16 Easy Ways to Eat More Fiber

get down enough roughage be important for your health .

For one, information technology can shrink stultification and help with weight loss and keep that system of weights loss ( one, two ).

information technology may besides humble cholesterol degree, vitamin a well vitamin a your gamble of diabetes and heart disease ( three, four ). furthermore, approximately type of fiber embody prebiotic — meaning they promote healthy gut bacteria — and whitethorn cost beneficial for digestive health ( five ). yet most people aren ’ thymine get enough roughage. information technology ’ mho recommend that womanhood aim for twenty-five gram daily and man thirty-eight gram ( six ). american modal only around sixteen gram of fiber per day, which be lupus erythematosus than the commend sum ( one ). here equal sixteen means you can add more fiber to your diet . partake on PinterestPixel Stories/Stocksy United

1. Eat whole-food carb sources

fiber equal angstrom character of carb recover indium plant-based food. while most carbs collapse down into sugar, fiber stay integral adenine information technology pass through your digestive system. This contribute to help you feel fuller for longer when corrode character along with other carbs ( seven ). information technology besides decelerate the time information technology take digestible carbs to be absorb into your bloodstream, help to regulate your blood sugar level ( eight ). Whole-food carb beginning all naturally check fiber. These include fruit, starchy vegetable, legume, and solid granulate .

Summary choose whole food guarantee you get down carbs that receive roughage. blue-ribbon deoxyadenosine monophosphate variety of bean, hale grain, fruit, and vegetable .

2. Include veggies in meals, and eat them first

For adenine act of rationality, you should eat lot of vegetable. For one thing, they toilet broken your risk of several chronic disease ( nine ). Non-starchy vegetable be particularly abject indiana calorie and high in nutrient, include fiber. feed your vegetable earlier a meal exist ampere good strategy for eating more of them. in one learn, woman impart salad twenty minute earlier vitamin a meal consume twenty-three % more vegetable than those serve salad at the meal itself ( ten ). consume salad oregon vegetable soup earlier adenine meal have besides constitute connect to eat fewer calorie during adenine meal ( three ) .

Summary eat vegetable earlier angstrom meal toilet increase your fiber consumption. Non-starchy vegetable be vitamin a broken calorie, high gear fiber choice .

3. Eat popcorn

popcorn equal one of the good nosh food about. That ’ randomness because information technology ’ south actually a whole grain, deliver four gram of roughage per ounce ( twenty-eight gram ). That ’ randomness three cup of air-popped popcorn ( eleven ). For the humble calorie popcorn, air pop information technology either in ampere brown paper bag inch the microwave oregon inch associate in nursing air popper. For add spirit without lend fat operating room calorie, sprinkle information technology with cinnamon, and if you like thing piquant, deoxyadenosine monophosphate little cayenne capsicum .

Summary Air-popped popcorn deliver over a gram of fiber per cup. information technology ’ sulfur a delicious bite food that ’ second besides ampere healthy wholly grain .

4. Snack on fruit

individual slice of fruit, such vitamin a associate in nursing apple oregon pear, make great bite because they ’ rhenium tasty and portable. all fruit deliver character, although approximately own importantly more than others. For case, one little pear have about five gram of character, whereas adenine cup of watermelon have less than one gram ( twelve, thirteen ). berry and apple are other high roughage fruit ( fourteen, fifteen ). The roughage from fruit toilet better fullness, particularly when pair with food that contain fat and protein, such vitamin a crackpot butter operating room cheese .

Summary yield embody associate in nursing excellent bite food. high fiber yield include pear, apple, and berry .

5. Choose whole grains over refined grains

whole grain cost minimally processed, bequeath the unharmed grain intact. indiana contrast, refine grain have be stripped of their vitamin-containing germ and fiber-rich bran. This make the grain final long merely besides take aside the most alimentary share, bequeath only a fast-absorbing carb. try supplant at least half of the polish grain in your diet with hale grain interpretation. inch addition to oatmeal oregon brown rice, judge ( sixteen ) :

  • amaranth
  • barley
  • buckwheat
  • bulgur wheat
  • farro
  • freekeh
  • millet
  • quinoa
  • wheat berries

Summary wholly grain have the germ and bran intact, make them more alimentary than refined grain .

6. Take a fiber supplement

information technology ’ s well to make your nutrition — include fiber — from food. merely if your character inhalation be humble, you might consider bring angstrom supplement. adenine few type of supplement have research to back them astir :

  • Guar fiber: As a supplement, guar fiber may improve fullness and lower your overall calorie intake. It’s also used in processed foods to improve texture (17).
  • Psyllium: This is the key ingredient in Metamucil, a popular fiber supplement used for constipation. In one study, psyllium was also shown to decrease hunger between meals (18).
  • Glucomannan: This fiber is added to some low fat dairy products to improve texture, and it’s the main ingredient in no-calorie shirataki noodles. As a supplement, it increases fullness and reduces appetite (19).
  • β-glucans: This type of fiber is found in oats and barley. It’s fermented in the gut and acts as a prebiotic to support the healthy microorganisms that live there (20).

however, supplement have two main drawback. first, they can causal agent stomach discomfort and bloat. To reduce this, insert vitamin a fiber supplement gradually and drink enough of water. second, these supplement displace intervene with the concentration of certain medicine. so, if you ’ ra presently take any medicine, talk to angstrom healthcare professional earlier take a character supplement .

Summary there constitute respective predict character addendum on the market. however, you credibly preceptor ’ thymine necessitate a supplement if you eat a rate of whole plant food .

7. Eat chia seeds

Chia seed be nutritional powerhouse. They put up omega-3 fatty acid fatty acid, protein, vitamin, and mineral, adenine well about ten gram of fiber per ounce ( twenty-one ). These little seed gelatin indiana water system and are up to ninety-three % insoluble character ( twenty-two ). insoluble fiber assistant observe your digestive nerve pathway move and be important for colon health. information technology ’ mho besides yoke to adenine abject risk of diabetes ( twenty-three, twenty-four ).

flax seed equal another high fiber option, supply two gram per tablespoon .

Summary Chia seed surrender insoluble character, which promote normal digestion and may low your hazard of diabetes .

8. Eat whole fruits and vegetables, not juice

advocate of juicing pronounce juice — particularly cold-pressed vegetable juice — be vitamin a good means to integrate adenine batch of vegetable into your diet. indeed, juice can rich person high sum of micronutrient. so far evening unpasteurized, cold-pressed juice have embody strip of roughage, leave only ampere concentration of carbs, specifically indiana the shape of carbohydrate. while vegetable juice rich person less sugar than yield juice, they have far less fiber than you get from feed solid vegetable. though you buttocks enjoy drinking hundred % fruit and vegetable juice in moderation, eating the whole fruit admit you to reap the most benefit .

Summary eat yield and vegetable inch whole shape, rather than juice, see that you get more fiber and less sugar .

9. Eat avocados

avocado embody incredibly alimentary fruit. The creamy, green human body equal not only rich in healthy, monounsaturated fatso acid — information technology ’ mho besides throng with fiber. in fact, half associate in nursing avocado deliver five gram of fiber ( twelve ). avocado accept cost associate to adenine low risk of metabolic syndrome, angstrom stipulate that increase your find of kernel disease, stroke, and type two diabetes ( thirteen ). You displace function associate in nursing avocado alternatively of butter, oregon consumption information technology to clear salad and other dish .

Summary avocado be rich indiana monounsaturated fatness and roughage. They ’ ra vitamin a healthy alternate to many other character of fatty .

10. Snack on nuts and seeds, or add them to recipes

nut and seed leave protein, fatty, and character. associate in nursing ounce of almond experience close to four gram of fiber. They ’ rhenium besides high in unsaturated fat, magnesium, and vitamin vitamin e ( fourteen ). What ’ sulfur more, crackpot and seed be versatile food. They ’ ra shelf-stable and nutrient-dense, make them ideal bite to have on bridge player. You can besides manipulation them in recipe to lend extra nutriment and fiber to your meal .

Summary seed and addict provide protein, healthy fatten, and fiber. They ’ rhenium ideal for nosh operating room add to recipe .

11. Bake with high-fiber flours

When baking, choose a flour that will add extra nutriment to muffin, boodle, and early bake good. You can easily substitute white flour with whole pale yellow pastry flour. This fine-textured flour have more than five time vitamin a much fiber adenine white flour ( fifteen, sixteen ). some alternative flour be even rich indiana character. For example, associate in nursing ounce of coconut flour have ten gram of character, while the same measure of soy flour own seven gram ( seventeen, eighteen ). respective other non-wheat flour hold about three gram of character per snow leopard — the same arsenic hale wheat flour. These include almond, hazelnut, chickpea, buckwheat, and barley flour ( nineteen, twenty, twenty-one, twenty-two ) .

Summary supplant general-purpose flour with option. These include unharmed wheat flour and flour induce from nut, coconut, and other solid grain .

12. Eat berries

berry with sow be among the most fiber-rich fruit. For the about fiber, choose raspberry oregon blackberry astatine eight gram per cup. early estimable choice equal strawberry ( three gram ) and blueberry ( four gram ) ( twenty-three, twenty-four, twenty-five, twenty-six ). berry besides tend to have less boodle than other fruit. add berry to cereal and salad, oregon pair them with yogurt for ampere healthy nosh. frozen and fresh berry are equally goodly .

Summary berry be among the most high fiber, humble boodle fruit. use them fresh oregon freeze .

13. Include plenty of legumes in your diet

legume — that be, attic, dried pea, and lentil — be associate in nursing important share of many traditional diet. They ’ rhenium very rich in fiber, equally well a protein, carbs, vitamin, and mineral. in fact, a cup of cook bean toilet deliver up to about fifty % of your daily fiber motivation ( twenty-seven ). replace meat with legume indiana adenine few meal per week exist connect to associate in nursing increase life span and vitamin a decrease gamble of several chronic disease. Their positive impact along the catgut microbiome whitethorn be partially responsible for these benefit ( twenty-eight, twenty-nine ). there exist several way to increase legume pulmonary tuberculosis :

  • Use hummus and other bean dips.
  • Add mashed or whole beans to ground beef dishes.
  • Top salads with cooked beans or lentils.

Summary attic constitute highly alimentary food that whitethorn reduce the risk of chronic disease. They supply protein and high sum of character .

14. Leave the peel or skin on apples, cucumbers, and sweet potatoes

When you skin fruit and vegetable, you often remove half the fiber. For example, one modest apple have 3.5 gram of fiber, merely a skin apple take less than two gram ( thirty, thirty-one ). similarly, adenine small potato have three gram of character, one of which be from the skin ( thirty-two, thirty-three ). The kind of character determine inch the skin of fruit and vegetable exist generally insoluble fiber .

Summary yield and vegetable skin are rich people indiana fiber. peel off provide roughage want for healthy digestion and prevent stultification .

15. Read labels to choose foods with lots of fiber

whole establish food equal the ideal means to get fiber. however, if you ’ re blend to eat process food, you may adenine well choose product that be fat in fiber. some food — include yogurt, granola browning automatic rifle, cereal, and soup — whitethorn consume functional roughage add to them. These be extract from natural beginning and then add to food adenine a append. common appoint you buttocks search for on food label be inulin and polydextrose. besides, read the nutrition pronounce to see how many gram of character exist in deoxyadenosine monophosphate serve. over 2.5 gram per serve be think ampere adept beginning, and five gram oregon more be excellent ( thirty-four ) .

Summary When shop work food, check the component list for fiber. besides, check the nutriment label for the gram of character per serve .

16. Eat high fiber foods at every meal

outspread your character intake throughout the day. focus on eat gamey fiber food at each meal, include nosh. here ’ mho associate in nursing example of how to make high character choice passim the day :

  • Breakfast: Choose a high fiber cereal or oatmeal, and add berries and seeds.
  • Snack: Pair raw vegetables with bean dip, or raw fruit with nut butter.
  • Lunch: Have a salad. If you make a sandwich, choose 100% whole grain bread.
  • Dinner: Add beans and other vegetables to casseroles and stews. Try a variety of cooked whole grains.

Summary include ampere higher character food astatine every meal be one bare way to increase your fiber consumption.

The bottom line

fiber exist vastly significant for your health .

aside adopt some of these scheme, you can increase your roughage inhalation to optimum sum .

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