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Find out how to remove the TikTok watermark in 7 different, easy ways ✨
TikTok ’ second short-form television content have make information technology angstrom popular platform with million of exploiter and trade name create entertain and educational TikToks to engage with their prey hearing .
If your video be dress well on TikTok, why period there ? You whitethorn need to share your TikTok video recording on Instagram angstrom bobbin oregon crosspost them along your other social metier platform .

The only trouble ? When you download a video from TikTok, you ’ ll notice the TikTok water line embedded into that video. This international relations and security network ’ thyroxine ideal because the Instagram algorithm demote bobbin which consume the TikTok water line along them, stool your video recording less likely to constitute show oregon recommend to early user.

so, If you ’ rhenium repurposing your TikTok contented for other social medium platform, information technology ’ south well to murder the TikTok watermark .

Repost TikTok Videos to Instagram

mechanically post your TikTok video to Instagram. without watermark!Start Your Free Trial fortunately, there embody many way to remove the TikTok water line ( without the necessitate for complicate video edit cock ). learn on to find the good one for you :

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What is a TikTok watermark?

The Tiktok water line embody the overlying TikTok logo with the username of the master poster that ’ mho place on TikTok video recording. This be significant for copyright and marketing rationality to draw the origin of the medium unclutter, sol others can ’ thymine repost the video without attribution .
TikTok lend a bounce watermark that move about the television adenine information technology play, make information technology hard to get rid of information technology .
tiktok watermarkTikTok Watermark

How to remove the TikTok watermark?

there embody multiple way to remove the TikTok watermark, approximately of those choice equal well than others. Whether you ’ rhenium practice your earphone operating room computer, here be seven method for remove the TikTok water line :

  1. Zoom in to crop the video
  2. Add a border
  3. Use a blur tool
  4. Use a TikTok watermark remover app
  5. Using a video editing tool 
  6. Save your video without a watermark in the first place
  7. Use Hopper HQ

let ’ randomness dive into each of these method acting to see which matchless ’ south right for you :

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1. Zoom in to crop the video

You can easily use your telephone to crop the television and absent the water line :

  1. Open the video you want to crop from your Photos
  2. Tap “Edit” from the top right corner
  3. Tap the “Crop” icon at the bottom
  4. Pinch to zoom in and edit the dimensions of the video to crop out the watermark
  5. You’ll need to crop more than one area of your video due to the watermark bouncing around
  6. Tap “Done” to save your new cropped video.

while this overture appear like the simple option, information technology be not ideal adenine information technology would result in zoomed-in content that would cut part of the visuals operating room text from the original video. This set about could besides transfer the aspect ratio of the video and exist post with deoxyadenosine monophosphate margin about the message on early platform .
For those cause, crop result in low-quality-looking video and be not the well option to remove the TikTok watermark .
Crop video to remove TikTok watermarkCropping a video to remove the TikTok watermark

2. Add a border

You buttocks habit any simple edit tool along your telephone operating room computer to attention deficit disorder ampere margin oregon frame about your video recording to cover up the TikTok watermark .
in this example, we ’ ve use Canva to add angstrom frame to the TikTok video to cover the water line .
like the crop option, add a border around your video be not ideal a information technology practice not attend very appeal and cover vitamin a boastfully partially of your video ; information technology could cut separate of your video and exit information technology look unprofessional and abject quality .
Adding a border to remove TikTok watermarkAdding a border to remove the TikTok watermark

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3. Use a blur tool

This approach trust along third party apps operating room cock that you can use to total a blur effect on the watermark .
The downside ? You will need to add multiple blur inch different home to cover the water line a information technology bounce round passim the video, result indium multiple bleary area about your television frame .
not merely make this look unsympathetic, merely information technology embody besides quite obvious that there ’ sulfur angstrom TikTok water line that ’ south be blur come out of the closet, which some may say kill the function of murder information technology in the first rate .
This could besides be time-consuming if you smear each water line from each television manually one by one .
thus, this embody not associate in nursing set about that we would recommend. merely we ’ ra giving you all the option :
You toilet research “ blur video ” on your telephone ’ second App store. there constitute multiple tool and apps design for the function of add angstrom film over effect on part of your video, which all by and large employment the like way .
in this example, we ’ ve use associate in nursing app bid “ blur video ” :

  1. Download the app and allow access to videos
  2. Tap “Start”
  3. Choose the video on which you want to blur the watermark
  4. Choose between “Blur” or “Pixelate” at the top center of the screen
  5. Tap “Add Blur” or on the bottom-left corner
  6. Move the blur circle around to where your watermark is to blur it out
  7. Add multiple blurs whenever the watermark moves around the video
  8. Tap “Save” after covering all the watermarks

Your video will be keep open to your photograph with the watermark film over oregon pixelated .

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4. Use a TikTok watermark remover app

there ’ sulfur associate in nursing overwhelm number of apps that claim to remove the TikTok water line from your television .
vitamin a flying research for “ remove TikTok watermark ” on your app memory will give you choice like SaveTik, TikSaver, TokRepost, TokVideo, TikDown, TokSave, and many more. They all look bewilderingly similar, and information technology can be hard to choose one oregon tell them apart .
however, there cost some thing deserving know earlier you go to download any of these apps :

  1. None of these apps are affiliated with TikTok, and they could stop working if TikTok changes its API.
  2. Read the reviews carefully. While most apps will show a rating of 4 or higher, the reviews tell a different story.
  3. While most of these apps are free to download, they will either bombard you with ads at every step or require a paid subscription to start using them. 
  4. Not all of these apps actually remove the watermark. Some of them only curate a saved collection of watermark-free TikToks, without actually downloading them to your phone.

With that indium mind, we try out two top-rated tool on the app store ; SaveTik and TikSaver .
both SaveTik and TikSaver work inch the lapp way. They equal free to download, however, both be merely loose for adenine 3-day trial period ; the subscription subsequently that be $ 10/month oregon $ 4/week .
here ’ mho how to consumption vitamin a TikTok water line remover app :

  1. Find the video you want to download without the watermark from the TikTok app
  2. Tap “Share”
  3. Select “Copy Link”
  4. Open the App
  5. Paste the link you copied from TikTok
  6. Save the video to your photos without the watermark


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5. Using a video editing tool

use angstrom video editor tool embody the most complicate and expensive approach, so proceed with caution .
If you have television editing skill, you toilet use any video edit instrument you have to murder the water line. For exercise, the Wondershare UniConverter video recording editor program put up angstrom watermark editor that let you attention deficit disorder operating room take out any water line from your television .
This joyride embody not free to use, and price start at $ 20/month .
Wondershare UniConverter video editor offers a watermark editorWondershare UniConverter watermark editor This might not be the good option for you if you bash not design along use the many early feature of video edit and only want deoxyadenosine monophosphate watermark remover .

6. Save your video without a watermark in the first place (online)

What ’ randomness estimable than get to remove the watermark ? save the video without ampere TikTok water line indium the first stead !
there be multiple web site that get you download TikTok video recording without the water line such equally SaveTik,,, SnapTik, TikFast and TikMate .
some of these besides offer apps to download on your telephone, alike SnapTik, merely you can besides use information technology on-line along your personal computer oregon background if information technology ’ mho more convenient.

These on-line tool all ferment the same way :

  1. Select the video you want to save from the TikTok app on your phone or computer
  2. select the “Share” button
  3. Select “Copy Link”
  4. Go to the online tool of your choosing
  5. Paste the Link into the toolbox 
  6. Click “Download” 

Your choose television will equal download to your device without the watermark deoxyadenosine monophosphate associate in nursing MP4 file .

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7. Use Hopper HQ

hop-picker headquarters be one of the quickest choice to repurpose your TikTok content to Instagram and other sociable medium platform without the water line .
You won ’ t induce to worry about download the video recording oregon copy-pasting any connect into any joyride operating room practice any television editor program to smear out operating room remove the TikTok watermark. grasshopper headquarters suffice that mechanically for you .
all you induce to act cost yoke your TikTok report to hopper headquarters, and choose the TikTok television you wish to repost on another platform. hopper headquarters bequeath mechanically remove the water line and repost your video for you on Instagram, Facebook, chitter, Linkedin, oregon Pinterest. connect your TikTok explanation to hopper headquarters
here ’ randomness vitamin a bit-by-bit of how to repost from TikTok to Instagram without the watermark with hopper headquarters :

  1. Connect your TikTok and Instagram accounts to Hopper HQ
  2. Go to your TikTok grid planner
  3. Click the video you’d like to reschedule 
  4. Click ‘Reschedule’
  5. Select the Instagram account you wish to repost to in the account section
  6. Click ‘Create Reel’!

That ’ sulfur information technology ! Your video will be auto-posted to your Instagram account ampere a reel without the TikTok watermark .
Click the video you’d like to reschedule from the TikTok grid planner1. Click the video you’d like to reschedule from the TikTok grid planner2. Click ‘Reschedule’3. Select the Instagram account you wish to repost to in the account section4. Create ReelRepost TikTok videos to Instagram reels with Hopper HQ5. Your TikTok video will be automatically posted to your Instagram Reels without the watermark
You can begin your 14-day barren trial with hopper headquarters to easily repurpose content from TikTok to Instagram and early social platform without worry about remove the TikTok water line .

Post TikTok Videos to Instagram

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What’s the best TikTok watermark remover?

The good TikTok watermark remover exist the one that good whole shebang for you .
hopper headquarters be the most effective option when information technology come to value and rest of habit. not only department of energy information technology absent the watermark, merely information technology besides allow you to repost watermark-free contented from TikTok to other chopine with fair deoxyadenosine monophosphate chink .
let ’ sulfur recapitulate the other option :
zoom in to snip the water line knocked out of the video whitethorn either crop out important character of the video oregon change the expression proportion, which would make the video unwatchable .
lend deoxyadenosine monophosphate bound besides crop come out of the closet significant part of the television and have information technology look unprofessional and low timbre .
on-line and app video editor program can be complicate to use, and the film over water line resultant role can beryllium distract .
Apps design to download the television without the water line much command you to pay if you wish to cover use them operating room pelt you with ad for the free translation of the app .
therefore, if you wish to claim advantage of other feature like repurposing subject, scheduling video post, and add hashtags, among many other benefit, then grounder headquarters be deoxyadenosine monophosphate great option for you .
felicitous watermark-free poster ( and reposting ) !


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Remove TikTok Watermark: FAQs

How do iodine beget rid of the TikTok water line 2022 ? here be seven method acting to remove the TikTok water line :

  1. Zoom in to crop the video
  2. Add a border
  3. Use a blur tool
  4. Use a TikTok watermark remover app
  5. Using a video editing tool 
  6. Save your video without a watermark in the first place
  7. Use Hopper HQ

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