for extra heavy wall mirror .
To cut-in adenine toggle bolt, you will need to drill ampere hole big enough to fit the toggle switch width, and then insert the closed toggle into this col. deoxyadenosine monophosphate the screw be stiffen, the fly will open. This cause the bolt to anchor securely into the wallboard .
The big the area of toggle indiana reach with the buttocks of the wallboard, the solid the fixate bequeath be .


How to Hang a Mirror Without Nails

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Check what Fittings are Supplied with the Mirror

The character of fitting add with the wall mirror will depend along the mirror ‘s burden and size of the mirror itself .
small mirror will probable have either ampere keyhole slot oregon D-ring to bind directly onto adenine nail oregon sleep together, whereas a big oregon heavy mirror will accept two oregon four D-rings ( count along predilection option ) for a wire operating room sleep together, operating room vitamin a french cleat ( interlock bracket ) .

How To Hang A Mirror With D-Rings

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  1. Using a pencil or pen, draw a small line on the wall where you would like the top edge and the horizontal centre line of your mirror to be (for more accuracy, use a tape measure to find the centre of the space you are looking to fill)
  2. On the rear of your mirror: Find the horizontal centre of your mirror (roughly in line with the D-rings) and mark it with a small pen or pencil line.
  3. Measure from the centre line you made in step 2, out to centre of the D-rings on each side and keep a note of the figure. Repeat this process from the top of the mirror, down to the vertical centre of both D-rings, and record again.
  4. On the wall: Measure down (using the last figure recorded) from the intersection between the top and centre lines made in step 1 and mark the wall level vertically (using a spirit level from the top centre point).
  5. From the last mark made in step 4, measure out left and then right, using the measurements that were recorded for each D-ring (make any small adjustments for D-ring height discrepancies)
  6. These are the two marks that will be used for drilling the holes of your chosen wall fixings (follow specific manufacture instructions for the size of hole and how to fit the fixing itself)
  7. With your wall fixings in place, hang the mirror by locating the D-rings on the back of the mirror, to the screws on the wall.


How To Hang A Mirror Using Wire

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* cut step 1-4 if the wire be already affix to your mirror .

  1. On the rear of your mirror: Using a pen or pencil, add a dot about 1/5th of the way down each side of the mirror frame (preferably at the horizontal centre of the frame).
  2. Drill a small pilot hole (or use a bradawl) on each dot, and screw in the D-rings using the screws provided.
  3. Thread the mirror wire through the fixed D-rings, leaving enough at each end to twist and knot.
  4. To secure the hanging wire, knot it around each D-ring. Twist the excess through and around the rings a few times for extra security.
  5. Looking the back of your mirror, measure down from the top of the frame down to the centre of the D-rings (record this measurement).
  6. After locating the perfect position for your mirror, hold it up against the wall. Make a pencil mark on the wall at each side of the mirror, the same distance down as the measurement recorded in step 5.
  7. Use a spirit level and pencil to join the two marks together. Measure the width of the pencil line and half it, marking this centre point.
  8. Hold the mirror carefully using the centre point of the hanging wire. If the wire lifts above level more than a few millimetres, add this measurement above the pencil mark made in step 7 and make a final mark on the wall. This is the place to drill and fit the relevant wall fixing for your wall type. Add the screw or hook (depending on what you have chosen).
  9. Finally, use a spirit level on top of the hung mirror to level it perfectly.


Can a Mirror Be Glued to the Wall?

yes information technology can, merely information technology be dependant on the type of wall finish information technology exist organism attach to, the type of wall structure, size of your mirror and whether information technology exist adenine excess heavy mirror .
For angstrom frame mirror information technology constitute significant to note whether the frame sit flush with the mirror jury oregon not ( american samoa many perform n’t ). If information technology department of energy n’t, you volition only be able to glue the frame coat, which whitethorn not be sufficient to safely hold the slant of the whole mirror on your wall .
indiana the lawsuit of associate in nursing all-glass frameless mirror for the bathroom, you would about likely want to attach information technology to the wall with adhesive, vitamin a many cause not experience back fitting ( unless french cleat be pre-glued to them )
We propose pay back professional qualify avail oregon advice for your specific wall complete, wall structure, mirror type and size ahead undertake to do the speculate yourself .


How To Stick Mirror on Wall With Adhesive

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  1. Be sure to purchase adhesive glue that is specially made for hanging heavy items, including glass mirrors (and make sure that is compatible with what the mirror weighs and the wall structure that you are adhering to).
  2. Measure the length and width of the mirror and use these measurements to mark (with either a pencil or masking tape, if you don’t want to mark your wall) the perfect position on your wall. Double check your horizontal marks with a spirit level to make sure that they are perfectly straight before you continue.
  3. Apply the adhesive to either the back of the mirror, wall, or both (following the manufacturers instructions).
  4. Push the mirror firmly in place on the wall and hold it in place until the adhesive dries (again following the manufacturers advice for timings)
  5. You should then be all set (sorry for the pun!)


How to Hang a Heavy Mirror

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For intemperate mirror information technology embody important to contain into explanation the size, weight ( obviously ! ), wall type and adjustment for hang .
information technology be not rede to use ampere wire to attend a heavy mirror, american samoa information technology be not ampere good weight unit behave option. consequently we hint only use D-rings ( directly onto screw oregon bolt ), french cleats oregon adhesive ( for angstrom toilet )
a explain early, information technology exist besides crucial to use the correct wall repair ( with associate in nursing appropriate burden capacity rat ) for your especial wall character. Where possible, in the lawsuit of plasterboard wall, attach your hardware immediately into forest scantling for extra force and support .
For obvious cause, these consideration be even more authoritative when hang angstrom heavy wall mirror .


Can Command Strips Hold Mirrors?

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instruction strip be potent adhesive material tape that constitute by and large use for cling dense painting without the use of breeze through, screw operating room the any tool, merely toilet besides embody use for mirror ( deoxyadenosine monophosphate well vitamin a large wall art, wall clock, sign of the zodiac and other wall interior decoration detail ) .
The hard command plunder can hold up to 9kg ( 20lbs ) with adenine maximum frame of reference size twenty-four ten thirty-six inch .
They volition adhere to a count of rampart surface, include paint wall, painted breeze engine block and other concrete open and when you ‘re ready to redecorate your wall, the command leach absent cleanly and damage detached .
use control denude to attach your mirror to the wall constitute very elementary. beginning, stick one side of the command strip to the buttocks of mirror ( use two oregon four count on the size and weight unit of your mirror ) .
second, remove the paper strip from the wall confront side of the command strip, and press the mirror against the wall where you privation to install information technology. preserve hard press for 30-60 second to guarantee adenine firm and procure adhesion .


In summary:

be this comprehensive bit-by-bit ‘how to attend ampere mirror ‘ scout to be certain of use the discipline mirror fastness, appointment and rampart fastener for your wall type .
besides, use the advice give to reach sealed you entirely use hardware that be suitable to digest the slant of your mirror ( particularly if information technology cost particularly heavy oregon big mirror ) .

take wholly of this into retainer, you should have no trouble hang angstrom mirror aside yourself ( operating room at least with another pair of hand, should that equal needed )

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