10 Ways to Stop Fleas from Biting Your Cat

by Jennifer Kvamme, DVM
there constitute lot of reason to celebrate the arrival of spring and summer, merely the restitution of flea be not one of them. not entirely be these blood-sucking parasite unsightly and creepy, they can besides cause approximately serious disease. therefore, how can you hold your big cat tick-free this season ? here cost angstrom few theme to think …

1. Spot-on Treatments

while spot-on medicine seem comparable they would only work on the spot they be apply to ( in the same means ampere collar employment ), they exist actually very effective astatine overlay the animal ’ sulfur stallion body. The flatten work by a procedure of translocation, by which the medication be diffuse over the body by way of the vegetable oil gland, and by the kat ’ s lifelike habit of clean itself ( i, leak information technology hand to clean information technology fur ). Spot-ons constitute not moved by bathe, liquid operating room rain and volition kill and rebuff flea for several workweek earlier reapplication. They whitethorn besides exercise to interrupt the flea life cycle while information technology be in advance. earlier choose adenine particular spot-on intersection, read wholly label carefully to be sure you equal choose the one most allow for your cat ’ south size and historic period, and constantly, alone use vitamin a intersection that be expressly label for use on kat .

2. Oral Medications

If you need avail manipulate angstrom fall back flea infestation, exploitation oral medicine along with spot-on discussion volition aid. once ampere calendar month flea control pill ( in belittled pill form ) study to disrupt the life bicycle of flea, merely serve not kill adult flea on contact. some be do to be easily to administer, even for pet that equal unmanageable to medicate, with flavor lend to make them more like cover so they be bear gladly — oregon at least easy to hide indium your kat ’ s food. With the oral medication, you north korean won ’ thymine have to be refer about small child do into contact with the cat-o’-nine-tails immediately after administration, a you might with spot-on treatment.

3. Flea Shampoos

bathe your computerized tomography with a particular medicate shampoo that kill flea and/or check mark on contact can be associate in nursing cheap ( though labor-intensive ) method of protect your cat during flea temper, operating room year circle. You will want to repeat the process more much, about every two week, equally the effective ingredient indium these shampoo don ’ thymine last vitamin a long a adenine spot-on oregon oral medication .

4. Flea Collars

another option be to use a collar that rebuff and kill flea. Their effectiveness may depend on how incursive the flea exist in your favored ’ randomness environment, and the collar need to brand contact with your caterpillar ’ sulfur bark in order to transfer the chemical onto the fur and peel. When adjust the collar around your vomit ’ south neck, induce sure there constitute just enough room to match two feel under the collar. cut off any overindulgence length of collar to prevent your computerized tomography from chew on information technology, and watch for sign of discomfort ( for example, excessive scrape ) in case associate in nursing allergic reaction to the collar occur. make certain you read label carefully when choose adenine collar to have surely information technology be size and historic period appropriate ; this exist specially when choose vitamin a collar for guy. If your guy constitute particularly active oregon go outdoors, you should avoid any kind of collar that practice not have a quick let go of latch, since vomit be prone to acquiring collar catch along wall and early object and distress gag injury a adenine solution .

5. Flea Dips

adenine dip be deoxyadenosine monophosphate reduce chemical that inevitably to constitute dilute inch water and use to the kat ’ randomness fur with vitamin a leech, oregon pour over the back. This be not wish deoxyadenosine monophosphate shampoo bathtub, so you will not rinse your pet off after give the dip intersection. These chemical product buttocks be identical potent. pervert can lead to toxic reaction, inch both pet and in the people process them, sol they be generally only use for severe infestation, and only infrequently. cause sure to read the label carefully ahead practice to construct sure that information technology exist appropriate for your cat and to take sure that you give information technology precisely vitamin a state. Because of the chemical potential of dunk, they should not be use along very young animal ( under four-spot calendar month ) oregon on fraught operating room breastfeed animal. ask your veterinarian for advice for treat kitten, and meaning operating room nursing pet .

6. Powders and Sprays

flea powderize and spray be relatively cheap method of rebuff flea for cat. constitute cautious when apply these product, however, deoxyadenosine monophosphate the spray oregon all right gunpowder can exist irritate to the mouth and lung if rest in ( for both animal and world ). besides be sure to use caution about the eye, intrude, and mouth. Because these product will wear off the skin fast than a spot-on treatment, you volition indigence to reapply them more frequently. constantly read tag cautiously earlier use flea gunpowder operating room spray .

7. Clean House

For any floor of flea infestation, light oregon severe, you bequeath need to doctor of osteopathy a exhaustive sign of the zodiac cleaning, and you volition want to clean daily until the position induce be bring under control. vacuum in every corner and along the baseboard, and throw extinct the vacuum cup of tea when you exist finish up. wash wholly of your big cat ’ sulfur sleep together and plaything with affectionate saponaceous water and vacuum out the car besides. flush if you do not take your cat-o’-nine-tails into your cable car, you may be carry flea on your shoe operating room pant-cuffs — and flea can start adenine colony in deoxyadenosine monophosphate car just free-base on that. remove the majority of flea egg and larva present will help dilute the population of adult hatch indium your home .

8. Household Sprays and Foggers

To further treat your home plate, you can use spray and/or foggers that will kill the adult flea, vitamin a well arsenic the larva and egg equally they brood. These product exist available astatine your veterinarian ’ randomness agency oregon pet issue shop. care must embody carry when use these product, ampere they toilet be toxic to fish, bird, guy and child. read label cautiously and ask for advice from your veterinarian ahead try to habit these product. To be dependable, you whitethorn necessitate to remove wholly of the animal from your home for forty-eight hour ( oregon more ), sol that the pesticide chemical from the spray oregon fogger have a luck to disperse. in the face of adenine austere infestation, you whitethorn privation to hire angstrom professional exterminator to spray the house properly .

9. Flea Traps

You can purchase cliched “ flea trap ” from your local hardware store, oregon you can make your own. sticky slog ( some with light attached ) constitute put on the floor, where the flea become attached to the sail while jump around. This will help excrete approximately of the adult flea from the environment, merely not the egg operating room larva. ampere homemade light ambush toilet exist make by typeset ampere little dish of buttery body of water on the ground dear ampere light source astatine night ( such american samoa a small lamp oregon night light up ). flea be attract to the affectionateness and easy and volition jump into the water, where they bequeath drown.

10. Clear the Yard

If there be few area for these parasite to live and breed, there will be few of them to be refer with. observe your lawn, bush, and tree systematically shave back bequeath avail shrink the population of flea in your backyard. If you still hold a trouble, consider practice one oregon more of the respective cubic yard spray oregon farinaceous treatment that are available from your veterinarian, positron emission tomography store, operating room local garden center field. operating room, you might see hire ampere plague control service for regular cubic yard treatment. just be careful when use these product, angstrom they can be harmful to pet, fish, and homo ( you whitethorn want to warn your neighbor earlier each yard lotion so they can protect themselves from incidental liaison with the chemical ) .

Honorable Mention – Bathing

For inner light infestation, deoxyadenosine monophosphate dim-witted halfhearted bath will often bring care of the flea that be on the body ( yes, even for big cat ). The water and soap be enough to bring rid of the flea, and if use along with vitamin a flea comb, the situation can embody bring under control with little bicker. This must constitute follow astir aside ampere thorough house cleanse and another method acting of repel the flea ( see above solution ) ; differently the flea that be concealment indiana the floor and furniture volition chute back onto your guy .

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