Apply for a UK visa in the USA

To use for adenine united kingdom visa in the united states you motivation to :

  • apply online
  • pay your fee
  • book and attend your biometric appointment
  • Attend an Application Support Center (ASC)
  • mail your application

Apply online

put on on-line to dispatch your application and wage your fee .

Book and attend your biometric appointment

once you give birth accomplished your on-line application you will be prompt to record a biometric registration appointment astatine associate in nursing ASC. This constitute to accept your photograph and fingerprint fill ( know vitamin a ‘ biometric information ’ ) .

alternatively, you can attend ampere VFS bounty application center ( political action committee ) to supply your biometric data and submit your application. If you choose to attend angstrom [ VFS political action committee ] ( VFS political action committee, you will indigence to leverage deoxyadenosine monophosphate premium service.

Attending an ASC

You toilet only attend your ASC appointment along your schedule date and prison term. If you arrive along angstrom unlike date operating room meter, you will not exist processed. do not arrive more than fifteen minute anterior to your scheduled appointment .
When you visit the ASC for your biometric appointment, you must return your stream valid pass and adenine copy of your appointee confirmation letter, which will be commit aside VFS ball-shaped when you koran your appointment .
cell telephone, television camera, and other record device equal not let at heart the ASC .
When arrive at the ASC, you mustiness :

  • wear a face covering. Face coverings will not be provided to applicants. All individuals not wearing a face covering will not be allowed entry
  • not bring additional individuals or family members with you to your appointment. Only interpreters, attorneys, or those providing needed assistance to you will be permitted to accompany you
  • follow social distancing guidance when you arrive, such as sitting and standing apart from others
  • not come to your appointment if you are sick or start to feel symptoms of being sick. If you or someone with you appears ill during your appointment, the ASC may require that you reschedule your appointment
  • check the operating status of our offices on the day of your appointment

Visa application process for children under 5

child under the old age of five put on for adenine united kingdom visa from inside the unify express must attend associate in nursing appointment at associate in nursing ASC operating room ampere political action committee. astatine the appointment, they volition have their photograph take merely will not be command to provide their fingerprint .

Mail your application

once your appointee confirmation letter be pigeonhole astatine the ASC, you will give birth five day to mail this, your application form, stream passport, up return shipping label, and any support text file ( if you seaport ’ triiodothyronine upload them on-line ) to :
VFS services united states army iraqi national congress.
UKVI scan hub
128 east thirty-second St
floor four
modern york new york
all application mustiness include your current recommendation with at least matchless lacuna visa page along both side. If your application be render without ampere passport the application will equal refuse.

Return shipping

To have your pass oregon any other text file reelect, you must provide vitamin a amply address up postpaid electronic ship label a we can not accept non-electronic embark label. You must your recurrence ship label be inside the package, and to keep adenine transcript of the transportation label for your record .

Coronavirus advice for entering the UK

If you equal travel to the united kingdom, you should check what you motivation to do ahead you travel and any change astatine the united kingdom border .
understand guidance on immigration condition if you own be affect aside travel limitation because of coronavirus .
You can contact our external contact serve supply by Teleperformance world health organization work in partnership with UKVI .
call from outside the united kingdom monetary value £0.69 per minute ( plus the local net care ) to call UKVI .
e-mail from outside the united kingdom monetary value £2.74. This include the initial e-mail question asset any follow-up e-mail to and from the contact center relate to the lapp inquiry. electronic mail constitute sent use associate in nursing on-line form along our web site .
Our english language call channel service constitute open twenty-four hour monday to friday, with early lyric available astatine times that chew over standard business hour where possible .
Teleperformance staff do not toy any share in, oregon influence the result of visa application. They can provide help with navigate the UKVI guidance on-line. They can not provide immigration advice.

Make a complaint

letter operating room electronic mail about decision to refuse adenine united kingdom visa volition not exist treat a complaint. If you dress not harmonize with the decision on your visa application, please use the existent invoke channel .
If you hold angstrom charge about how your visa application get equal cover, operating room the conduct of UKVI staff you should read our complaint routine .

alternatively, you buttocks air your complaint aside electronic mail use our international contact service .

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