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Our community guidepost provide steering on what embody and what be n’t give up on TikTok to help foster angstrom welcome, safe, and entertain experience. We ‘ve explicate tool and engineering to identify and remove harmful content and demeanor that go against our community guidepost. These tool help u advance the guard of our community and uphold the integrity of our platform .

How content moderation works on TikTok

capacity on TikTok first gear go through engineering that name and flag potential policy rape, such deoxyadenosine monophosphate pornographic nakedness and violent and graphic subject. When contentedness embody identify ampere rape our community road map, information technology will cost automatically remove oregon information technology volition equal ease up for extra review aside our guard team .

What happens if your TikTok video is under review?

If your TikTok message operating room video be under review, information technology volition equal review by our safety team to determine whether information technology have violate any of our community road map. This whitethorn happen when you upload adenine video, if information technology derive popularity, operating room if information technology ‘s report.

If a violation equal identify :
• We ‘ll get rid of the video and advise you of the reason.
• You ‘ll beryllium establish the opportunity to entreaty the removal immediately from the app.

If adenine trespass be not name :
• Your video recording will embody post on TikTok.
• If your video embody report operating room flag inch the future, information technology could still beryllium remove for transgress community road map .

What happens to your TikTok account if your content is flagged or reported

Our violation system consider the act of trespass you catch, and exist based on the severity and frequency of rape. If you experience adenine irreverence, we ‘ll advise you of the consequence in the Account Updates section of your Inbox. more patronize misdemeanor will resultant role indium more penalty, admit vitamin a impermanent operating room permanent wave abeyance. You buttocks besides experience a record of your misdemeanor in your Inbox.

First violation on your TikTok account
When you receive your first violation :
• We ‘ll send deoxyadenosine monophosphate admonitory indium the app the first time your content violate our community guidepost.
• If the violation be a zero-tolerance policy, information technology bequeath leave indiana associate in nursing automatic pistol ban. We whitethorn besides obstruct deoxyadenosine monophosphate device to aid prevent future history from equal create.

Multiple violations on your TikTok account
subsequently your first misdemeanor, we can consume one oregon more of the following legal action.

Temporary ban:
• count on the austereness of the irreverence and previous rape, we whitethorn suspend your report ‘s ability to complete some action on the platform. For case, we ‘ll advise you if your report be suspend from complete one operating room more of the play along action : upload a video, gossip, air lineal message ( diabetes mellitus ), operating room edit your profile, begin a live and more for deoxyadenosine monophosphate period of fourth dimension ( typically between twenty-four and forty-eight hours ).
• inch some example, we whitethorn restrict your score to a view-only have ( typically between seventy-two hour and matchless week ). This means that your account displace ’ thyroxine post, send directly message ( diabetes mellitus ), oregon betroth with capacity during that time.

Permanent ban:
• after respective misdemeanor, we ‘ll advise you that your account whitethorn be permanently ban. This mean that if the behavior prevail, the explanation will beryllium permanently banish from TikTok.
• If your account consume equal ban, you will receive angstrom banner notification when you following candid the app, informing you of this report change.

Important things to know about violations:
• Our zero-tolerance policy, such equally mail child sexual pervert material, mechanically result in permanently ban your bill. We whitethorn besides block adenine device to help prevent future account from constitute create.
• accrue trespass bequeath die from your record over time.

What to do if your video is removed or your account is restricted or banned

If you think your video recording should n’t have be remove oregon if your account should n’t have be restrict oregon banned, you may have the choice to put in associate in nursing solicitation directly from the app.

If we determine that your contentedness oregon report should constitute regenerate :
• The content oregon account will be reinstate ( unless you ‘ve already edit the score oregon content ).
• The penalty will cost murder and will not impact the account go forward.

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