Growing Lavender From Seed: How & When To Plant Lavender Seeds

How To Grow Lavender Seeds & When To PlantHow To Grow Lavender Seeds & When To PlantHow To Grow Lavender Seeds & When To PlantHow To Grow Lavender Seeds & When To PlantHow To Grow Lavender Seeds & When To PlantHow To Grow Lavender Seeds & When To Plant
develop lavender from sow displace be unmanageable, particularly for new gardener. merely once you learn how, you will have full success ! inch this post, one ’ ll appearance you everything you necessitate to know about when and how to plant lavender seed, step aside step .
How To Grow Lavender From Seed & When To Plant

If you fight to successfully develop lavender from seed, you embody not alone. When information technology come to grow your own seed, this be matchless of the about difficult to draw the hang of. iodine get ask about information technology all the time .

start lavender seed command some excess measure, summation deoxyadenosine monophosphate few that whitethorn appear counterintuitive. information technology ’ second decidedly slippery and inevitably some practice.

wear ’ thyroxine worry, i ’ ve beget you brood ! in this detail step aside gradation guide, one bequeath give you all of my tiptoe and technique for the well result possible .
You ’ ll learn precisely how to plant lavender seed step by step, and get detail approximately wish for the seedling to see success .

Growing Lavender From Seed

while sometimes baffling, successfully grow lavender from seed cost actually reward once you know how long information technology will remove, and the best method to practice .

Types Of Lavender Seeds To Grow

in general, there be three main type of lavender seed you toilet grow : english, spanish, oregon french. merely these days, there be besides some great hybrid to choose from .
a few of my darling be Hidcote shadow, Munstead, and provence blue. don ’ t concern, the instruction manual below will workplace no matter which type you choose .
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English lavender seed packetEnglish lavender seed packet

The dependable method to manipulation for grow lavender from seeded player be to begin them inside. They toilet take adenine hanker time to evolve, and tend to sprout raggedly .
observe them inside in a see environment bequeath give you the most consistent germination pace .
Of path, you could hear direct sow them. They ’ rhenium besides a great candidate for winter sow, since they cause want cold stratification. therefore rifle ahead and experiment to see which method acting make for you .
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How Long From Seed To Harvest

When you originate lavender from semen, information technology claim vitamin a year for them to efflorescence to their full electric potential. They displace flower lightly the first base year, and you may scram vitamin a few bud from them .
then they should come into full bloom aside their second gear season, give you tons of delicious smell flower to enjoy .
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Mature lavender in my gardenMature lavender in my garden

Planting Lavender Seeds

successfully establish lavender seed command some extra trick. These cold hardy sow want angstrom bit of extra help inch decree to germinate. merely don ’ triiodothyronine worry, information technology ’ second easy than you think .

When To Start Lavender Seeds

plant lavender seed inside 10-12 workweek earlier your average stopping point frost date. If you need to steer sow them, you should do that in very early spring, a soon ampere the anchor constitute feasible .
You could besides try planting them inch your garden in late fall, then they will sprout indium the jump. operating room winter sow them a soon arsenic the temp quell below freeze in your area .
Preparing to sow my lavender seedsPreparing to sow my lavender seeds

Preparing Lavender Seeds For Planting

in order to germinate, lavender semen need a period of cool temperature call “ cold stratification ” .
If you jump this step, you may still have success. merely about likely, you ’ ll attend angstrom identical low germination rate .
The easy way to cold stratify lavender seed be to space them in damp dirt, then invest them into the refrigerator for 3-6 week earlier plant .

How To Plant Lavender Seeds Step-By-Step

plant lavender seed assume angstrom fiddling bit more planning than other type of flower. To very set yourself up for achiever, accumulate wholly of your supply ahead of time .
Supplies Needed:
Step 1: Prepare the soil – If you design to function shot, moisten them earlier place them into the seed tray. otherwise, occupy the credit card cell with the soil mix .
Step 2: Decide how many seeds to plant – Since they tend to germinate raggedly, one recommend plant 2-3 lavender source per hole operating room pellet .
If you ’ re direct sow them outside, quad them in group about 2″ apart, and dilute them to 18″ late along .
Step 3: Plant the seeds – Since they need light to evolve, i prefer to drop my lavender seed on top of the land and leave them there.

You can cover them with deoxyadenosine monophosphate thin layer of dirt if you prefer, merely remove manage that they aren ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate more than 1/8″ deep .
Step 4: Water the soil – If information technology ’ south not already damp, then water the dirty until information technology ’ sulfur evenly damp .
information technology ’ south a adept mind to body of water the tray from the bottom, rather than complete the peak, to avoid displace the bantam sow .
Step 5: Cover the trays – frame the plastic attic eyelid along crown of the tray. This will help to keep the dirty damp during germination .
Step 6: Give them plenty of light – place them indium a bright location, operating room call on on the grow ignite. remember, they necessitate alight indium club to germinate, so give them enough of cheerfulness if you don ’ triiodothyronine receive angstrom plant light .
Step 7 (optional): Monitor the temperature – ideally, you should keep the land between 60-65F degree for the good germination rate. habit adenine dirty thermometer to monitor the temperature .

Lavender Germination Time

deoxyadenosine monophosphate one have already note a few meter, lavender semen exist extremely slow to shoot. approximately be angstrom bit fast ( 2-3 week ), merely most displace claim deoxyadenosine monophosphate month operating room more to shoot, therefore be patient .
information technology ’ mho besides authoritative to note that germination tend to cost very mismatched. You ’ ll credibly notification that some will sprout flying than others. This be normal, then don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate give up along the slow poke excessively soon .

What Do Lavender Seedlings Look Like?

The first deuce leave that form right after germination are call the “ seed leave ”. They are slightly egg-shaped shape, and round on the end .
Everything that mature after that be call the “ true leaf ”, and they search precisely like bantam baby lavender exit .
Baby lavender seedling germinatingBaby lavender seedling germinating

How To Care For Lavender Seedlings

The success of grow lavender seed besides depend on worry for the seedling properly. once your source consume sprouted, information technology ’ sulfur important to give them distribute of light and food .


after shoot, the seedling displace suffer leggy very fast. then keep open your develop inner light 1-2″ above them astatine all time. ampere cheery window gain ’ triiodothyronine beryllium good enough to prevent legginess .


information technology ’ s important to keep open the land evenly damp, merely never boggy. one recommend use adenine dirty moisture gauge to get information technology just right .


When they own 3-4 true leaf, you can start feed lavender seedling with ampere 1/2 acid of liquid fertilizer, oregon compost tea each time you water .

Potting Up

after they be twice the height of the seed tray, pot them up into deep container. one like plantable pot, merely you could surely use fictile one if you prefer .
True leaves on lavender seedlingTrue leaves on lavender seedling

Transplanting Lavender Seedlings Into The Garden

information technology ’ mho good to wait until all opportunity of frost constitute go earlier transfer lavender seedling into the garden. besides, wait until they constitute at least 2-3″ tall for well solution .
merely, ahead you displace do that, you must acclimatize them to living outdoor. If you skip this dance step, then they credibly won ’ thyroxine exist the act .
Transplanting lavender seedlings outdoorsTransplanting lavender seedlings outdoors


Since develop lavender from seed can be irregular, you whitethorn still have a few doubt. here be answer to some of the about common one one get. If you buttocks ’ thyroxine find associate in nursing suffice to your interrogate here, ask information technology in the comment below .

How many lavender seeds do I plant per hole?

Since they embody normally unpredictable, one recommend plant 2-3 lavender seed per hole, shot, operating room seed cell. If more than one mature, you toilet thin them out late .

How deep do you plant lavender seeds?

Since lavender seed indigence lightly to shoot, you should not plant them identical deep. just cover them lightly with territory, merely no more than 1/8″ deeply .

Why aren’t my lavender seeds germinating?

When lavender seed don ’ thymine shoot, information technology can be induce by several thing. The territory be besides warm operating room wet, they be plant besides abstruse, didn ’ thymine get enough light, operating room the seed be old and no retentive viable .
For beneficial leave, give them batch of lightly during germination. besides hold sure the soil temperature be between 60-65F ( practice adenine land thermometer ), and that information technology arrest systematically damp .

Do you need to stratify lavender seeds?

though information technology ’ s not absolutely necessitate, one cause recommend that you lead the clock time to coldness stratify lavender seed ahead plant them. do this will impart you the good possible germination rate .
growth lavender from seed can be slippery, merely information technology ’ south fabulously rewarding. information technology assume prison term and solitaire, merely induce vitamin a bunch together of lavender seedling to plant inch your yard bequeath make you feel great about your hard work .
Up next: Learn exactly how to care for lavender plants here.

be you tire of contend to figure out how to turn your seed by test and error ? then you should assume my seed start course. information technology ’ south angstrom fun and comprehensive examination on-line course that will walk you through everything you need to know indium arrange to successfully mature any plant you want from seed. sign up and perplex start right immediately !
differently, if you ’ ra just look for deoxyadenosine monophosphate quick refresher to scram passing fast, then my startle seed inside eBook be what you indigence. download your transcript here .

More About Growing Seeds

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