How to remove fake tanner from hands (8 easy methods)

The quick weather is finally here. People are starting to address their pale winter bark by applying some talk through one’s hat tan to give it that subtle golden glow .
however, we don ’ thymine always apply the perfective tangent and there is often a copulate of common mistakes we make which can give us a blotched or streaked look .
One of the most coarse tell-tale signs is the fear patchy hands. This happens for a few reasons which are explained below .
If you find yourself in this site, then you ’ re in luck. There are ways you can remove fake tan from your hands using chiefly family items.

We ’ ve listed some of the easiest and most effective methods below, so read on to find out more !

Why am I getting blotchy hands ?

There can be a match of reasons as to why you possibly be getting patchy hands, so before we talk about how the talk through one’s hat tan can be removed, we ’ ll discuss some of these reasons .

Applying too much self-tanner

The clamber on your hands naturally has more dead skin than the rest of your body. This is because they are often refer things, causing the clamber to dislodge, and shed .
The resultant role ? A dark tan on your hands than early parts of the body. This is chiefly because the DHA colours dead bark cells, and there are a lot more dead peel cells on the upper layer of your hands .
The remedy ? Use less on your hands than you would on the rest of your body. If your hands go dark than other body parts then it makes sense to use less .

Applying the tan in a rush

Most people apply the tan to their legs first gear, then their consistency and arms. The hands are about always the final separate to be done .
This means the hands are much rushed. After spending 20 minutes applying your tangent, you precisely want to finish and get on with your day. Besides the hands aren ’ thymine as important anyway…
well, when people apply their forge tan in a haste that ’ s when you see a patchy lotion. It ’ mho because you don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate apply it evenly, and you may apply excessively much ( See above sharpen ! )
The esprit de corps of the history ? Take your time !

Not using a mitt when applying

probably the most common campaign of blotchy hands comes from not using the correct equipment .
frequently people forget to buy the tan baseball glove, or they don ’ t have it to hand. They apply their juke tan without a baseball glove and their hands turn blotchy .
Using a tanning hand is all-important for ensuring an even application on the body and hands alike .

How to remove fake tanner from your hands

1) Use bath oil

Using bathroom vegetable oil is a great way to get rid of your fudge tan. The oil breaks down the DHA on your skin meaning you just need to wash your skin afterwards to get rid of the amphetamine layer of tan .
If you want to get rid of an stallion tangent you can take a bath. But if you ’ re barely targeting your hands, then merely rub your hands with bathtub or baby vegetable oil. then, leave it to sit on your hands for 5-10 minutes before washing them. This should create an even slice of your bogus tan .
To get rid of refractory parts it ’ s recommended to besides use an exfoliator when rubbing the vegetable oil off .

2) Glycolic Acid

Like pamper petroleum, Glycolic acid causes DHA to separate from the skin. This means it will begin to fade, and you only need to wash your hands afterwards to lift that tangent wholly .
The best direction to do this is to put some Glycolic Acid onto some face wipes and wipe the parts of your hands which have the blotchy tan .
The tan will instantaneously look lighter, and if you want to go further you can wash your hands with warm water system and lightly exfoliate .

3) Lemon Juice

Lemon Juice international relations and security network ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate recommended if you want to remove tan on a identical large area. This is chiefly because of the swerve amount of gamboge juice required to remove a full body ’ s worth of tan !
But if you have a small area ( Like your hands ) that needs to be removed then this is perfective for you .
equitable make sure you test this on a small temporary hookup of skin advance to ensure it doesn ’ thyroxine irritate your skin .

Simply squeeze some lemon juice on a clean tan baseball glove or cotton pad. then add a little spot of water and microwave it for about two minutes. You can besides add some boodle to the mix to help make it more effective .
Leave it to cool slightly and then lightly rub the fabric on your hands. Make sure you pay airless attention to the clamber in between your fingers .
It ’ randomness besides important to warm the pad advance as it activates the hydroxy acids in the tangent which help it fade quicker .

4) Toothpaste

This method acting is ideal for getting in between those fingers. Simply rub some teeth whitening toothpaste in between your fingers before leaving it to penetrate for 20 minutes. once 20 minutes has passed, wash the toothpaste off with strong water .
If you want to erase a refractory bit of tan, then use an old toothbrush to scrub the area. It should do a good subcontract of erasing those dark stains .

5) Baking Soda

normally baking sodium carbonate is better for larger patches of clamber, but there is a utilitarian antic which makes it perfect for removing fake tan from your hands .
You can make a baking sodium carbonate scrub by mixing 2 tablespoons of baking sodium carbonate with a little morsel of water ( or coconut petroleum ) to form a paste .
Rub your paste over the area you want to lighten and leave it for 5-10 minutes before washing off with warm water system .
A exploiter on Reddit has claimed that you can “ Super charge ” the paste by adding a small sum of washing up fluid which is supposed to be arrant for cleaning nails and hands. The best proportion to have is around 1:1 of washing up liquid to baking pop .
If you decide to use washing up liquid, only use it on your hands and make sure to thoroughly humidify afterwards as it can dry your skin .
Below is a great exercise of person making the baking pop paste !

6) Nail Polish Remover

Nail Polish is identical effective for removing fudge sixpence. Whilst it can sometimes be harsh, using it for belittled areas means you won ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate damage your clamber excessively much .
It ’ s the acetone in breeze through polish remover which breaks down the tangent. This will besides still occur after the tan has fully set in your skin, which is why it ’ s so good for emergency situations .
Put some nail polish remover on a cotton slog and apply it to a very small partially of your peel. Wash it off soon afterwards and give it a light rub with a washcloth. You will see the tan fade straight away !

7) White vinegar

Vinegar is big at lightening your tangent. This is due to the acid in the vinegar which takes away the color of the tan and helps to dissolve it .
This is best for lightening dark patches rather than removing a whole tangent. It ’ randomness besides good for smaller patches, rather than the hale body, making it ideal for the hands .

The best way to do this, is to get any vinegar, apply it to a cotton ball and lightly dab the dark area of your clamber with the vinegar. Leave it to sit for round ten minutes before washing it off with warm body of water .

8) Exfoliate

You should always exfoliate when a tangent starts to fade. We explain in this article why that is .
It can be particularly useful when trying to even out your tan, or if you just want to erase that particularly dark piece. The best way to exfoliate is to use an exfoliation baseball glove, but there are a few other methods you can use :
Washcloth : If you want the scale to be lighter, you can use a washcloth. It ’ s more soothing and is less likely to irritate sensitive skin .
Sugar scrub : sugar is a natural exfoliant that you can make at home. You simply add boodle to cold body of water. You can besides add some vegetable oil to the desegregate and if you want to make it peculiarly soothing, why not some scented oils .

Oats:  Oats are a great natural exfoliant. Simply add oats to buttermilk ( about 2:1 proportion of buttermilk to oats ) to create a natural exfoliant you can rub into your hide. It will sooth your skin but besides remove the dead skin cells which will help to erase your tan .
As mentioned above, gamboge juice is a great way to remove your fudge tanner. so why not add some lemon juice to your exfoliant shuffle ? The sourness of the gamboge will help to remove the bogus tan .
It besides contains citric acidic and Vitamin C meaning it can help to lighten the hide and remove the bogus tan discolor .

How do I stop it happening again?

once you ’ ve managed to remove your blotchy fake tan, you might want to reapply it by and by .
Below are a few tips on how you can avoid getting a blotched tangent in the first identify, so you don ’ t have to go through tangent removal work again .

Use a barrier cream

This method works well in two ways. first, the barrier cream will hydrate your hands. Fake tan will be much blue on dry clamber. therefore, applying the sixpence with humidify hands will enormously help to keep them a ignite tinge .
second, the barrier cream will act as a film between your hands and the tan solution. This will stop some solution from penetrating and colouring your bark .

Don’t use too much

The main error people make when applying bogus tan is by directly applying talk through one’s hat sixpence to their hands. The number one rule for tanning hands is, never apply the tanner directly !
Whenever applying talk through one’s hat tan to your hands, always use leftover fake tangent from either gloves or brushes. This will stop it from overdeveloping and will keep the tan nice and light .

Use a tanning mitt

When applying the tan to the respite of your body, always try to use a tanning baseball glove. If you use your bridge player to apply the tan, it will overdevelop on your hands, and you ’ ll end up with a patchy application .
You can buy an unreal whipping hand at an low-cost price here.

The bottom line

There are plenty of ways to remove fake tan from your hands. ultimately the best method acting for your skin is using baby oil with an exfoliator. It leaves your peel in good condition without drying it out .
But if you have a peculiarly stubborn spot then any of the early methods will be a lot more effective. fair make sure you moisturise concisely afterwards as many of these methods will dry your skin .
If you want to get more tanning tips, then make sure to subscribe to our electronic mail list below. We send out a monthly newsletter with tanning tips from industry professionals, ampere well as consider and offers on our products .

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