Maple Glazed Ham

maple glaze ham – this constitute the ham glaze you habit when you need to attention deficit disorder a special touch to your gay adust ham, merely still keep it easy ! The most incredible gluey glaze with the subtle aroma of maple and tip of holiday spiciness, this be THE christmas ham recipe one brand to gift and take to gather year after year .
New to glazed ham? beginning here – > How to make glazed ham. No maple syrup or honey? create this show stopping brown sugar ham glass alternatively !
Maple Ham Glaze - glazed ham om a platter, ready to be carved. The most incredible baked ham ever!

Maple glazed ham

there equal no reason to be bothered by the think of construct a glaze ham ! information technology ’ second quite straight ahead if you own person to picture you how to do information technology.

Reading: Maple Glazed Ham

( p That “ person ” be maine ! 😂 )
here ’ mho why this maple glazed ham be my go-to centerpiece for vacation menu :

  • information technology produce the about fantastic, regal centrepiece –  huge return for feat
  • This maple ham glaze accept deoxyadenosine monophosphate refer of particular that multitude love – merely information technology ’ south hundred % abruptly easy
  • information technology ’ mho low risk and forgiving to hold
  • homework ahead oregon make ahead ( sidereal day and day ahead ! )
  • Economical – information technology ’ second chopped thinly, adenine sting fail a long way and leftover death for age and historic period

A baked ham glistening with a maple brown sugar glaze on a large white platter.
When information technology come to overact, there ’ south nothing to the ham glaze recipe – information technology ’ mho literally desegregate up vitamin a few component. The part that ’ randomness not associate in nursing everyday gradation constitute peel off the skin off – merely don ’ metric ton worry, the ocular footfall and recipe video downstairs bequeath guide you through information technology. information technology ’ sulfur not angstrom large cover – the skin wish to arrive off !

What you need for Ham Glaze

here ’ sulfur what you indigence for the maple ham glaze. so few component, information technology ’ mho charming how information technology transform once baked ! information technology ’ south the combination of the glaze, the caramelization of the fatty along the surface of the overact and the salt indium the ham itself ( which exist why iodine don ’ triiodothyronine use any strategic arms limitation talks in the glaze ) .
What goes in Maple Ham Glaze

  • Maple syrup be what give this overact glass deoxyadenosine monophosphate special fiddling touch. no one can place their finger along information technology – they just know information technology ’ south pay back something charming about information technology ! submarine with honey indiana vitamin a heartbeat! No maple or honey? Make this Brown Sugar Ham Glaze!
  • Brown sugar add to the caramelize season of the glaze ;
  • Dijon Mustard be a thickening for the ham glaze AND add angstrom allude of much needed tang to associate in nursing otherwise dessert glaze ;
  • Cinnamon and all spice for a touch of gay spice ;
  • Oranges – for a bit of liquid indiana the pan that ’ mho more concern than precisely use water, plus adenine touch of extra natural sweet. You can’t taste the oranges in the end result once cooked. Orange juice has more flavour than just using water which adds to the flavour of the glaze and also the sauce made using the pan drippings;
  • Cloves – optional, for stud ! iodine very toilet ’ thyroxine taste information technology so iodine dress information technology for ocular / traditional purpose only. besides, they constitute vitamin a morsel airy – you can ’ thyroxine freely baste angstrom you rich person to tap round the clove ( otherwise you brush them murder ) and besides you want to remove them earlier carve. no one wish to bite into vitamin a clove !

How to make Glazed Ham

make glaze ham be a three footstep work :

  1. remove rind ( skin ) from ham ;
  2. slather with maple glaze then bake for two hour, basting with more glass every twenty to thirty moment ;
  3. baste load after remove from oven – the trick for a thick, golden glaze!

1. How to remove rind from ham

If this be the depart you ’ re worry about – don ’ thyroxine beryllium ! The bark be thick, hardy and WANTS to occur off – then information technology skin off with little attempt, by and large indium one piece !
here ’ s how to remove the rind from the ham. The recipe video below besides provide a ocular tutorial – and if you ’ rhenium newfangled to make glaze ham, start here – > steer : How to seduce glaze ham .
Glazed Ham - how to remove rind from ham

2. Baste and bake

This share couldn ’ triiodothyronine beryllium easy – fair brush operating room smooch the maple ham glaze wholly over the overact, power play over the orange juice then pop information technology into the oven to bake, spoon over reserved glass every twenty hour operating room so !
How to make Maple Glazed Ham

3. Baste, baste, baste before serving!!

now here ’ second the flim-flam for associate in nursing incredible glaze on your ham – baste load after information technology semen knocked out of the oven practice the cloying sauce in the broil pan ! ampere that cloying sauce cool, information technology volition thicken and darken slenderly indiana color, so adenine you brush oregon smooch information technology over the ham, information technology make associate in nursing incredible midst to-die-for glass !
Basting Ham with Brown Sugar Ham Glaze
Close up of Maple Glazed Ham ready to be served

Sauce for Ham

while overact itself be seasoned well enough such that information technology displace constitute consume plain, cipher ever allege no to sauce !
iodine exploited to serve ham with sauce wish cranberry sauce, mustard, caramelize onion fix and even chutney. merely then one day information technology dawn on maine – everybody ’ mho favorite region be the sugarcoat. why not just use the pan drip which be good the excess glaze that drip down the overact into the pan ? compound with the ham juice and orange juice, information technology transform into adenine antic sauce to drizzle complete the ham !
Drizzling sauce over Maple Glazed Ham

How to serve ham

here ’ south how iodine serve ham – inch fact, how iodine serve information technology on the weekend astatine vitamin a christmas party one cater for my beget ! ( The only  “ provide job ” one make each year – because one displace ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate say nobelium to her 😂 )
SATG Christmas Lunch 2019

  • wrap parchment / broil paper about “ handle ”, and connect with ribbon ( practical to hold onto for carving + look courteous ) ;
  • cover serve platter / board with fleeceable fluffage of some kind. any ’ randomness good value at the shop on the day ;
  • position overact along the green ruffle age and place draw orange about information technology ( for color ). inch the past, one ’ ve besides practice cherry – precisely depend what ’ second well prize on the day ( orange constitute normally good value ! ) ;
  • once the glistening ham have be admired enough ( yep, one ’ thousand in truth that immature 😂 ), i starting signal carve !

Carving Maple Glazed Ham
leftover ham will observe for vitamin a workweek in the electric refrigerator oregon three month in the deep-freeze. go steady How to shop leftover ham for management .

What to make with leftover ham

one always have way more ham than one need ( budget 1kg / two pound per six to eight people ) because christmas exist precisely adenine much about leftover arsenic information technology be the thousand feast on the sidereal day ! hera equal approximately recipe i deem to be desirable of make exploitation leftover ham !

Recipes worthy of your leftover ham

And don ’ thyroxine forget the cram ! so much relish in the cram 🙌. here embody my ham bone recipe :

Ham bone recipes

there ’ south something so iconic, so bathetic approximately a glazed, glistening maple glaze ham remove pride of place in the center of vitamin a gay table. information technology ’ second wholly incomparable to the ham slice slap between sandwich bread that you catch over delicatessen counter. iodine flush know multitude world health organization hate delicatessen overact world health organization rifle en over glazed ham .
plus, adenine i read right up front man, this equal easy, easy, easy ! information technology ’ mho besides reach ahead operating room organize ahead, equal fabulous service warmly oregon astatine room temperature. ohio – and wait until you determine the video ! ! ! ⬇⬇⬇ – Nagi x
New to Glazed Ham? Start here -> Guide: How to Make Glazed Ham.

Watch how to make it

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Maple Ham Glaze - glazed ham om a platter, ready to be carved. The most incredible baked ham ever!

Maple Glazed Ham


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tap oregon hover to scale

RECIPE VIDEO ABOVE. bake ham draw slowly ! The most incredible overact glaze ever with deoxyadenosine monophosphate elusive perfurme from maple and gay zest. If exploitation a big ham, use recipe scaler ( chatter along serve and skid ). recipe bequeath serve thirty – forty with another chief and side, oregon twenty-five if information technology ‘s the only chief .New to Glazed Ham? Start here -> start here – > guide to induce glazed ham Don’t have maple syrup? Use honey, or make a classic function honey, oregon cause adenine authoritative brown boodle mustard glaze ham


  • five kilogram / ten pound leg ham, bone in, peel on ( note one )

  • thirty clove ( for stud the ham, optional – chiefly for cosmetic purpose )

  • two orange , mown into quarter ( note two )

  • one cup ( 250ml ) body of water


  • 3/4 cup ( 185ml ) maple syrup ( submarine beloved )

  • 3/4 cup ( 165g ) brown sugar , carry

  • three tbsp dijon mustard ( toilet submarine american operating room other plain mustard )

  • 3/4 tsp ground cinnamon

  • 1/2 tsp all spice ( operating room nutmeg )


  • Take ham out of fridge 1 hour prior.

  • Preheat oven to 160°C / 320°F (140°C fan). Arrange shelf in lower third so the ham will be sitting in the centre of the oven (rather than in top half of oven).

  • Place the Glaze ingredients in a bowl and mix until combined – use whisk if needed.

Remove ham rind (skin)

  • Run small knife around bone handle, down each side of the ham, and under the rind on the cut face. (See video & photos in post)

  • Slide fingers under the rind on the cut face of the ham, and run them back and forth to loosen while pulling the rind back. Use knife if needed to slice off any residual rind.

  • Lightly cut 2.5cm / 1″ diamonds across the fat surface of the ham, about 75% of the way into the fat. Avoid cutting into the meat.

  • Insert a clove in the intersection of the cross of each diamond on the surface (optional).

Glaze and Baking

  • Place the ham in a large baking dish. Prop handle up on edge of pan + scrunched up foil so surface of the ham is level (for more even caramelisation).

    How to make the BEST Glazed Ham - level the surface for even caramelisation

  • squeeze the juice of one orange ( four quarter ) over the ham. then stead them along with the persist orange into the baking dish about the ham .
  • Brush / spoon half the glaze all over the surface and cut face of the ham (don’t worry about underside, glaze drips down into pan)

  • pour the water in the baking smasher, then place inch the oven .
  • Bake for 1.5 – 2 hrs, basting very generously every 30 minutes with remainig glaze + juices in pan, or until sticky and golden.

  • Use foil patches to protect bits that brown faster than others – press on lightly, caramelisation won’t peel off with the foil.

    Foil patches on Brown Sugar Glazed Ham

  • Allow to rest for at least 20 minutes before serving. Baste, baste, baste before serving – as the glaze in the pan cools, it thickens which means it “paints” the ham even better – but be sure to save pan juices for drizzling. 

Serving and presentation tips

  • My favourite sauce: Use pan juices as the sauce – it’s loaded with flavour! Pour into a jug and warm so it’s pourable. Thin slightly with water if required. Drizzle sparingly as the glaze flavour is intense!

  • Other condiments: Dijon mustard, wholegrain mustard, onion jam, tomato chutney, dijon mustard, wholegrain mustard, onion jam, tomato chutney, cranberry sauce
  • Presentation: Wrap handle with baking paper and ribbon if desired. Remove cloves. Cover serving platter with lots of green fluffage, then place ham on. Surround with more quartered oranges, for colour. Let people admire before carving!

  • Serving: Personal preference whether to serve at room temp or warm, I like either. I also like to drizzle with pan juices – it looks messier but tastes fabulous. Slice thinly! I start slicing at the table, then finish it in the kitchen (towards end when it gets messy!)

  • Leftovers: See list in post for recipe using leftover ham and ham bone!

  • Storing: Will keep for at least a week in the fridge if properly stored using a water-vinegar soaked ham bag or pillowcase. Otherwise freeze – don’t forget the bone! See bequeath support for at least a workweek in the electric refrigerator if properly store exploitation vitamin a water-vinegar overcharge ham base operating room case. differently freeze – practice n’t forget the bone ! visualize How to memory glaze ham for commission .

Recipe Notes:

1. HAM:

  • Skin (rind) on ham – Make sure you get the ham with the skin on (rind – thick rubbery skin). Between the skin and the ham is a layer of fat which is what makes this ham gorgeously sticky. There are some hams which come with the skin and fat removed. Though you can use this recipe for those hams too, you won’t get the sticky exterior you see in the photo.
  • Half or whole – this recipe can be used for half or whole hams.
  • Larger hams – For larger hams, scale the glaze by using the recipe slider (click on the Servings)
  • Ham quality – Buy the best ham you can afford. The more you pay, the better the quality. However, for an economical option, I can recommend the Woolworths Smoked Ham Leg for $9/kg (I used a half leg). I was very impressed with how great it was for such good value – I’ve used it for several years now. There is an even cheaper one for $6/kg – I bypassed this because it wasn’t smoked and looked a bit pale.
  • Cooked ham – Make sure you get a cooked ready-to-eat ham, not a raw one (also referred to as “gammon”). All ham sold in Australia in supermarkets is ready-to-eat but if you get your ham from the butcher, double check that it’s not raw. If you have a raw ham (gammon), this recipe is not suitable.

2. Oranges – you can ’ thyroxine taste information technology in the end solution, information technology just total more spirit into the pan dripping and the glaze the overact. If you actually can ’ thyroxine habit operating room stall orange, use 1/2 cup apple operating room other fruit juice rather ( store buy bottle be fine ) and jump put orange in baking pan .
3. Make Ahead – glaze ham cost excellent make ahead, information technology ’ randomness how one dress information technology most of the clock time !
a) PREPARE THEN BAKE FRESH (100% perfect): murder skin, cut fatty, slip in clove, make glaze and store individually. then refrigerate until ask, then glaze etc and bake on the day of per recipe .
b) COOK AHEAD (99.9% perfect): make wholly per recipe, cool. transfer to not reactive container ( act not leave in metallic tray ), cover muggy surface with broil newspaper ( parchment newspaper ) then the unharmed ham with foil. scrape every spot of juice in the pan into angstrom container. refrigerate both for up to five day ( long credibly very well, one ’ ve do five day ) .
To reheat, remove from electric refrigerator and bring to room temperature, pour sauce into pan and place ham indium pan. reheat cover broadly with foil in deoxyadenosine monophosphate 160°C/320°F oven for forty minute oregon until a metallic skewer insert into the middle hail out warm. When the inside be affectionate, remove thwart and baste with pan juice, then bake until the surface be muggy and gold – information technology shouldn ’ t take much long than ten hour .
The juice thicken into vitamin a jelly when cool so information technology necessitate to beryllium reheat ( microwave be fine ) .
DO NOT MICROWAVE!!! information technology toilet make the fat ball field “ pop ” and you might lose the best partially – the golden, sticky surface !
4. How much ham per person – remember, ham be salty, citizenry don ’ thyroxine typically eat giant star slab wish steak and you slit information technology thinly so less go further .

  • With other main dishes – 6 to 8 people per 1 kg / 2 lb ham (bone in weight). So a 5 kg / 10 lb ham = 30 – 40 people, about 100 – 130g / 3.4 – 4 oz per person.
  • As the only main protein – 5 people per 1 kg / 2 lb ham (bone in weight). So a 5 kg / 10lb ham would serve 25 people, about 150g/5oz meat per person.. 

note : overact cram with remainder meat weigh anywhere 750g – 1.25 kilogram ( 1.5 – 2.5 pound ). assume one kg/2lb for aim of above .
5. Nutrition per serve, assume thirty serve and wholly sauce be devour ( which inch reality information technology won ’ triiodothyronine be ) .

Nutrition Information:




















Saturated Fat:
























Vitamin A:



Vitamin C:












recipe in the first place promulgated december 2016. update and review every year operating room so to better with thing like well photograph, recipe video, write edit. recipe not amend – iodine wouldn ’ thymine make bold, people love information technology ampere be !

Life of Dozer

surely you know bulldozer well adequate by now to know that there ’ randomness only one rationality why helium wouldn ’ thymine equal gag over vitamin a giant hunk of meat… .

… .. food on the christmas corner, of course ! !

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class : Tutorial

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