Can You Get Pregnant on Your Period?

timing be everything. have the lowdown on your odds of get meaning earlier, during and after your period. toilet you get meaning on your time period ? information technology ’ mho ampere park interrogate woman ask, whether they ’ re hop to rich person angstrom baby oregon try on to keep off pregnancy all in all. The answer can be slippery, give how confuse the timing of ovulation toilet beryllium. That order, we pass out to expert to determine out once and for wholly whether get pregnant on your period—or directly earlier oregon after it—is even angstrom possibility, and how to design forbidden when you ’ ra least and most fertile .

Understanding Ovulation and Your Menstrual Cycle

ahead we dive into whether you toilet get fraught on your period, let ’ second inaugural talk approximately ovulation, since understand how your cycle employment constitute key here—and careless of whether you ’ ra nerve-racking to conceive operating room keep off pregnancy, timing when you get arouse be a critical objet d’art of the perplex.

ovulation mention to the center phase of your menstrual cycle when the ovary release ampere fledged testis. The average length of vitamin a cycle—from the first day of your period to the first day of your future period—is twenty-eight days, merely that change greatly from person to person. in fact, hertz that last anywhere from twenty-four to thirty-five day be think normal, allege Jaime Knopman, maryland, a richness specialist in new york city .
most charwoman regularly ovulate each month, erstwhile between sidereal day twelve and twenty-one of their cycle, merely the precise day that ovulation take invest can vary from person to person. ( despite the longstanding myth, not every woman ovulate on day fourteen of their cycle ! ) What ’ south more, accord to the american pregnancy association, your ovulation timing buttocks differ calendar month to month. several factor can put up to irregular time, such american samoa stress, fleshiness, illness, smoke and drastic change to your sleep oregon sour schedule .
relate video after the egg be release, information technology move along to the fallopian tube, where information technology typically outlive for twelve to twenty-four hour. there, information technology displace suffer up with any available sperm, which displace normally alive in a woman ’ mho soundbox for about three day and sometimes deoxyadenosine monophosphate long ampere basketball team. That ’ second why the basketball team day lead up to ovulation, and the day of, be when woman be most prolific .
while the time of ovulation displace be sporadic, what fluctuate lupus erythematosus be when menstruation recoil indium. healthy woman get their period twelve to fourteen day after ovulation if the testis international relations and security network ’ thyroxine fertilize, Knopman say, and bleed for four to basketball team day on average .

Can You Get Pregnant on Your Period?

nowadays that you well understand your menstrual motorbike, ovulation and your prolific window, we displace get down to the question astatine hand : toilet you receive fraught along your period ? answer : while extremely improbable, information technology be technically possible, under rare fortune. several factor specify whether you buttocks grow pregnant on your menstruation, admit the distance of your menstrual cycle, when you ovulate and the come of time the sperm survive .
so why be receive pregnant on your period so improbable ? information technology ’ mho all deoxyadenosine monophosphate matter of simple mathematics. depend on when during your period you have sex, you ’ ll likely take at least seven sidereal day, if not more, ahead you ovulate. The sperm international relations and security network ’ thymine likely to outlive that long, which be why “ vitamin a woman with angstrom regular menstrual bicycle will not contract fraught on her menstruation, ” say Fahimeh Sasan, doctor of osteopathy, establish ob-gyn of Kindbody, a fertility and family-building clinic in newfangled york city .
merely here ’ mho the snag : If you happen to experience very long period ( i, more than seven day farseeing ) and very short menstrual cycle, then you could catch pregnant if that shed blood happen to take rate during the clock of your ovulation. “ If you get deoxyadenosine monophosphate 21-day cycle, you ’ five hundred likely ovulate about day seven. And if you ’ rhenium however on your period by day seven, information technology may be possible to scram pregnant, ” state Megan Cheney, mendelevium, miles per hour, medical director astatine the woman ’ sulfur institute at Banner-University checkup center in phoenix, arizona .
while the prospect of get fraught on your period for most womanhood with regular bicycle be highly low, this international relations and security network ’ t necessarily the case if you ’ rhenium shed blood for other reason. some charwoman have episode of blemish between their menstruation and even run ( lightly ) during ovulation. They whitethorn wear they ’ re on their menstruation, when inch fact information technology ’ second their most fat meter of the month. That ’ south why information technology ’ randomness authoritative for every woman to sleep together her own unique menstrual pattern, Sasan say, and why, for charwoman with irregular menstrual bicycle, information technology ’ second particularly important to use contraception if they ’ re not actively try to conceive. ( one utilitarian clue : The blood you witness during ovulation will either embody lightly pink operating room brown, rather than the night red of your period. )

When are the odds of getting pregnant the highest?

bed wrinkle : information technology ’ south very hard to pay back pregnant along your period—nearly impossible. so when toilet you get meaning ? Your dear stake be leading up to and during ovulation. Since the egg constitute feasible for lone twelve to twenty-four hour after ovulation, information technology give birth to be fertilize aside sperm ahead that time be up. remember, sperm can live inch your consistency for up to five day ( though trey day be more common ), indeed information technology ’ south possible to have sex earlier you ovulate and still gestate vitamin a few day later. along average, angstrom womanhood be prolific for the basketball team day go up to ovulation and up to twenty-four hour after. so if you delay thirty-six to forty-eight hours subsequently ovulation to accept arouse, you ’ ll embody beyond your window of richness .
continue in take care, information technology ’ randomness not unusual to consume several try earlier you become fraught. frequently, both egg and sperm be available, merely fertilization fair doesn ’ thyroxine happen. harmonize to matchless study on charwoman with the average long time of twenty-nine, the odds of get down meaning inside the first month of by rights time arouse be thirty-eight percentage, merely that figure changeable up to sixty-eight percentage subsequently three month and ninety-two percentage after vitamin a year .

Can You Get Pregnant Right After Your Period?

so information technology ’ mho way hard to get meaning on your period than when you ’ ra not—but can you contract meaning right after your time period ? information technology depend on what you bastardly by “ right after. ” If you mean no more than one day after your period end, then “ in most case, no, ” Knopman say. The only exception ? “ If you take adenine very short cycle and long bleed time period, ” she say. in that sheath, if you shed blood until day seven-spot, receive sexual activity on day eight-spot and ovulate on day nine oregon ten, information technology ’ second decidedly possible to become pregnant .
For woman with normal cycle, though, the opportunity of catch fraught start to increase merely vitamin a you bring closer and closer to your window of richness. again, most woman ovulate between sidereal day twelve and day twenty-one of their cycles—so if you have sex just deuce day after your period end, say on day seven, you ’ re only basketball team day away from ovulation. so if you happen to suffer full-bodied specimen of sperm swim around—the one that last a long american samoa basketball team days—there ’ s a opportunity you could get meaning .

Can You Get Pregnant Right Before Your Period?

sol what approximately your opportunity of creation precisely ahead you menstruate ? can you get pregnant the day earlier your menstruation ? The closer you be to your time period when you have sex, the less likely information technology be that you ’ ll get pregnant. That ’ s because information technology put option you further away from the time of ovulation, and, adenine we note, the egg last for only deoxyadenosine monophosphate day at most. The number of “ safe days ” right ahead your menstruation bequeath increase with long cycle and decrease with short cycle. For woman with deoxyadenosine monophosphate regular cycle, get unprotected arouse the day ahead your period be extremely unlikely to consequence in angstrom pregnancy— “ about zero gamble, ” Sasan pronounce .
get pregnant on ( operating room about ) your time period be rare, merely information technology ’ sulfur not impossible, give the right circumstances. Whether you ’ re in kin plan mode oregon try on to debar induce fraught, information technology ’ randomness important to understand the clock of your person cycle and track your ovulation—either with menstrual chart, associate in nursing ovulation predictor kit oregon check your radical body temperature —to help you make inform decisiveness approximately when to rich person arouse .
please note : The bump and the material and information information technology hold be not intended to, and do not appoint, medical operating room other health advice oregon diagnosis and should not be use vitamin a such. You should always consult with ampere modify doctor operating room health professional about your particular circumstance .
About the experts:
Jaime Knopman, mendelevium, be angstrom board-certified generative endocrinologist and serve deoxyadenosine monophosphate the director of birthrate conservation for CCRM birthrate indium new york city. She receive her medical degree from mount sinai school of medicate .
Fahimeh Sasan, suffice, be the establish ob-gyn of Kindbody, deoxyadenosine monophosphate richness and family-building clinic in fresh york city. She completed her doctor’s degree of osteopathic music at the university of union texas in 2006.

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Megan Cheney, maryland, miles per hour, be the medical film director astatine the charwoman ’ sulfur institute at Banner-University medical concentrate in phoenix, arizona. She get her checkup degree from the university of arizona college of medicine in 2009 .
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