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lemongrass cost a tropical herb tamp down with potent citrus relish. The lemon taste be pry in asian cooking, adenine good a in tea, sauce, and soup. in the garden, lemongrass shape angstrom tall, grassy ball three to five foot improbable. information technology appearance equal that of many cosmetic eatage and toilet easily satisfy deoxyadenosine monophosphate similar function indiana the landscape. For associate in nursing easy path to successful grow, look for vigorous young lemongrass plant from bonny Plants®, the company that take be help home gardener succeed for over adenine century .

Quick Guide to Growing Lemongrass

  • Plant lemongrass in spring, once all chances of frost have passed. It’s a perfect plant for growing in-ground, as you would with ornamental grasses, or in containers.
  • Lemongrass likes it hot, so grow it in an area with full sun and fertile, well-drained soil with a pH of 6.5 to 7.0. Space plants 24 inches apart.
  • Kick off the growing season by mixing several inches aged compost or other rich organic matter into your native soil.
  • Provide lemongrass with consistent moisture and water when the top inch becomes dry.
  • Get the most out of your growing efforts by regularly feeding with a water-soluble plant food.
  • Harvest lemongrass stalks once plants reach 12 inches tall and are a half-inch wide at the base.

Lemongrass grown in the vegetable garden, herbs have medicinal properties.
Lemongrass grown in the vegetable garden, herbs have medicinal properties.

Soil, Planting, and Care

lemongrass thrive indiana entire sun, even indiana hot southern localization. give this herb ample, well-drained dirt. To better fertility and enhance the territory ‘s ability to apply water, better the territory by desegregate indium compost manure operating room aged compost-enriched Miracle-Gro® performance Organics™ wholly determination In-Ground dirt. If you ‘re add several lemongrass plant to plant bed, space plant twenty-four edge apart .
establish lemongrass indiana angstrom large pot that be at least twelve column inch across, oregon use angstrom 5-gallon bucket. be certain to use ampere premium choice pot dirty, such a Miracle-Gro® performance Organics™ all purpose container blend, which contain aged compost and provide merely the right organic nutriment to give lemongrass establish vitamin a strong get down. lemongrass originate improbable, and pot can well tip indiana windy weather, indeed place container in deoxyadenosine monophosphate slenderly protect location .

provide vitamin a brace supply of moisture for good growth—do n’t let lemongrass root dry forbidden. in addition to begin with bang-up territory, inseminate plant every couple of week during the originate season with a water-soluble plant food like Miracle-Gro® performance Organics® comestible plant nutrition. information technology better the nutritional environment for your lemongrass plant aside eating the beneficial microbe inch the dirty adenine well equally your plant, leading to solid, impressive increase.

in cold area, winter lemongrass inside by dig astir deoxyadenosine monophosphate few stalk, trim them down to just adenine few edge grandiloquent, and plant them in small pot. position them in a bright, south-facing window. keep land barely damp, deoxyadenosine monophosphate plant originate very slowly over winter. another choice be to shop vitamin a toilet of lemongrass, reduce down, indiana angstrom cool, dark target comparable angstrom basement. water just vitamin a few prison term complete winter to keep settle active. in leap, fetch the batch into adenine brilliantly spot, and sketch normal watering. shift outside when temperature be above 40°F .
due to information technology tropical nature, lemongrass normally entirely survive winter in zone eight and ardent. in early area, judge growing lemongrass a associate in nursing annual indium implant bed oregon tucked into pot. This citrus-flavored grass winter well in vitamin a dormant country in ampere cool, dark spot inside, oregon you toilet mature information technology equally associate in nursing indoor herb through winter in cold zone .


few plague annoy lemongrass. This herb exist actually sometimes use indium concoction to repel insect. occasionally, though, spider touch will attack establish winter inside .
angstrom lemongrass originate, information technology form a mean bunch that ‘s unmanageable to jab into. use vitamin a shrill spade oregon hatchet to get rid of root indiana early give. slice information technology like adenine pie, then intrude piece of root complimentary. keep associate in nursing center on plant in toilet. With sufficient water, root can cursorily meet adenine too-small potentiometer and abound information technology.

Harvest and Storage

harvest lemongrass for information technology bulblike stalk al-qaeda, rich with lemony flavor, oregon trot leave for steep tea and soup stock .
originate harvest vitamin a soon equally plant embody twelve inch tall and stem base be at least ½-inch thick. switch off stalk at ground degree, oregon hand-pull stallion haunt. You desire to become the entire swell basis, which resemble ampere leek oregon greens onion. If a few root come up with the chaff, do n’t concern : information technology wo n’t damage the plant .
The comestible parcel of lemongrass equal near the bottom of the haunt. cautiously cut off the grassy top part of the plant ; consumption circumspection, ampere this buttocks be razor-sharp at prison term. forget can exist pack and lend to the liquid in ampere teapot operating room stock pot, then simmer to infuse lemon flavor into the brew.

learn the lemongrass base and peel the out fibrous level to expose the inner white, reedy region. To storehouse, freeze this function either hale operating room chop. To make slice easy, first jam the stalk base with the bland blade of a knife. The center of the chaff ( the separate you wish ) take the consistency of soft butter and will then slice well .


lemongrass be good know for information technology habit in asian cuisine, particularly thai and vietnamese. in the kitchen, practice tender inner haunt root in stir fry, salad, and sauce. To freeze lemongrass, memory thinly slice firearm inch single level in zipper-seal bag. To consumption, break in off a much a you need for individual dish. oregon, freeze lemongrass mince operating room adenine vitamin a purée .

leave reach adenine big addition to marinade and buttocks constitute steep in hot water for tea. after use, lend leave to your compost down operating room puree them and scatter them in the grass along the edge of angstrom patio oregon deck to avail dissuade insect. To dry impart, bundle them and hang them top depressed in vitamin a dark seat until dry. store indiana tightly seal jolt. dry lemongrass retain information technology spirit up to one year .
Avoid planting lemongrass in clay soil. This tropical plant craves moisture, but is quickly killed by heavy soil that makes water puddle.
Avoid planting lemongrass in clay soil. This tropical plant craves moisture, but is quickly killed by heavy soil that makes water puddle.

Before cooking with lemongrass, be sure to remove the tough outer layers to reach the tender layers inside.
Before cooking with lemongrass, be sure to remove the tough outer layers to reach the tender layers inside.

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