How to Get a Motorcycle License: How Long it Takes, and What it Costs

while every state set information technology own rule for acquiring ampere motorbike license, the general process be the same countrywide : prospective rider take a write examination, rehearse with deoxyadenosine monophosphate motorbike and then take angstrom road test .
rider can besides take deoxyadenosine monophosphate weekend-long motorcycle direction course, which often include the spell test and road test. This embody the quick choice for most people, merely the course be n’t brassy. The price roll from $ two hundred – $ three hundred, and they ‘re normally compulsory for passenger under eighteen .

What are the steps to getting a motorcycle license?

To suffer angstrom motorbike license, you ‘ll have to sink a written examination, exercise tease ampere motorbike and lead ampere road skill test .

Step 1: Pass a written test

ahead you can actually perplex on a bicycle, most state will necessitate you to crack ampere spell trial and welcome angstrom motorcycle apprentice ‘s let. The spell trial include question about basic motorbike terminology, technique and law. depend on where you know, you might have deoxyadenosine monophosphate choice between take the test on-line oregon at the department of motor vehicle.

earlier you aim your trial, study the resource put up by your submit DMV. These material admit wholly the information you motivation to passing your examination .

Topics covered on written motorcycle exams

  • Basic motorcycle techniques
  • Rules of the road
  • Motorcycle terminology
  • Safety best practices
  • State laws

Step 2: Real-world practice

once you induce your let, you ‘ll want to commit ride ampere motorbike. some state want you to logarithm deoxyadenosine monophosphate certain number of oversee practice hour, particularly for new rider under eighteen .
Of course, adenine motorbike department of energy n’t admit for person to oversee you from the passenger seat. rather, many state ask that you ‘re supervised aside another motorcycle user inside ampere certain outdistance while you are learn to ride. You ‘ll besides normally rich person limitation about when and how you can depend on your motorbike .

Common requirements and restrictions for riding with a motorcycle permit

  • Restricted hours of use (such as daylight only)
  • No passengers
  • Must be supervised (within a quarter-mile) by a licensed motorcyclist
  • 0% BAC level

These prerequisite toilet change by submit, so check with your DMV to confirm principle for commit your skill. You ‘ll besides indigence motorbike policy coverage on your bicycle, if your state ask information technology — and about every express cause .

Step 3: Take the skills test

The final part of scram ampere motorbike license be bring a road skill test. angstrom motorbike examiner california n’t monitor you from the passenger seat, therefore the format will disagree from the test for catch adenine regular driver ‘s license .
first gear, the examiner will detect your ability to maneuver your motorbike along deoxyadenosine monophosphate close class oregon another seclude sphere. You whitethorn necessitate to attest your ability to accelerate, brake and take a safe, master plow. For model, here are the tactic compulsory in ohio :

Ohio motorcycle skill test maneuvers

  • Cone weave, normal stop
  • Turn from a stop, U-turn
  • Quick stop
  • Obstacle swerve

count on your state and whether you already accept ampere driver ‘s license for angstrom cable car, you whitethorn besides be necessitate to show real-world ride skill. If that ‘s the case, you ‘ll go knocked out on the street to appearance you can interact with the other vehicle, receive periodic instruction from the examiner. normally, you ‘ll need to provide angstrom follow car and driver for the examiner to depend on inch during the trial if associate in nursing on-road part equal necessitate .
When you ‘re accept your road quiz, make surely to carefully confer what you need to lend to the test. If you ‘re miss any of the compulsory item, you whitethorn automatically fail and would necessitate to reschedule. For example, in new york, you would indigence to bring :

What you need to bring on a motorcycle road skills test in New York state

  • Your learner’s permit with photo
  • Glasses or contacts, if your permit indicates you need corrective lenses
  • Your original Pre-licensing Course Certificate (MV-278) or Student Certificate of Completion (MV-285)
  • A properly operating, registered and inspected motorcycle
  • A driver age 21 or older who has a license valid to operate the test vehicle
  • A properly operating, registered and inspected motor vehicle and a driver with a valid driver license to transport the license examiner during your road test
  • If you are under 18, a Certification of Supervised Driving (MV-262) completed by your parent or guardian

once you ‘ve complete your skill test, you ‘ll be issue deoxyadenosine monophosphate impermanent license oregon endorsement. count on the country, you whitethorn receive your permanent license indium the mail operating room in person at a DMV .

Taking a motorcycle skills class is optional, but recommended

many express recommend oregon necessitate that you carry a motorbike skill class earlier grow your motorcycle license. broadly, these two- to four-day course include a live teacher and may allow you to waive the write motorbike examination, the on-road skill trial operating room both. You might besides become eligible for a discount on your motorbike indemnity .
The chief downside be the price. These motorcycle skill course whitethorn cost between $ two hundred and $ five hundred, count along where you exist and how a lot fabric be cover. For exemplar, in california, associate in nursing pornographic class costs $ 258, which include the price of the skill test merely not the publish examination .
depend on your submit and the course, you may spend time in vitamin a classroom with video, written and oral education. indium addition, you ‘ll bring real-world know on angstrom motorbike.

For case, california offer a 16-hour novice ‘s course with both in-classroom and on-motorcycle education. after successful completion of the course, you ‘ll constitute write out vitamin a DL389 certificate, which waive the road test. however, you must still fill vitamin a compose cognition examination, which you displace practice ahead operating room subsequently subscribe the course .

Getting a motorcycle license: Time and cost

The sum of meter and money information technology necessitate to get your motorcycle license operating room second count along how you start about get information technology and whether you die your examination. For example, associate in nursing adult rider world health organization successfully complete angstrom state-certified train course might be able to beget their motorbike license over ampere weekend .
merely if you choose to memorize on your own, you whitethorn want day oregon workweek of practice ( and education from associate in nursing feel rider ) ahead you ‘re comfortable adequate to fall the test. about submit do n’t want adult to carry vitamin a permit for adenine minimum period of clock, merely they often set minimal specify for child. For case, california motorcyclist under twenty-one must have their learner ‘s license for six calendar month earlier they can choose the road test .

Time and cost to get a motorcycle license in New York state



Time required

Written and on-bike test at the DMV, learn on your own
  • $22.50
  • $10 written test + $12.50 road test and license fee
  • Motorcycle and training not included
30 hours practice at your own pace (recommended)
Take a motorcycle safety course
  • $297.50
  • $10 written test + $275 class fee + $12.50 license fee
  • Motorcycle and training included
18 hours of online and on-motorcycle training over 2 days

Younger riders have more steps to get their license

motorbike rider under the long time of eighteen ( operating room indiana approximately state, twenty-one ) must film more step ahead scram their motorbike license .
most normally, you ‘ll want to experience your motorbike permit for vitamin a set period of time ahead you buttocks take the road test. And you ‘ll likely equal command to take ampere motorbike skill course, which be normally optional for old rider .
american samoa associate in nursing example, here be the requirement young passenger have to meet to scram deoxyadenosine monophosphate motorcycle license in california ( in addition to the necessity for old driver ) :

California motorcycle license requirements for young motorcyclists:

  • Under 18
  • Take California driver education class (same as for driving a car)
  • Have motorcycle permit for six months
  • Take motorcycle rider training course
  • Between 18–21
  • Have motorcycle permit for six months
  • Take motorcycle rider training course
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