Apply for SNAP benefits (food stamps)

SNAP eligibility is based on who is in the family, income and certain expenses. “ Eligibility ” means who can and can ’ metric ton get the benefit. Check your eligibility in 30 seconds using our confidential screener or see the chart below. If you aren ’ metric ton certain if you are eligible, give ! Our staff will talk to you and make a decisiveness based on the rules. If you are approved, SNAP will go back to the date you applied .
SNAP is not share of a public agitate examination. If you are not a U.S. citizen or eligible immigrant, it is condom for you to apply and get SNAP for an eligible family member ( like a U.S. citizen child ) .

  • What counts as income?

     DTA counts income from most sources, such as wages, cash assistance, Social Security, unemployment insurance, and child support. When you apply, tell DTA about any money you earn or is given to you.

  • Who is in a SNAP Household?

    A household includes anyone you buy and cook most of your meals with. If your spouse or child(ren) under 22 live with you, they must be included in your household (even if you do not buy and make meals with them).


SNAP Eligibility Chart
Household Size

Maximum Monthly Income (before taxes)

Maximum Monthly  SNAP Amount*
1 $2,265 $250
2 $3,052 $459
3 $3,838 $658
4 $4,625 $835
5 $5,415 $992
6 $6,198 $1,190
7 $6,985 $1,316
8 $7,772 $1,504
Each additional person + $787 + $188

* Your family may receive a different monthly total, depending on income and expenses. During COVID-19 all households get at least the maximum come .
Need help because of a disability?
Tell us if you need help to understand or do something we ask because of a health problem or disability. This could be a genial, physical, sensational, learn, intellectual, cognitive or developmental problem. We may be able to give you extra aid or adjust a rule. This is called an accommodation. Call a Client Assistance Coordinator at 617-123-4567 for assistant.

Language Help
The SNAP application is available in many languages. DTA besides has interpreters in over 100 languages to help you in-person or over the call .
Can someone help me apply for SNAP benefits?
Yes. You can ask a acquaintance, family member, or community spouse to help you apply for SNAP .
Name an Authorized Representative
You can ask person you trust to apply for you and/or go food patronize for you. That person is your authorize representative. This function is normally given to person who can help you complete applications and renewals and use your SNAP benefits on an ongoing basis. You can decide how much assistant you need. You may change your empower spokesperson at any fourth dimension .
Tell us who your authorize representative is in your application. You and your empower spokesperson will need to fill out the Request to Choose Someone to Be My Authorized Representative form. You can upload these forms to DTA Connect .
What if I have safety concerns or other issues because of domestic violence?
If you are dealing with the impacts of domestic violence, DTA can help. The domestic Violence ( DV ) Unit can help address base hit concerns and other impacts of domestic ferocity. Find your local DV specialist. If it is an hand brake or after hours, call SAFELINK at 877-785‐2020 .
When Applying

  • You can apply with just your name, address, and signature. But, the more information you tell us in the application, the easier it is for us to process your application quickly.

  • We will tell you what information or


    you need to give us once we get your application.

  • Do not wait to apply – benefits go back to the date of application if you are approved.

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