Lost Ark Pirate Coin Guide – Farming with Quests, Dailies, & More

Searching Lost Ark ’ s huge open oceans for Pirate Coins ? then look no far. Pirate Coins are great for detail level upgrades, hiring crew, and releasing prisoners from creepy, icy islands. So you decidedly want to stack up on them. here are the best ways to get Pirate Coins in Lost Ark, from erstwhile activities like quests to grinding dailies !

What are Pirate Coins?

plagiarist Coins are one of the many currencies in Lost Ark. They ’ re used to recruit Ship Crew ( who may or may not be pirates ), recruit Stronghold Crew, buy item degree and embark upgrade materials, and get a assortment of collectibles ( the Atlas Island Token and Masterpiece # 27, for model ) .
You can spend your Pirate Coins on Traveling Merchant Ships and Islands occupied by pirates. If you ’ re going for the item charge promote materials, look for the Tea and Libra Vessel docked at your nearest harbor .

How to Get Pirate Coins in Lost Ark: One-Time Activities

here ’ s how to get Pirate Coins from Reputation levels and quests :

  • Welcome challenges may award a small amount of Pirate Coins.
  • Una’s tasks. Its Reputation system, to be more precise. If you search for “Pirate Coins” in the reputation menu, you can see the amount of Coins per quest (several thousand, at least). Repeat the quests until you have the required level.
  • Island quests. Some great ones that award a lot of Pirate Coins are:
    • Blackfang’s Den
    • Freedom Isle
    • Golden Wave Island
    • Giant Mushroom Island
    • Peyto
    • Kalthertz
    • Cradle of the Sea Fermata

How to Get Pirate Coins in Lost Ark – Daily and Weekly Activities

  • Log in rewards will occasionally give you some Pirate Coins.
  • Adventure Islands. Use Procyon’s Compass to see if there’s an upcoming Island challenge with Pirate Coin rewards.
  • Exchange Sea Coins for Pirate Coins at a Tea and Libra Vessel. But beware; only do this if you’re sure that you don’t have any other use for your Sea Coins. Here’s how many Pirate Coins you get for one Sea Coin:
    • Gienah’s Coin: 10
    • Sceptrum’s Coin: 12
    • Arcturus Coin: 15
    • Ancient Coin: 17
    • Sun Coin: 20
  • Sailing challenges. Or Navigation co-op events, as they’re also called. Find them in Procyon’s Compass. Besides Pirate Coins, these challenges also reward one other type of Sea Coin. If you plan on exchanging them for Pirate Coins, remember that Sun Coins are the best option.
  • Kalthertz prisoner exchange. This is a tricky one; if you go to Kalthertz Island southeast of Shushire, you can use your Pirate Coins to set a prisoner of your choice free. However, there’s only a 50% chance of gaining extra Pirate Coins back, and that’s true only if you choose the correct prisoner. Let’s look at this in a bit more detail to see if it’s worth the investment.

Pirate Coins on Kalthertz Island

You ’ ll come across Kalthertz by following the Shushire quests, but you don ’ t have to complete anything to join the prisoner exchange. You can find the prisoners in the easterly function of the map.

here ’ s a very important piece of data : you need to choose the woman who costs 600 Pirate Coins, or the man costing 900 Pirate Coins. Otherwise, your Coins are not returned. Since there are alone two prisoners available at a fourth dimension, you often need to change channels or delay for early players to buy the “ wrong ” ones .
The demand returns vary each prison term, with a gamble to gain back less than you paid, so it ’ south constantly a snatch of a gamble. Some players seem to hate it, others use it as their main reference of Pirate Coins .
How do you farm your Pirate Coins ? Adventure Islands or the Kaltherz prisoners ? Let us know in the comments !

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