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dog pee on wooden floor If you have a cad, they will finally have an accident on the floor. This is true no matter their long time or level of obedience. even the most well-trained cad will end up having an accident finally .
perfection is not very realistic, particularly for very young and very erstwhile dogs .
When these accidents do occur, it is essential to completely eradicate the urine olfactory property. not only is it substantive for your nose, but it besides prevents your cad from using the lapp blot over and over again. If it placid smells like urine, your chase may think it ’ s wholly fine to urinate there .
fortunately, there are respective methods that can be implemented to remove frump urine odors. We discuss several of them below.

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The 5 Ways to Neutralize Dog Urine Smells


Use a Wet Vacuum

Naughty dog barking on vacuum cleaner
If you have a wet vacuum laying about and get to the position in time, this method is the easiest. Suck up all the pawl urine from the spot to prevent it from soaking into the floor. If there is no urine left on the shock, the point won ’ thymine smell .
Of course, you have to get to the blemish quite quickly for this to work. otherwise, the urine will already be dried, and it ’ ll be time to move onto another method acting .
If you don ’ t have a besotted vacuum, there is no indigence to fret. There are other ways to remove the urine smell from the carpet .


Use Vinegar and Water to Neutralize Dog Urine Smell

hand spraying white vinegar solution_FotoHelin_shutterstock
Vinegar and water system are a bang-up way to remove urine stains and smells. There is no reason to invest heavy in a commercial intersection. If you have vinegar lying round your house, you can make a mix that ’ s better than most of the commercial products out there .
start by boiling the vinegar. You want to heat it– so you don ’ t have to boil it very long. Once it ’ sulfur bring to a boil, combine it with an equal measure of water in a atomizer bottle. You don ’ t have to get the demand measurements. Eyeballing the measurements is wholly okay .
future, spray a generous come on the urine position. You want the solution to absorb adenine deeply as the urine, so you may need to let it sit for a moment. This divisor largely depends on your shock, though. You won ’ t need to let a hardwood floor soak, but a carpet will probably need a few minutes .
Grab a leech or washcloth, and then scrub the sphere lightly. If there is any hardened urine, the rub should help it dissolve into the vinegar-water solution. You don ’ thyroxine want to mess up the carpet, though, so don ’ metric ton cancel besides intemperate !
nowadays you can soak up the surfeit solution with a wet void or a towel. This should remove both the solution and the urine .
The descry should not smell like vinegar for very farseeing, though it can smell a sting hard while you ’ re doing the scavenge. We recommend having good ventilation, though the fumes are not dangerous – they can be pretty fetid .


Use Baking Soda to Neutralize Dog Urine Smell

baking soda
Baking pop is a natural smell neutralizer. People have been using it for years to remove smells from all sorts of things. It besides works quite well on frank urine – and it ’ s square to use .
Sprinkle the bake pop onto the area and let it dry. You may need to add a second gear layer if the smudge is particularly saturated. Once the spot and baking pop have dried, vacuum it up !
This works best with fresh stains that have soaked very far into the carpet. If the urine is soaked in, the baking pop may be unable to remove it from the deeper layers of the rug .
You can well combine this method acting with others for some excess smell-fighting might. merely use it after another method acting if you feel like some more smell-relief is required .


Use Hydrogen Peroxide to Neutralize Dog Urine Smell

You can use hydrogen peroxide for some tougher smell-fighting strength. This formula is similar to what you ’ ll find in a commercial product, but it ’ s made with items you have lying around your house .
begin by mixing 250 milliliter with 5 ml of serve soap. You can use Dawn or any other brand you have lying approximately. We recommend unscented, but scented works precisely fine if that ’ s all you have. There is no reason to rush out and purchase a new dishwashing liquid fair for this step .
Be sure to use 3 % hydrogen peroxide. Any more may damage your carpet or hardwood. You should besides ensure that the dishwashing liquid doesn ’ metric ton hold any bleaching agent or exchangeable compounds, as these can potentially harm your deck .
once your mixture is complete, you can lightly spritz the area with the concoction. You don ’ metric ton want to drench it as you did with the vinegar-water assortment .
adjacent, put on cleanse gloves and scrub the area with a quick study or brush. You want to release any of the dried-up urine that ’ mho abstruse in the carpet, but you probably don ’ t need to scrub hard .
You should allow the area to dry completely when you are done. After it ’ second dry, you can rub your void over it .


Purchase a Commercial product

person spraying on sofa
often, making your cleaning product out of items around your home is enough for most stains. however, you may occasionally need something a act stronger. In this case, purchasing a commercial product may be helpful.

however, not all commercial products are made peer. There are quite a few that won ’ thyroxine be much more helpful than a vinegar-water concoction. It is vital to purchase a high-quality intersection – not one that will be less helpful than baking pop .
There are two main types of products that are used for positron emission tomography urine. They work in different ways and have different uses .
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Enzyme-Fighting Products

These clean products contain enzymes that decompose urine immediately. They eat the odor-causing bacteria that are typically found in dog urine – eliminating the smell. There are many examples of these products on the commercialize, though not all of them work very efficiently .
Hepper Advanced Bio-Enzyme Pet Stain Odor Eliminator Spray
If you ‘re looking for an enzyme clean that does it all, we highly recommend the Hepper Advanced Bio-Enzyme Pet Stain & Odor Eliminator Spray. Yes, it ’ randomness our product, but we love it indeed much, we have to share ! not only does it permanently remove the identical bad smells and stains ( yes, everything you can imagine ! ), but we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee! Click here to get yourself a bottle .
This convention does include a slender olfactory property and is entirely pet-safe. It is environmentally friendly and made in the USA, so you can be gallant of what you ’ rhenium buying .
male hand wiping the hardwood floor

Oxidizing Products

These products don ’ t contain any enzymes. alternatively, they use chemicals to eliminate the bacteria and prevent a urine smell from developing. They kill odor-causing bacteria and can prevent re-marking .
This intersection category is a moment broader than enzymatic products. therefore, different products tend to have wide varying chemical compositions. Some work better than others, as you ’ d probably imagine. It is full of life to purchase one that works well, though you may have to do some experiment before settling on the one you love .
Simple Green Oxy Dog Stain & Odor Oxidizer is one product with well reviews. It is environmentally friendly and designed to remove both odors and stains. It ’ mho besides relatively cheap – which is always a asset .
Again, be sure to follow the directions when using a merchandise. The last thing you want to do is mess up the summons – which frequently leads to the product not working at all. Some require you to let them sit for a while, while others need to be removed immediately .

Can You Add Essential Oils to Solutions ?

On all the homemade solutions on this list, you can add all-important oils if you choose. These can make the spot spirit better, though the mix itself should remove the odorize. You don ’ t need essential oils by any means, but some people do opt to use them .
Remember that essential oils are potent. consequently, you should aim to use entirely a bantam amount. A drop or two is often adequate, but it does depend on the total of the mix you make .
You can constantly add in more, but you can ’ t precisely remove oils after you ’ ve added them. Start small and add another spend if you distillery need more olfactory property .
essential oils

Can You Use Baking Soda Outside ?

Baking sodium carbonate is one of the few safe cleaning solutions that you can use on eatage. It will help neutralize the high nitrogen message that causes urine odors and scandalmongering spots. It is safe for grass in smaller amounts. You don ’ triiodothyronine want to bathe your cubic yard in baking sodium carbonate, obviously, but a small total should be outstanding for your grass .
start by dissolving a cup of baking sodium carbonate into a gallon of water. then, pour it onto the spotlight. It will take a act for the yellow in the eatage to disappear, but it should neutralize any odors within a few hours .
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concluding Thoughts : Neutralize Dog Urine Smells

There are many ways to neutralize cad odors using only what you have around your house. Of run, you can besides use commercial products .
Be sure to cautiously follow the directions for any of the commercial products you purchase – ampere well as our instructions for homemade clean solutions. Using a clean correctly contributes importantly to its achiever. If the directions aren ’ thyroxine followed, it could lead to the solution not working at all !
We recommend starting with merely one clean method. Follow the directions thoroughly and allow the spot to dry before you decide to try something else entirely. Some methods complement each other very well, such as baking pop and the vinegar-water solution.

Others won ’ thyroxine bring together efficiently. It hardly makes sense to use vinegar-water solutions and then besides a commercial product. You should use one, see if it worked, and then move onto the following one .
many products need to sit for a while before they are removed. Don ’ thymine add another cleaning solution until the intersection has been wholly removed after being allowed to sit. Some houseclean solutions won ’ thymine work well together if used at the same time .
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