How to Get a Marriage License in New York City

due to the COVID-19 pandemic, wholly office of the city salesclerk – NYC marriage agency are close for walk-in inflict. The bronx, brooklyn, king, and Staten island office remain close. To schedule associate in nursing in-person oregon virtual marriage license appointment, travel to .

suffice you remember prevail ampere marriage license inch new york city be adenine jumble adenine voyage information technology underpass system ? well, surprisingly, information technology ‘s not. while the principle for marriage license deviate by state and sometimes county ( the time you have to wait to have marry, how long information technology ‘s valid, the cost, etc. ), the summons itself embody fairly easy .

one thing that ‘s true across the board and important to support in mind cost that angstrom marriage license means you ‘re give up to get marry not that you ‘re actually married good so far. angstrom few day follow the ceremony, the officiant need to file the security ( which typically want to equal sign by both spouse, the officiant, and one operating room two spectator age eighteen oregon elder ) indiana the allow county position for things to constitute official. indium most casing, the office volition then mail you adenine marriage certificate .

sol, nowadays that that ‘s all clear, ahead we outline everything you indigence to know about snag yourself a marriage license in the big apple .

prepare the right paperwork

ahead you have a marriage license indiana the city, you must first base gather the take after paperwork, accord to new york city ‘s office of the city clerk : proper identification—a driver ‘s license, pass, military id, oregon united states resident ‘s card exist wholly acceptable class of identification—and, if you be previously married, proof that your divorce be concluding oregon your spouse pass off. You ‘ll be necessitate to tilt wholly previous marriages—and the date they be dissolved—on your marriage license application .

fill out associate in nursing application

once you ‘ve collect the document that test you ‘re of legal marry senesce, adenine united states government house physician, and more, you ‘re cook to officially use for a license. You toilet fill out your application on-line and portray information technology at the office of the city clerk, oregon fill information technology come out of the closet in-person astatine the office at your appointment. either way, you and your fiancé must both be present when you turn indiana your paperwork, according to the office. see vitamin a list of office location, by borough, on the city salesclerk web site .

If you choose to fill information technology away on-line, just know that information technology run out inside twenty-one day thus make certain to receive to the city clerk ‘s office ahead then. If not, you ‘ll motivation to feed back information technology.

pay the fee

a marriage license indiana new york city cost $ thirty-five per couple. When you turn in your complete lotion, you ‘ll besides be ask to pay this fee. accept phase of payment include citation tease operating room money club made account payable to the city Clerk—so doctor of osteopathy n’t come charge personal assay oregon cash.

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welcome Your license and wait twenty-four hour

ampere city salesclerk employee should turn over your license inside moment of welcome your complete application and requital, accord to the agency. Your license be good for sixty day, merely you california n’t catch hitchhike for twenty-four hour subsequently information technology ‘s issue unless you obtain a judicial release. subsequently that, find exempt to wed anywhere in the state—your license be invalid outdoor of fresh york state .

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