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If you ‘re playing Animal Crossing : New Horizons ‘ summer update, you ‘ll no doubt come across modern recipes that require Pearls to make. But how do you get more of this rare material ? This actinium : NH guide will show you how ! interested in what else is in the 1.3.0 update ? Check our while notes ad

How to Find and Get Pearls

Loading Play Pearls are a fresh crafting material that was added in the 1.3.0 update. Since they ‘re needed for to craft the raw Mermaid set, you may be wondering how to get more. presently, there are two ways to get Pearls :

  1. Dive for them. Pearls can be found rarely while you’re diving, as intermittent bubbles that have a discordant structure, and a small shadow on the sea floor that doesn’t move. They’re rather rare, but certainly not limited in number, so keep diving and you’ll eventually find one!
  2. Occasionally, Pascal will trade you a Pearl for your Scallop catch of the day. Scallops are marked as a semi-frequent column of bubbles with a medium shadow on the sea floor that moves slowly. However, Pascal can also trade you Mermaid DIY recipes and clothes, so a Pearl is not guaranteed until you’ve collected all of those first. Scallops are overall more common to find than Pearls themselves

At this time, there ‘s no authentic way to grind more Pearls without clock time travelling … unless you ‘re truly, truly golden during your dive sessions !

What Are Pearls Used For ?


Pearls are a crafting corporeal, and their independent function is to make furniture from the Mermaid fit. Every recipe in the stage set requires at least one Pearl, much more. early DIY sets do n’t require Pearls for their DIY recipes … but given how rare they are, that ‘s probably for the best. If you have no interest in the Mermaid items, or managed to craft all of them, Pearls have another handy use : they ‘re one of the most valuable craft materials in the game, selling for 10,000 Bells at Nook ‘s Cranny. This is the lapp amount as Gold Nuggets, but unlike those, Pearls are more frequent to find, and you ‘ll besides get a set of Bells on the side selling the Sea Creatures you catch along the way. The concluding practice for Pearls is that they ‘re the best detail to trade for to try and get a Villager ‘s Photo in what ‘s known as the Pearl Stack Trick. Visit our page on How to Get Villager Photos to learn more about it. Do n’t forget to check out our complete How-To Guides Hub to learn even more about Animal Crossing : New Horizons.

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