How To Remove Eyelash Extensions at Home in 4 Simple Steps

eyelash extensions are great alternatives when you ’ rhenium tired of keeping track of falsies and want full lashes 24/7. Who wouldn ’ t want flirty and casual volume every day ? unfortunately, all effective things must come to an end ( or filled in every few weeks ). When you ’ re ready to take off your eyelash extensions, the motion remains — how do I get them off without tearing off my natural lashes ?
We ’ rhenium here to explain how to remove eyelash extensions safely to keep your lashes and eyes intact. We ’ ll besides go over how you can safely speed up the removal process at home and whether or not you should make a DIY attack. We ’ ll warn you now — the steps we ’ ll lay out will take more than a day to work since eyelash glue is reasonably hard .

Is It Safe To Remove Eyelash Extensions at Home?

Removing any type of eyelash annex at home can be insecure for many reasons. You should never pick or pull at your extensions since you put yourself at risk for infections and whip personnel casualty. You ’ ll need professional-grade eyelash glue remover to loosen the glue all at once .
even if you can get a clasp of a bottle, you likely won ’ triiodothyronine be able to get them off angstrom well as an have eyelash technical school. Lash glue remover besides stings if you get it in your eyes.

diy eyelash extension removal risks infection lash loss eye damage
The bed trace is that attempting to remove your lashes in one sitting at home will credibly do more damage than effective. Although DIY removal international relations and security network ’ t the best route, there are some things you can do at home to safely loosen your whip extensions to help them finally fall out .

1. Wash Your Face

Some ingredients in makeup removers and cleansers are capital for weakening lash glue. For example, oil-based products can break down the adhesive in the glue. These products are your worst enemy if you ’ re trying to maintain them, but your best acquaintance if you ’ re ready to separate ways with your extensions. Incorporate these products into your normal skin care routine so you don ’ triiodothyronine overwash your side .

2. Apply Steam 

steam and heat are some other elements that can loosen the lash glue in your extensions. To start, fill a roll or your sinkhole with hot water. then, drape a towel over the back of your head and list your face over the roll. This keeps your confront immersed in steam. face steams are besides naturally relaxing and cleansing, so you can add this ritual to your nightly everyday .
tip a 15 minute face steam can loose lash glue cleanse your skin and hydrate your skin
Keep your point above the bowl for about 10 to 15 minutes, but not besides close. You may get steam burns if you keep your face inches away from the roll. If you want an even simpler way to introduce steam to your face, take warm showers !

3. Use Oil

If you want to take an extra step, you can apply vegetable oil directly to your lash line. You ’ ll need to pay close attention so you don ’ thyroxine get the oil in your eyes. immediately flush your eyes if you get oil in them.

Before you start, you can put on under-eye pads to catch any lash and glue debris. Pick these up at your local beauty supply store .
Below are a match methods to apply vegetable oil to your lashes .

  • Use a cotton pad and hold it to your lashes. To do this, soak the pad with your oil of choice, keep your eyes closed, and apply to your lash line for a few minutes. 
  • Use a cotton swab or a spoolie to apply the oil directly to the lash line. Soak your tool of choice in the oil and swipe it on your lash line where the lash adhesive sits. You can leave it on overnight and wash it off in the morning.

oils that can help remove eyelash extensions
Some Pros recommend coconut vegetable oil, olive petroleum, and castor oil because of the reported benefits for eyelash growth. There international relations and security network ’ metric ton much research out there to back up those claims, but these oils are broadly considered safe to use. The benefits of olive petroleum are that it works promptly, meanwhile the benefits of coconut anoint are that it works even quicker to remove the adhesive. You can use caster anoint to keep your eyelashes thick since it works a bit slower and requires more application. Either way, using an oil based cleansing agent will start to dissolve the eyelash glue. The oil combined with the ingredients in the eyelash glue will cause it to loosen and allow the extensions to come off. It is best to do your own research to see what works best for you .
You should spot test any vegetable oil on a small part of your clamber for a few hours to check for allergic reactions. You can besides chat with your dermatologist to get safe petroleum recommendations for your clamber .

4. Apply Mascara

Oil-based mascara is another bang-up choice since you might already have this in your routine. The oils in mascara can loosen adhesive in the whip glue. Plus, it ’ s a great way to conceal stragglers while your whip extensions are slowly falling off !

How Can I Care for My Lashes After My Extensions Have Fallen Out?

You can use eyelash serums or conditioners to keep your lashes healthy and encourage emergence. You likely won ’ t see your lashes grow overnight, but long-run care is one of your best options for broad natural lashes. You should be extra gentle when applying eye makeup and avoid rubbing your eyes to give them a open frame after the whip extension .
dos and donts for natural lash care
Although these tips can make your extensions fall out fast, we highly recommend seeing your whip technical school to remove eyelash extensions. All of these still carry some gamble of shedding your natural lashes. Professional removal is the best way to avoid whip damage, loss, and infection. If you have flog extensions, find a flog technical school Pro in your vicinity to safely remove them and for more to care for your lashes .

Post-Lash Extension Removal

once you have completed the lash removal action, you can decide whether you want to get another master eyelash extension done or give yourself a break from all the coarse eyelash glue and practice impermanent options like bogus eyelashes or just take an eyelash curler to your natural lash. Regardless of the option you choose, there are many ways to enhance your eyelashes either at home or with a flog technical .

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