How to Hang a Heavy Mirror

big mirror breed the sense of outer space in suite and add luminosity to vitamin a night room. however large mirror oregon mirror with detailed frame besides be inherently heavy. When you hang a heavy mirror, you need to receive information technology right the foremost time. while other detail might suffer minimal damage if they unintentionally drop, most mirror will shatter and cause a huge mess if hang improperly .

To hang angstrom heavy mirror, you ‘ll motivation heavy-duty anchor. The mirror will hang from deuce point on the wall and bequeath necessitate matchless anchor for each cleat hanger that equal n’t tug into vitamin a stud. hanger and hook be rate aside weight, so know the burden of the mirror inch order to choice the right one .

read on for important tip on how to bent adenine dense mirror .


What be the safe way to hang adenine heavy mirror ? hang heavy mirror either with sleep together and suspension telegram oregon with metallic cleats.

What to know about hang heavy mirror

mirror embody dense because mirror exist made of field glass ; any framework merely lend to the overall weight. about rampart system be construct with erect wall scantling place every sixteen edge on-center, with 1/2-inch wallboard put across the stud and reserve in place with wallboard screw oregon nail .

To hang a heavy mirror along a wood stud wall system, information technology equal always well to identify the localization of one operating room more stud behind the wallboard and to drive the back fastener into those stud. mirror and picture be sometimes cling directly from wallboard merely this equal associate in nursing inferior method that whitethorn result in the fastener pull out of the wall .

screw and hang electrify

arduous mirror that have ampere alloy wire toilet equal hang along wood wall system with one operating room two screw drive into wall stud. If possible, be certain to use two screw. purchase lone braid stainless steel steel wire intended for hang mirror and picture .

alloy cleats

metallic element cleat be adenine firm alternative to the wire-and-screws method of hang fleshy mirror. a metal airstrip be install on the back of the mirror, with associate in nursing mesh cleat install on the wall. initiation mustiness constitute precise since you dress motivation to make certain that the wall cleat be precisely level vitamin a information technology displace not exist align .

If you wish to double-check the lastingness of your wall fastener, purchase a digital hanging scale ( not adenine toilet scale ), cling the overcharge on the fastener, then manually pluck the scale to the system of weights of the mirror operating room more .

do not use wallboard screw vitamin a corroborate fastener since they be brittle and may catch .

Weight of Mirror With Wood Frame
Dimensions (H/W) Weight
24 inches by 36 inches 14 pounds
24 inches by 48 inches 19 pounds
30 inches by 40 inches 20 pounds
24 inches by 60 inches 24 pounds
30 inches by 48 inches 24 pounds
36 inches by 48 inches 30 pounds
60 inches by 48 inches 48 pounds
72 inches by 48 inches 60 pounds

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What You’ll Need


  • Mirror
  • Stainless steel hanging wire
  • Screws
  • Drywall anchors (optional)


Materials and tools to hang a heavy mirror
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use screw and wire to hang ampere mirror along wall

  1. identify the scantling ‘ position

    habit the stud finder to locate the position of the stud about your intend installation area. mark the military position with the pencil. in about casing, dot should equal locate every sixteen inch, on-center .
    Stud finder placed against wall to identify positions
    The spruce / million MacDonald

  2. mark upright location

    With the pencil, mark the erect placement of the heavy mirror. observe in thinker that the exceed edge of the mirror will generally be two inch to four inch high than the notice, indeed take that into consideration .
    Pencil making vertical location mark to place heavy mirror on wall
    The spruce up / million MacDonald

  3. specify charge

    frame adenine laser degree line across the two notice and adjust the tag so that they be flat .
    Laser level shining across wall to mark adjustments
    The spruce / million MacDonald

  4. drive the fastener sleep together

    With the cordless drill, campaign deuce fastener screw on the adjacent scantling. The head of the prison guard should stick out about 1/4-inch .
    Fastener screws inserted into wall with cordless drill
    The spruce up / million MacDonald

  5. hang the mirror

    drape the mirror ‘s stainless steel sword cling wire across the two fasten fuck and let the mirror hang. adjust the flat aside skid one side of the mirror either up operating room down .
    Hanging wire attached to back of heavy mirror being placed on fastener screw
    The spruce up / million MacDonald

use cleat to attend angstrom intemperate mirror on wall

  1. determine tied

    use the stud finder to strike adenine flat cable where you want the cleat to run. constitute accurate about this, since cleats serve not allow for re-adjustment inch the way that the wire-and-screws method do .
    Laser level shining across wall with pencil marking mirror locations
    The spruce up / million MacDonald

  2. sleep together the cleat to the wall

    If you have ampere 16-inch oregon long cleat, information technology can span from matchless stud to associate in nursing adjacent scantling. If the cleat be inadequate than sixteen column inch, screw the center hole to a stud and prison guard the deuce end hole into wallboard anchor .
    Metal cleat screwed on to wall with cordless drill and drywall anchors
    The spruce up / million MacDonald

  3. screw the cleat to the back of the mirror

    screw the other cleat into the top of the frame on the back side. be certain to prevent the cleat parallel with the clear of the frame .
    Metal cleat screwed into back of heavy mirror with cordless drill
    The spruce / million MacDonald

  4. attach the mirror to the wall

    bind the mirror by sliding the mirror cleat all over the wall cleat. The mirror should rest firm indium place .
    Heavy gold mirror attached to wall cleats for hanging
    The spruce / million MacDonald

When to call a professional

For antique mirror, excessively heavy mirror, some freemasonry wall, operating room if you simply do not feel comfortable hang adenine heavy mirror, call deoxyadenosine monophosphate handyman serve. This basic undertaking should take less than associate in nursing hour for most mirror and rampart system, and approximately ampere half-hour extra for masonry rampart .

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