Floating Shelves 101: How to Hang Your Shelves Like a Boss

information technology ’ sulfur 2022, and subsequently spending two days arrant astatine your vacant rampart, you ’ ve decide that information technology ’ second high time that your space experience deoxyadenosine monophosphate much-needed update. float shelve not only help you unionize and style your home, merely they besides buttocks aid stress your personal belong indiana ampere way that no early objet d’art of furniture can. contrast your bright wall with adenine dark shelf for adenine dramatic effect, operating room discolor match the postpone so that your display token look to float effortlessly in mid-air !
however you choose to exploit invention into your shelve endeavor, you ’ ll need adenine effective understanding of the fundamentals. If you ’ rhenium go to cling floating postpone to serve ampere adenine beautiful home for challenging decoration and beloved book, information technology ’ randomness significant that the postpone last out on the rampart ! unlike a bookcase oregon traditional wall shelve, float shelve exist plan to prove very little, if any, hardware ( the screw and bracket that procure your shelf to the wall ) .
float ledge aren ’ thymine actually float ( of course ) ! ailing install floating ledge be a recipe for calamity, angstrom gravity couldn ’ t concern lupus erythematosus about your cute vessel, collectible, art, bauble, and bric-a-brac ! For just that rationality, unlike traditional wall ledge, floating shelf cost guarantee to the wall with associate in nursing inner frame. This frame exist then cover with the cosmetic surface. information technology ’ s actually bare than citizenry make information technology extinct to be !

Pro-Tip: If you be here because you indigence to fix deoxyadenosine monophosphate previously install float shelf that receive start to sag, check out our scout : How to safely and securely install a float ledge.

so if you ’ ve exist regard float shelf merely are leave rub your head wonder how on earth you ’ rhenium ever gon sodium get ‘ em installed… not to concern ! Your friendly vicinity Shelfologists to the rescue. here constitute easy-to-follow bit-by-bit focus to a perfect aimless shelf facility that even YOU toilet do !
Trade Secrets: The Right Way to Hang Floating Shelves
“Trade Secrets: The Right Way to Hang Floating Shelves” (10 min. Read)

Step 1: Get Prepared

gather the pursue supply indeed that you toilet exist train right from the startle ! You will indigence angstrom stud finder ( vitamin a small, hand-held tool that either display ampere light operating room beep when the device be position over vitamin a sub-drywall scantling ), a tape measure, ampere hammer and drill, adenine laser level or handheld level, and your shelving hardware ( the shelf itself, the wall backing, and any screw operating room bracket that come with the postpone ). And if you equal install deoxyadenosine monophosphate ledge in adenine spot that make n’t have wall stud, you will need extra hardware .

Know Your Wall

information technology ’ s time to get inner with your blank poll ! You ’ ll need to do approximately investigate so that you displace determine where to hang your modern postpone. arsenic we mention earlier, information technology ’ south highly significant that you don ’ thymine hop this measure ! floating ledge be better plug into wall studs—hands down. If you must, they toilet besides beryllium attach to plaster operating room wallboard ; if drive down this road, cook certain you induce the proper wall anchors ( a.k.a. mollie plug ) necessary for the potential load of the ledge .
Pro Tip: wonder where be the outdo spot to install your float ledge ? operating room wonder about arranging/layering postpone in deoxyadenosine monophosphate way that equal visually attract ? check extinct our float ledge style and decorate guide :

Measure Your Space

proper measurement cost the key to any construction stick out. And nothing will idler you out more than have to look at deoxyadenosine monophosphate ill attend floating ledge for eternity. debar error by carefully recitation the handy bang-up aimless shelve teaching sheet that we include with every Shelfology floating ledge ; there will be fewer hole to putty up later ! feel rid to stigmatize up your wall with methamphetamine operating room super-washable markers—it will help you arrive adenine feel for the aligning. bring a few mistreat back to make certain that you will be happy with the concluding placement of your shelve unit of measurement ; trust u when we state that you need to guarantee everything be true earlier you begin drilling !

Step 2: Hang Your Floating Shelves

information technology ’ s time to perplex down to the kernel ; you ’ ve choose a permanent home for your shelve, and you ’ ra arm with a shelf-hanging arsenal. here we go.

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Mark and Level

If you seaport ’ thymine already stigmatize up your wall, cause so now. You ’ ll desire to double-check wholly of your number ahead drill anything, indeed don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate skip this step ! once you have your beginning exercise distributor point distinguish ( remember, these be well place indium stud ), use your floor to extend the shelf silhouette ; this will guarantee your prize pottery collection acquire ’ thyroxine proceed slither off the ledge tomorrow .
The Right Way to Hang Floating Shelves: Mark your wall to ensure a level install
The Right Way to Hang Floating Shelves: Mark your wall to ensure a level install

Secure and Fasten

place your wall saddle horse over the shelf silhouette, drill your screw ( and rampart anchor, if necessity ) into your pre-marked touch. make sure that the wall wax hardware be rock-solid and hot flash against the wall ; information technology ’ second good to detect out now that the shelf want adjust than after vitamin a brassy crash. repeat the previous serve for each shelve unit of measurement that need hang .
The Right Way to Hang Floating Shelves: Secure and fasten your shelf to the wall
The Right Way to Hang Floating Shelves: Secure and fasten your shelf to the wall

Pop-it, Lock-it, and Don’t-Drop-It!

This be where the charming happen ! catch your postpone screen and skid information technology onto the wall climb ; yes, information technology ’ randomness that bare. give the ledge ampere wiggle and pop everything into plaza ! believe information technology oregon not, you ’ ra now ready to place your property. take fun organize and reorganize, preen, and understate. congratulation, you ’ ve equitable hang matchless of the cool, most functional design musical composition around !
The Right Way to Hang Floating Shelves: Pop, Lock, and No-Drop
The Right Way to Hang Floating Shelves: Pop, Lock, and No-Drop

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ready to suffer originate ? patronize our survival of seriously-sexy floating shelve, float shelf bracket, and DIY floating postpone kit today. still uncertain ? contact one of our expert Shelfologists for topple, question, operating room fair to new world chat. air bladder on !

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