How To Remove Sticker Residue From Glass, Plastic, & More

You do n’t have to spend hours scratching at a refractory sticker—use one of these dim-witted methods to remove it rather ! Sticker glue can be amazingly unmanageable to remove, a lesson that most of us have already learned the hard way ! Certain types of stickers and labels seem to fuse to the open of the objects they ’ rhenium stick to, and trying to remove these troublesome stickers and the adhesive material residue they leave behind can be beyond torment ! But on the bright side, the stubbornness of dagger residue is no catch for my detail brand of stubbornness ! ; – ) So it should come as no storm that I ’ ve tried out dozens of different methods of removing stickers and poser residue over the past several years in search of the most effective options. As it turns out, there are several effective ways to get rid of dagger residue, and I ’ ll be sharing them with you in today ’ s post ! I decided to include a few options because some methods work effective on certain types of stickers ( and because having more options makes it easier to make consumption of supplies you already have on hand ! )

so without foster bustle, here are 11 ways to remove stickers and refractory residue from everything ! : – ) Related: This Is The One Cheap DIY You Need In A Sticky Situation

How To Remove Sticker Residue: 11 Effective Methods

To remove refractory poser residue on glass or plastic objects, soak the glass or formative in a solution of strong water and washing sodium carbonate for 30 minutes. The label and sticky residue will slide right off. alternatively, covering the residue with a generous application of a fatso message like peanut butter or mayonnaise for an hour or so will allow you to wipe the sticky residue right away. For much more detail on how to remove muggy label adhesive material using items you already have on pass, read on !

1. Washing Soda

You can use washing pop to remove labels from bottles, vitamin a well as about any character of gummed label from an item you can safely submerge in water. Fill your sink with warm water, add around 1/2 cup of washing sodium carbonate and stir, then soak the detail in the hot buttery water for 30 minutes. The dagger or label should slide right off ! Related: The Easiest Way To Remove Labels From Jars

2. Peanut Butter

The fatty content in peanut butter is amazingly effective at dissolving spine adhesive material. barely smear a thick level of it across the poser you want to remove, then let it sit for an hour or indeed. After the delay, you should be able to wipe the gummed label residue off well with a damp fabric. Related: 23 Unexpected Things You Can Do With Your Hair Dryer

3. Hair Dryer

estrus from a haircloth dry is one of the easiest and cleanest ways to remove stickers, and it ’ s specially useful for removing old bumper stickers from cars. Turn your hair dry on, hold it close to the poser you want to remove, and hold it there for about 30 seconds. The spine should peel away easily, but if it ’ s even giving you trouble oneself, another 30 seconds of heat should do it.

4. Pencil Eraser

If you ’ ve removed the composition separate of a poser but can ’ thyroxine get the adhesive residue off, grab a pencil eraser ! The rubber eraser will grip and drag the adhesive material away from the surface and let you scrape it off more easily.

5. Alcohol

You can use several different alcohol-based products to dissolve poser adhesive, like rubbing alcohol, complete polish remover, or even vodka. Soak a wallpaper towel in your alcohol-based intersection of option, then wrap the dampen towel around the dagger you want to remove. Let it sit for 30 minutes or thus, then wipe the poser and adhesive away.

6. Baking Soda And Coconut Oil

Using a combination of baking pop and coconut anoint ( or olive oil, vegetable oil, or any anoint you happen to have on hand ) can pack a knock-down punch against refractory stickers. The coconut oil saturates and loosens the newspaper and adhesive material, while the bake pop helps scrub the mess away. Mix enough coconut oil and broil pop to create a paste, then smear the paste across the spine. Let it sit for an hour, then scrub with a sponge or brush.

7. Mayonnaise

The fats and oils in mayo make it a surprisingly useful tool for removing stickers ! Just spread a thick layer of mayonnaise onto the spine, let it sit for half an hour or therefore, then wipe the dagger and adhesive aside from the open.

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8. Razor Blade

You can remove stickers manually with the serve of a razor scraper or an X-ACTO tongue. Start by holding the blade at an slant and lightly pushing it under the edge of the dagger. Use the pilfer border to peel the poser away from the surface, working in sections if necessity, repeating until the unharmed spine is gone. This method can be particularly utilitarian for removing stickers on glass, but it may not be the best choice for other surfaces ( particularly painted ones ). Using a credit card razor blade rather of a metallic one can cut down on the risk of scratching up a surface.

9. WD-40

WD-40 has gotten me out of some awkward situations in my life, so it ’ s not a huge storm to me that it can besides help remove stubborn stickers. Spray the lubricant onto the gummed label or price tag you want to remove, let it soak in for a while, and the gummed label should come right off. Related: 12 Ways That WD-40 Is The Ultimate Problem Solver

10. White Vinegar

Soak a washcloth in white vinegar, then wrap the fabric around the area where the gummed label is. Let it soak for half an hour or so, and the spine should wipe off easily. Related: 50 Amazing Uses For Vinegar You ’ ll Want To Know

11. Lemon Essential Oil

The degreasing properties of citrus oils are truly handy for tackling awkward remainder. Apply a shed or two of lemon substantive anoint directly to the sphere, let it sit for 10 minutes or so, then wipe the poser and adhesive material away. ( Just avoid using gamboge petroleum on plastic, as it can cause price to the airfoil. ) Related: 20 Of The Best Things You Can Do With Lemon Essential vegetable oil Bonus Options: Store-Bought Gunk Removers

  • In certain rare cases, like if a sticker is very old or has been exposed to the sun, you may need something a bit more powerful to help remove all the residue.
  • Here are some store-bought products that I’ve found useful, and that may be just the thing you need to tackle those extra tough stickers:
  • Goo Gone Original Liquid – Great for tackling almost any type of sticky, waxy, or oily mess, and it’s safe to use on most surfaces.
  • Goo Gone Automotive – Great for removing stubborn bumper stickers, tree sap, bug splatters, and other messes.

Do you have a go-to method or product you use to get rid of stickers or adhesive? I may receive compensation when you click through and leverage from links contained on this web site. I constantly offer my own actual recommendation. Learn more.

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