9 Ways to Banish Hair Static for Good

by : Better not Younger December 08, 2021 8 min read Sandwiched between the hot humidity of summer and the coldness of winter are about three weeks of blissful, hair-friendly weather. Neither crimp nor haircloth static bothers us. Our hair holds curls a act more well. It even accepts wash-and-go style. And every class we breathe a collective sigh of relief during this brief period of perfect hair’s-breadth weather .
But this fracture is ephemeral .
Despite the reprieve from strong weather hair issues like frizz and flatness—especially common for finely hair—winter upwind brings its own set of hair woes. The dry days of winter can wreak havoc on aging hair’s-breadth. When cold, dry tune replaces the humidity of summer, the result is hair static, which can besides lead to dullness, dry and uncontrollable strands and tied breakage.

So What Causes Hair Static? 

big doubt ! Let ’ s take a quick spirit at the science of inactive electricity. All objects are made of atoms, which contain electrically charged protons, electrons and neutrons. Protons have positive charges, electrons have minus charges and neutrons are neutrally charged. When the levels of protons and electrons are balanced, we don ’ metric ton see or feel static electricity. But when these levels become unbalance, due to clash or a change in temperature or humidity, we decidedly notice. All of us have heard static crunch as we pull dry laundry out of the dry or have gotten a shock while touching a alloy doorknob .

When excessively many electrons come into liaison with each other, they repel. This repel is what causes our haircloth to look like it ’ second trying to fly away. But don ’ thyroxine worry ! even though winter hair static can be thwart, you don ’ t have to put up with it. We ’ ve got nine tips for preventing static that will help your hair look its best throughout the long winter season !

1. Keep Your Hair Moisturized

Ensuring your hair’s-breadth is moisturized is full of life to bidding farewell to hair static. Your hair ’ randomness moisture barrier keeps the ions in check, which means satiny, glossier strands. When there ’ s a miss of moisture in the air and your haircloth is besides exposed to excess indoor inflame, keeping your hair’s-breadth moisturized become flush more important. The good newsworthiness is that our hair cuticles crave moisture, then if you present them with moisture, they will typically soak it right up—and aid reduce inactive. We designed all our shampoo and conditioners to give your tresses the alimentary and hydrating boost aging haircloth needs, from our Wake Up Call for all right, thinning hair’s-breadth to our second Chance, which is particularly formulated for damage rectify, ampere well as our Bounce Back for curly tresses .

2. Seal Your Hair Cuticles

Keeping your hair moisturized is only part of the equality. When your hair’s-breadth cuticles don ’ t lie down flat—a side consequence of hot-styling-tool and environmental damage—moisture escapes from your strands more easily, despite your best efforts to keep hair moisturized. Add to the equality that aging haircloth ( specially aging curly hair ) is already prone to dryness, ascribable to a decrease in natural hair oils related to menopause, and all these factors make keeping your hair static-free an uphill battle .

Butters and haircloth oils like coconut or avocado are effective at fighting sobriety and preventing haircloth static. many butter masques besides contain oils and are particularly hydrating because they not only deeply click strands to add moisture back but besides lock it in by smoothing and repairing the hair cuticles for immediately healthier, shinier and static-free tresses. This is why our hair Redemption Restorative Butter Masque, with its five-nut butter blend, including avocado and macadamia, is the intersection for hair’s-breadth cuticles in need of some price command. Plus, it smells amaze and leaves aging hair soft and manageable .

3. Use This Dryer Sheet Trick (With One Caveat!)

We know that dry sheets help keep static electricity away from our clothes in the dry. But did you know that these lapp dry sheets can besides help with hair static ? This is because these sheets are positively charged and balance out the negatively charged ions in our hair. Your best bet is to find a plant-based, fragrance-free dry sheet. Organic is best here because we don ’ t want to introduce unnecessary chemicals to our delicate hair .

To fight static using a dry sheet, there are two methods. Option one is to just flatten the sheet on the handle of your hand and run it along the length of your hair. alternatively, you can rub the dry sheet onto your hairbrush before brush and styling your hair’s-breadth. If you have longer hair, be certain to focus on the ends of your locks because these tend to be drier and more prone to electrostatic and flyaways .

4. Try an Ionic Hair Dryer

We all know the frustration of getting a beautiful, sleek cut and style at the salon, alone to get home and find that we can ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate retroflex it. The accuracy is that this international relations and security network ’ thyroxine normally because of our skills. Often we ’ re trying to get a professional result using entry-level tools .

An attic haircloth dry is an important tool to have in your arsenal to fight hair’s-breadth static. The ions help lock moisture into your hair, leaving your strands smooth, manageable and static-free. To maximize the benefits of your dryer, constantly use a leave-in heating system protectant to prevent damage to your delicate hair. Our No Remorse Heat Protection and Taming Spray contains a alimentary blend of vitamin E and oils that shield and condition strands to hydrate tresses with the add bonus of taming any boisterous flyaways !

5. Replace Your Plastic Comb with a Metal Comb

This one might sound counterintuitive because we ’ ve all touched a metallic doorknob in dry weather and gotten an electric traumatize. then why on earth are we telling you to swap a fictile comb for a alloy one ?

amazingly enough, skill supports this ! plastic does not conduct electricity while metals do. therefore when we brush our hair with a formative brush or comb, the ions aren ’ t drawn out of our hair. alternatively, they remain in our strands, trying their darndest to get aside from each other. With metallic combs, the ions in our hair get a reprieve ! Metal conducts electricity and “ calms ” ions by giving them a jumping-off point .

6. Take a Break from Washing Your Hair Every Day

many of us wash our hair daily to get rid of grease and buildup. however, unless you have particularly greasy tresses, you only need to shampoo a couple of times per workweek —this is particularly keystone for aging tresses. Washing our hair strips our scalp of sebum, an oil produced in our skin ’ s greasy glands, right field future to our hair follicles. Sebum protects our hair’s-breadth from severe dryness and static, but only if it ’ s not constantly washed aside ! Signs of over-washed hair’s-breadth include tangling, dry scalp, faster languish of color treatments and even hair personnel casualty .

The effective newsworthiness is that tied shifting from daily to every other day washes can help reduce dryness and static in your haircloth. Try using a noncomedogenic dry shampoo to get through non-wash days. ( Dry shampoo absorb oil near the scalp, so be sure to only apply the merchandise at the settle. ) And remember, a little dry shampoo goes a long way !

7. Humidify Your Space

Set it and forget it ! Humidifying your home in the winter is the simple manner to prevent inactive because it addresses the lack of moisture in the air—and humidifiers have come a long way in a generation ! The enormous, loudly ones that put out hot moisture have been replaced by silence, cool-mist options. We recommend placing one in your bedroom so it can work its magic while you sleep .

If you don ’ t have a humidifier, that ’ s no problem ! Simply go back to the basics and boil a large pot of urine on the stave. ( precisely be sure to keep an eye on the water horizontal surface and refill as needed so it doesn ’ triiodothyronine scorch ! )

8. Favor Static-Free Fabrics

As we already mentioned, objects rubbing together is one coarse manner to create an electric charge. And bundling below layers of fabrics to avoid winter ’ south harsh elements entirely increases the likelihood of friction. even the elementary act of removing your hat causes electrons to be transferred from your hat to your hair, resulting in an electric charge and hair electrostatic. Since synthetic materials tend to be more static-prone, a natural fiber such as cotton, which more easily steep moisture from the tune and even your body, is your best bet for avoiding static that ’ second created by objects rubbing together. Though in the dead of winter, we wouldn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate blasted you if you were willing to accept a little hair inactive in order to keep your coziest addled accessories close by !

9. Tie Your Tresses Up

protective hairstyles like braids and depleted buns are one of the easiest ways to reduce electrostatic in your hair—plus they protect your hair’s-breadth from all the other harsh elements that are associated with this cold, airy season. If wearing your hair’s-breadth unleash is your prefer hairdo for the day, we suggest just pulling your hair rear into a humble ponytail with a silk tie or scrunchie to protect your hair’s-breadth while outdoors—you can easily remove it once you ’ ve arrived at your destination, without worrying about having created any undesirable kinks .

Tell Us : What are your favorite tips for preventing hair static ? parcel in the comments below !

Dealing with static in your hair can be a pain, but it doesn’t have to be something we accept! With these tips, you can avoid hair static and maintain sleek, manageable tresses all winter season. If you’re looking for more solutions to aging hair woes, we’ve got you! Sign up for our newsletter to stay in the know about our hair-care tips and products—and follow us on social media!
Dealing with static in your hair’s-breadth can be a pain, but it doesn ’ t have to be something we accept ! With these tips, you can avoid hair’s-breadth electrostatic and keep slick, manageable tresses all winter season. If you ’ ra looking for more solutions to aging hair’s-breadth woes, we ’ ve got you ! Sign up for our newsletter to stay in the know about our hair-care tips and products—and follow us on social media !

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