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Learning how to hang a knoll takes merely a few minutes. And for most common knoll spots — think trees, porches, balconies, and posts — you only need one nibble of gear .
here are 4 of the best ways to hang a hammock .

1. How to Hang a Hammock in a tree

What You Need


1. Locate two trees about 10-14 feet apart. They should be chummy enough that they won ’ t bend when you hang your hammock from them.

2. Wrap one of the straps around one of the trees, then feed the end with the attachment points through the loop on the reverse goal. Pull the strap tight around the tree .
3. Repeat the summons with the early strap on the other tree .
4. Clip your hammock to both straps. Get in and see how it feels ! Make any want adjustments, such as reclipping the straps to higher or lower attachments points .
Full instructions: How to Use Hammock Straps

2. How to Hang a Hammock on a Porch or Balcony

What You Need

  • Hammock straps or rope


1. Locate two spots on your porch or balcony rail that are about 8-9 feet away. ( You may have to use test and mistake to find the best distance. )
2. Wrap one of the straps ( or tie a nibble of rope ) around the rail at one of the spots. Feed the attachment points through the loop on the other end and pull besotted ( or tie your knot of choice in the rope )
3. Repeat Step 2 with the other strap ( or other assemble of rope ) at the other spot of the rail .
4. Clip your knoll to both straps or pieces of rope. Lay down and see how it hangs ! Make any adjustments, if needed, such as moving one of the straps closer or further off .
Note: Using rope or hammock straps can damage your porch or balcony vilify. We haven ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate tested it, but putting a towel under the straps may prevent this. You ’ ve been warned !

3. How to Hang a Hammock with Posts

There are two chief ways to hang a knoll from posts :

  1. With hammock straps
  2. With hardware

I ’ ll show you both .

What You Need ( If Using Hammock Straps )

  • Hammock straps

Steps ( If Using Hammock Straps )

1. Install a couple hardy knoll posts about 8-9 feet apart. ( Or, if you ’ re lucky like me, locate a couple wooden fence posts in your backyard that are the proper distance apart. ) You could besides install good one and wrap the other end of your knoll around a tree .
2. Wrap one of the straps around one of the posts, then feed the end with the attachment points through the loop on the inverse end. Pull the strap compressed around the post .
3. Repeat the process with the other strap on the other station.

4. Clip your knoll to attachment points on both knoll straps. Lay gloomy, make any necessary adjustments, then relax !

What You Need ( If Using Hardware )

  • 2 eyelets or fishhooks
  • Drill and drill bits

Steps ( If Using Hardware )

1. Install a couple hardy wooden posts about 8-9 feet apart .
2. Drill a pilot burner hole for your cringle or fishhook in one of the posts. Drill it about 5 feet off the ground .
3. Screw your eyelet/fishhook into the mail. ( I like to use a screwdriver here for leverage. )
4. Install the early cringle or fishhook in the other stake following the same steps .
5. Clip your knoll to both pieces of hardware using carabiners. Hang easy !
Tip: I recommend erring on the side of installing posts besides far apart quite than excessively stopping point together. You can constantly use r-2, straps, or chains to extend your hammock .

4. How to Hang a Hammock on a Stand

What You Need

  • Hammock stand


1. Assemble the hammock stand according to the instructions. ( In the video I assemble a common design of portable hammock stand. )
2. Hook your hammock to both ends. Get in and see how it feels. Make any necessity adjustments, such as moving the hooks closer together or far apart .

7 Tips for Hanging a Hammock Right the First Time

1. Check with local land managers to make sure you can hang your hammock there. Some public lands, such as city and state parks, don ’ thyroxine allow tree hammocking .
2. Inspect the trees and surrounding area. If hanging your knoll from trees, check for sensible plant life, animal nests, and likely hazards like poison ivy. Make sure the trees aren ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate dead and won ’ t bend when you lay down in your knoll .
3. Aim for a 30-degree angle between the strap and the ground when you’re in the hammock. This angle gives you the best chance of a comfortable hang. The tight you hang the hammock, the arduous it is to get in and the more compress it feels .
4. Aim for the bottom of your hammock being 18 inches off the ground when you’re in it. This makes getting in and out easy and reduces the chances that you hurt yourself if you fall out. A couple dependable rules of thumb : locate trees that are 10-14 feet apart and wrap your straps 5-6 feet off the land.

5. Use tree-friendly hammock straps. When tree hammocking on public lands, use tree straps that are at least 0.75″ wide and made of straps that go around the corner. According to Leave No Trace, this limits the tree girdle and damage to the bark. Check out our usher to the best tree strap for our recommendations .
6. Only hang one hammock from a tree at a time. We ’ ve all seen the photograph of stack hammocks. They look fun to do, but doing so stresses the trees. not to mention the risk of falling from up high .
7. Use good hammock carabiners to clip your hammock to the straps or hooks. many hammocks come with carabiners or S hooks. If yours doesn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate, you ’ ll need to pick up a pair to be able to clip your knoll to the attachment points .

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