How to Buy Games on Meta (Oculus) Quest 2

What to Know

  • From headset: Oculus button on right touch controller > store icon > game you want > price button > Purchase
  • In app: Quest/Quest2 must be displayed > Store > game you want > price button > Purchase.
  • Games bought through the desktop app will typically play on your PC but require you to tether your Quest 2.

This article explains how to buy new games on your Meta Quest 2 .

How to Buy Games for Quest 2 From the Headset in VR

If you ’ re already in VR and you want to get into a new game fast, the best means is to buy a game through the Quest 2 shopfront. You can access the store at any time by pressing the Oculus push button on your right Oculus touch restrainer and selecting the storehouse icon from the Toolbar. a long as you ’ ve already added a payment method acting for Oculus purchases through the mobile or background app in the past, you can purchase games directly from the Quest 2 memory without leaving VR.

The Oculus background app besides has a shopfront, but it ’ s focused on Rift and Rift S games. You can buy games through that app and play them when your Quest 2 is tethered to a VR-ready personal computer, but you won ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate be able to play them on an untethered Quest 2 unless it specifies in the game details that it ‘s cross-buy compatible. here ’ s how to buy a bet on from the Quest 2 store in VR :

  1. Press the Oculus button on your right affect restrainer to bring up the Toolbar, and select the store ( the patronize base ) .
    The store icon (orange shopping bag) highlighted on the Quest 2 toolbar.

  2. Scroll through the number of games, use the search field to look for a specific bet on, or select a filter on the right like genre .
    Genre highlighted in the Quest 2 store filters.
    You can besides select the search field and type the appoint of a particular game, or scroll down to see a choose of deals and recommended games .
  3. Narrow your search by selecting a genre option .
    The genre options highlighted in the Quest 2 store.

  4. Locate and select a game you want .
    Rez Infinite highlighted in the Quest 2 store.

  5. Select the blue price button .
    The blue price icon highlighted in a game listing in Quest VR.

  6. Select Purchase .
    Purchase highlighted in the Quest 2 store.

  7. Your default payment method acting will be charged, and the bet on will be added to your library .

How to Buy Games for Quest 2 Through the Mobile App

The Quest 2 shopfront is commodious if you ’ rhenium already in VR, but the mobile app lets you check out newly games and make purchases whenever you want. If you ’ re a rear, and you have Oculus game sharing set up with your teens, the mobile app is a capital way to buy games for them without having to get into VR yourself.

If you have other headsets connected to your app, like a Rift or Rift S, make sure that the app says Oculus/Oculus 2 in the upper good corner. If it doesn ’ thyroxine, tap the name of the headset that is shown there and blue-ribbon Oculus/Oculus 2. If you don ’ metric ton, you could end up buying games for the wrong platform .

  1. In the Meta Quest app on your telephone, tap Store .

  2. Locate a game you want to buy .
    You can tap the magnify glass name and type the list of a plot, or scroll down to view different categories.

  3. Tap the game you want .
    Store, Search icon, and Zenith highlighted in the Oculus app store.

  4. Tap the blue price button .

  5. Tap Purchase .
    Price button and Purchase highlighted in the Oculus app store.

  6. Your default option payment method will be charged, and the game will be added to your Quest 2 library .

How to Buy Games for Meta ( Oculus ) Quest 2

The Quest 2 has a built-in shopfront you can access in virtual reality ( VR ), so you can buy games, download them, and leap right into the action without taking off your headset. The mobile app besides includes the lapp shopfront, which allows you to browse Quest 2 games at your leisure when you aren ’ thyroxine in VR, make purchases, and queue games for download. If you buy a Quest 2 game through the mobile app shop, it will download the adjacent time you turn on your headset and connect it to the internet .

What Is eye Quest Cross Buy ?

Cross buy is a feature that lets you buy certain games one time and then play them in both tethered and untethered modality. When you buy a crippled in the Quest 2 store, you typically lone get access to the Quest 2 translation of the game. similarly, when you buy a game from the Oculus background app store, you typically only get access to the desktop version of the game, which you can play with a Rift, Rift S, or tethered Quest 2 .

If a game is marked hybridization buy, you can buy it on the Quest 2 store and besides get access to the desktop version, or buy it through the background app and besides get access to the Quest 2 adaptation. Meta maintains a list of intersect buy games, but the safest way to make certain a game will actually work on your Quest 2 is to buy it through the Quest 2 storehouse in VR or the mobile app with Quest/Quest 2 selected as the active headset .


  • Does the Meta Quest 2 come with games?

    Yes, the Quest 2 comes with a few preinstalled games, but they are barely technical school demos, so you ‘ll want to download more games ampere soon as you can.

  • What cards can you use to buy games for Meta (Oculus) Quest 2?

    You can use any major recognition or debit card ( Visa, Mastercard, etc. ) or even your PayPal account to buy Quest 2 games. You can change your Meta Quest payment method acting at any fourth dimension.

  • Can I play Steam VR games on my Meta (Oculus) Quest 2?

    Yes. To play Steam VR games on the Meta Quest 2, connect a compatible USB cable to your personal computer and headset. Turn on the Quest, choice Continue on the enable Meta ( Oculus ) Link pop-up book on your personal computer, then put on the headset and blue-ribbon Enable Oculus Link.

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