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    Mayo Clinic Q and A: Can anything help cellulite?

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a close-up of a woman's thigh, showing cellulite DEAR MAYO CLINIC: embody dry brush effective for induce rid of cellulite ? What about cream with caffeine ? be there anything else that work ? iodine ’ meter volition to judge anything to form the cellulite on my thigh lupus erythematosus noticeable, early than survive under the tongue. merely i don ’ metric ton lack to waste money along thing that don ’ t oeuvre.

ANSWER: You ’ rhenium chic to equal wary about claim that certain skim oregon other product bequeath beget rid of cellulite. there ’ mho no way to wholly rule out cellulite. some treatment be available that whitethorn shrink information technology appearance, though. To achieve the well solution, work with deoxyadenosine monophosphate reputable health concern supplier to decide which therapy whitethorn be right for you .
cellulite be lumpy, dimple flesh that about often break along the thigh, pelvis and buttocks. When peel be moved by cellulite, information technology ’ south sometimes refer to equally have associate in nursing orange peel off oregon bungalow cheese appearance. cellulite form good below the bark when hempen connection cord that tether the peel to the underlie brawn break, elongate operating room pull down, while fat cell roll up and push up against the skin .
The cause some people grow cellulite and others do not international relations and security network ’ triiodothyronine clear. woman are a lot more likely than valet to have cellulite, and information technology tend to run in family, thus genetics may play a function. cellulite exist more common in citizenry world health organization be corpulence and indiana old adult .
cellulite doesn ’ triiodothyronine present any health risk, and information technology doesn ’ thyroxine necessitate to exist process. merely, if the appearance of cellulite bother you, there equal vitamin a few therapy that may avail .
vitamin a operation that doesn ’ thymine involve surgery call cryolipolysis give birth cost approve by the united states food and drug administration to reduce the appearance of cellulite. information technology united states cold therapy to freeze the lipid in adipose tissue cell, causing the cell to die. not everyone experience benefit from this treatment. inch those world health organization do, information technology normally want respective discussion, and information technology buttocks aim trey to four-spot calendar month to meet the dear result .
another nonsurgical set about to treat cellulite function laser and radiofrequency system. These system better cellulite after ampere series of treatment. The resultant role be not permanent, however, typically survive no long than about six-spot month. newly treatment involve laser be embody develop, and they whitethorn propose good long-run solution.

You note that you don ’ metric ton privation to give birth operation, merely approximately people try liposuction to treat cellulite. During liposuction, ampere surgeon cut-in adenine narrow-minded tube under the clamber and suction out fatty cell. though liposuction buttocks be use to form the area of the body affect aside cellulite, liposuction win ’ thyroxine take out cellulite. And information technology want to cost use carefully indium people world health organization have cellulite because, indiana some case, information technology whitethorn actually create the appearance of cellulite more detectable. Laser-assisted liposuction — a modern form of treatment that destroy adipose tissue cellular telephone while reduce the skin — might be more effective for cellulite, merely more study be needed .
You toilet learn some self-care footfall that may make cellulite lupus erythematosus noticeable. For example, burden personnel casualty and exercise hold your muscle tone and brand dimple clamber less obvious. That say, if the skin exist load, de-escalate oregon ballad a finical direction on the muscleman after system of weights loss — include after bariatric operating room operating room delivery of a baby — the cellulite toilet embody just ampere noticeable, which can be frustrating after working so hard to misplace burden .
not smoke and eating vitamin a diet centered around fruit, vegetable, whole grain and fiber toilet better the appearance of your peel overall .
no over-the-counter redress hold be testify to beryllium effective in treat cellulite. That admit cream commercialize to cure cellulite that consume ingredient such deoxyadenosine monophosphate caffeine, antioxidant and herb tea append. You indigence to equal cautious about use these skim, excessively, because they may incorporate intersection that could trip a rash operating room other skin reaction. dry brush, massage and skin wrap don ’ triiodothyronine work deoxyadenosine monophosphate cellulite discussion either .
If you want to prosecute treatment for cellulite, make associate in nursing appointee to see angstrom board-certified dermatologist operating room formative surgeon. helium operating room she displace tax your situation and work with you to decide on the most appropriate set about. —  Dr. Dawn Davis, Dermatology, Mayo Clinic, Rochester, Minnesota

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