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country farm has the cheapest cable car indemnity quotes for first-time drivers — rates are 64 % cheaper than average .
The average monetary value of a minimum-coverage policy is $3,454 per year for an 18-year-old driver, while a 30-year-old can expect to pay $1,118 per year .
First-time drivers can get the best rates by getting a complimentary on-line policy quotation to compare quotes from multiple companies .

How to get car insurance for the first time

When buy car indemnity for the beginning time, you will need to :

  1. Gather personal and vehicle information
  2. Decide how much coverage you need
  3. Get online quotes or work with an insurance agent
  4. Compare quotes to make sure you’re getting the best deal

What do you need to get car insurance for the first time?

When you ‘re shopping for quotes, you will need some personal information for you and anyone else listed on the policy :

  • Driver’s license
  • Date of birth
  • Address
  • Occupation
  • Marital status
  • Education level
  • Driving history
  • Insurance history

You will besides need details about your fomite, including the year, make and model .
Some of this information — like driving history and localization — will affect the monetary value of insurance for first-time drivers .
When comparing car insurance quotes, write down the reference numbers so you can come back to them later .
Keep in mind that you ‘ll normally need to sign up for a policy within a few weeks to get the price you ‘re quoted. Prices wo n’t normally change much, but you could see rates go up if you have a change in your credit score or get a ticket. { “ backgroundColor ” : ” ice ”, ” subject ” : ” \u003C\/p\u003E\n\n\u003Cp\u003EWhen comparing car policy quotes, \u003Cstrong\u003Ewrite down the reference numbers\u003C\/strong\u003E so you can come back to them later.\u003C\/p\u003E\n\n\u003Cp\u003EKeep in mind that you ‘ll normally need to sign up for a policy within a few weeks to get the monetary value you ‘re quoted. Prices wo n’t normally change much, but you could see rates go up if you have a change in your credit score or get a ticket.\n ”, ” padding ” : ” double ” }

How to get car insurance before buying a car

Some dealerships may offer to sell you insurance during the car-buying process. however, the indemnity they offer is typically identical expensive, so it ‘s significant to compare other quotes to ensure you ‘re getting the cheapest rate. indemnity companies require you to provide your car ‘s vehicle identification phone number ( VIN ) to purchase a policy. however, you can get a quote from most companies without the VIN — you ‘ll just need to provide the make, model and year of the cable car you ‘re planning to purchase. Once you ‘ve chosen a cable car, you can contact the insurance company to provide the VIN and pay for your policy .
If you ‘re not planning on buying a car but occasionally drive person else ‘s vehicle, you can purchase nonowner cable car indemnity. This type of policy can protect you financially if you cause an accident, but it wo n’t pay for any damage to the vehicle you ‘re driving .

First-time driver insurance cost

The cost of indemnity for a first-time driver varies significantly based on their senesce. On average, cable car indemnity for 18-year-old first-time drivers cost $288 per month for a minimum-coverage policy, which is $195 per month more than a 30-year-old first-time driver pays for the same coverage .
First-time driver car insurance by company
18-year-old 30-year-old State Farm has the cheapest car indemnity quotes for 18-year-old first-time drivers. A minimum-coverage policy costs $ 1,533 per year, which is 56 % cheaper than average .
Graph comparing car insurance rates for an 18-year-old first-time driver
Full-coverage cable car insurance is besides more low-cost from State Farm. At $ 3,243 per class, a policy is 66 % cheaper than modal .
18-year-old State Farm has the cheapest car indemnity quotes for 18-year-old first-time drivers. A minimum-coverage policy costs $ 1,533 per year, which is 56 % cheaper than average .
Full-coverage cable car policy is besides more low-cost from State Farm. At $ 3,243 per class, a policy is 66 % cheaper than average .
30-year-old State Farm offers the cheap cable car policy quotes for 30-year-old first-time drivers. A minimum-coverage policy costs $ 566 per class — approximately half the price of the average policy for these drivers .
Graph comparing car insurance rates for a 30-year-old first-time driver
The cheapest full-coverage indemnity besides comes from State Farm. At $ 1,360 per class, a policy is $ 1,295 per class less than average. Find Cheap First Time Car Insurance in Your Area

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Average annual minimum-coverage rates

Why first-time drivers pay more for car insurance than experienced drivers

feel drivers pay far less than new drivers because insurance companies consider them lower risks for getting into an accident or filing a title .
Driving experience is one of the most important factors when it comes to setting car policy rates .
however, there are many factors that affect the price of car indemnity for new drivers, including location, demographic profile, driving history and experience .

Finding cheap car insurance for first-time drivers

Drivers can find brassy car indemnity by :

How to shop for car insurance

We recommend comparing quotes from multiple car insurance companies to determine which company offers the brassy indemnity quotes for first-time drivers .
While first-time drivers normally have higher car indemnity quotes than more experience drivers, you can inactive save by comparing insurers. different companies use different factors when calculating your rates, and some of the more well-known indemnity companies may not necessarily offer the lowest possible rates .
It ‘s easy to gather insurance quotes online. however, an independent indemnity agent may provide you with multiple quotes and help you select the right coverage limits .
last, make sure you ‘re taking advantage of every car policy deduction available to you when looking for bum first-time car policy. sometimes you can see these discounts through a company ‘s on-line quotation tool, but you may be eligible for flush more discounts if you talk to an indemnity agent before finalizing your quote .

Selecting the right amount of coverage

One room to save money on car policy is to buy only arsenic much as is necessity for your situation. It ‘s crucial to understand the different types of coverage, requirements and how much car indemnity you in truth need. Otherwise, you ‘re paying out of pocket for unnecessary expenses .
We recommend purchasing deoxyadenosine monophosphate much coverage as you can afford so that you ‘re protected if you cause a major accident. First-time drivers shopping for the bum policy potential may consider purchasing minimum liability coverage. however, it could cost you more in the farseeing run if you cause significant price or injuries to another driver .

Improving factors that affect insurance rates for first-time drivers

many factors affect car policy rates for first-time drivers. Some of them ca n’t be controlled, such as historic period and placement. But there are significant factors, like your citation grade, that you can take steps to improve over the long term to potentially lower your indemnity rates .
If you have a depleted credit score, insurers think you are more likely to file higher claims, leading to higher car indemnity costs in many states. Drivers can raise their credit scores by making credit payments on time and utilizing only a humble helping of the credit available to them. An increase in your credit sexual conquest could result in more low-cost car policy payments .
Gaining driving experience and being a safe driver will besides result in insurance companies charging you less .

Frequently asked questions

How much is insurance for a first-time driver?

Two of the most important price factors for you as a first-time driver are your historic period and the sum of coverage you choose. An 18-year-old first-time driver can expect to pay an average of $3,454 per year for a minimum-coverage policy, while a 30-year-old first-time driver pays $1,118 per year for the lapp coverage, on average.

Do you need insurance to buy a car?

Yes, car dealerships will not let you drive your raw cable car off of the distribute without proof of insurance. In addition, if you ‘re financing or leasing your car, you ‘ll probably be required to purchase comprehensive examination and collision coverage to protect your new car against price.

Why is car insurance so expensive for young drivers?

young drivers have less experience behind the roulette wheel. That means that they ‘re more probable to get into an accident and file a claim with the policy company. indemnity companies charge young drivers higher rates to compensate for the higher likelihood that they ‘ll file a claim.

How will buying auto insurance help you?

Having an car insurance policy helps drivers in a few different ways. Most states require drivers to purchase a minimum sum of insurance, so having a policy will keep you from receiving a ticket or fine if you ‘re pulled over. car insurance protects you financially if you ‘re sued after causing damage or injuring person in an accident. In accession, full-coverage indemnity can help pay to repair damage to your own car, regardless of who is at blame .


To compare car insurance quotes for first-time drivers, we analyzed car indemnity quotes from ZIP codes across Texas. Our sample distribution driver was a single male who drives a 2015 Honda Civic EX with an average citation sexual conquest and no drive feel. The alone parameter that changed was the driver ‘s age, which was either 18 or 30 years honest-to-god .
Quotes are based on the follow coverage limits :


Minimum coverage

Full coverage

Bodily injury liability $30,000/$60,000 $50,000/$100,000
Property damage liability $25,000 $25,000
Uninsured/underinsured motorist property damage waived $50,000/$100,000
Comprehensive and collision waived $500 deductible

ValuePenguin ‘s analysis used insurance rate data from Quadrant Information Services. These rates were publicly sourced from insurance company filings and should be used for comparative purposes only — your own quotes may be different .

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