Your Dog Won’t Take Pills? 5 Easy Solutions for Uncooperative Pooches





Hand holding marshmallow and dog looking at it as if the dog won't take pills
Your cad won ’ t take pills ? As I pried my pawl ’ sulfur yack open to give him his music, I realized that, as a vet, prescribing the allow medication for your cad is only one-half of the struggle ! What about YOU– standing ready, holding a pill, looking at your andiron while your pawl looks back at you, both wondering who ’ s going to win ? The solution, my friend, is YOU ! As an consolidative veterinarian and ma of three dogs, here are five of my front-runner tips, tricks, and techniques for how to get your dog to take a pill .

dog opening mouth to take a pill and title your dog won't take pills? 5 easy solutions for uncooperative pooches

1. The Bribe
: For the food-motivated dog who won’t take pills

If your pawl is food motivated, this technique is the obvious option. You can merely hide the pill in :

  • a dab of peanut butter—please make sure that xylitol is not on the ingredient list! It has become a common sweetener in peanut butter, but it’s highly toxic to dogs. Also, I prefer “chunky” peanut butter because it’s easier to disguise the texture of a pill among the chunks.
  • plain yogurt
  • a cube of boneless chicken breast
  • liverwurst
  • hot dog pieces
  • Pill Pockets®—this brilliant invention is a chewy dog treat with a hole inside for the pill or capsule. You insert the medication into the pocket, and then press the malleable treat around the pill to hide the evidence. Dogs generally love them! The downside is that they are not cheap, nor something you would normally have handy in your kitchen. Pill Pockets are sold through veterinarians and pet supply stores.

Above all do no harm.
The reason I left tall mallow, cream cheese, and ice cream off my “ recommended ” tilt, is because I don ’ metric ton want to take the gamble of triggering pancreatitis through rich foods. pancreatitis in dogs is a afflictive, serious inflammatory condition of the pancreas which can be caused by a frank eating high-fat foods .
My personal front-runner “ bribe ” in which to hide pills is marshmallows ( or mini-marshmallows, depending on your pawl ’ s size ). I don ’ t worry about them causing pancreatitis, and it ’ s an cheap, low-calorie treat .
dog won't take pills so dog owner holds a marshmallow split in half with pill hidden inside and dog looking at it

2. How to get your dog to take a pill using “the bait and switch” method

For dogs who are tempted by “ The Bribe ”, but excessively smart for their own good, I employ “ The Bait and Switch ” method acting of getting dogs to take pills. This technique becomes second nature to most veterinarians who have learned the hard way—after scraping saliva-covered, largely dissolved pills off the floor after a cad has spit them out—that it ’ second very important to have success on the foremost test. Trust me, round two is ten times harder than round one, because of the state of matter of the pill and the heighten state of the andiron ’ randomness radar .
sol unless I know the cad will basically eat anything, I constantly administer pills in this manner :

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1. Hide the pill in treats/food.
2. Wash hands. ( Yes, seriously. It ’ randomness amazing how you can ruin the whole process by having the smack of medicine on your hands. Remember, a andiron ’ s sense of smell is 10,000 times better than yours. )
3. Get two more of the same treats used to hide the pill in. For model, if I ’ meter using hot chase pieces, when I ’ megabyte ready to give the pill, I approach the pawl with three blistering frank pieces–and an impeccant look.
4. Give the first regale without a pill in it. THE BAIT !
5. Give the moment dainty with the pill in it. THE SWITCH !
6. Give the third base treat without a pill in it. THE HAPPY end !

3. How to get your dog to take a pill using the “trick and treat” method

occasionally, we have to up the ante. The “ Bait and Switch ” may have run its course and your frank has become wise to your antics, or your dog never fell for it in the foremost position. To have success giving medicate to these dogs, we must employ mind games .

  • I do not recommend letting these astute dogs see you preparing the medication prior to administration. You will have to put the pills in the treats while your dog is occupied elsewhere. Do not let your dog see the medication bottle or hear it being handled. Remember the advantage of the element of surprise!
  •  Wash your hands after working with the pills. This step is critical.
  • The Goal: make your dog feel that the treat is an earned reward or special treat and there is nothing to be suspicious about. There are a few ways to do this:
    • Have your dog perform a trick or two, for which he typically earns a treat. We’ve now put him in the mindset to expect/ask for a medication-laced treat. Give the spiked treats (ideally in the “Bait and Switch” sequence) as his reward.
    • It’s key for the dog to swallow the treat rapidly, without taking time to chew. If your dog bites into the pill, certain medications like Tramadol and Metronidazole are so bitter that your dog might even foam at the mouth. To avoid this, you can toss the treats to the dog and have him catch them. Speak to your dog in a happy, excited voice and build anticipation for the treats you are about to toss, so that he eagerly snaps them up and looks for more.
  • Just like us, dogs are tempted by the forbidden. Feeding your dog his disguised medication off of a fork or spoon, or off of your own plate (strategically placed on the floor immediately after a meal) can yield uncanny success.
  • Let’s face it. Dogs read us like an open book. If you approach getting your dog to take a pill with a guilty look or even feeling guilty, your dog will be suspicious. Project confidence, joy, and fun in the “pilling” process and your dog will be more likely to be cooperative.

4. How to get your dog to take a pill using the “JAWS” method 

Disclaimer—Do not attempt this technique if you cannot utter these words with confidence: “Under no circumstances would my dog attempt to bite me.”
vet's hands holding the top and bottom jaws of dog's mouth open to demonstrate how to get your dog to take a pill as a last resort
The technique I used on my andiron tonight was the “ Jaws ” method acting. hera ’ s the technique :

  • I grasped the upper jaw just behind the canine teeth (the big fang teeth) with my thumb and first two fingers on either side, while my hand rested on the top of his nose.
  • I did the same for the lower jaw just behind the lower canine teeth.
  • Once I had my fingers safely in place, I gently (but firmly) pulled the jaws open. (My dog is a pit bull mix with exceptionally strong jaws, so this took some coaxing.)
  • As soon as the jaws were open two to three inches wide, I took the pill between my pointer finger and thumb in my dominant hand and swiftly pushed it down the tongue until I deposited it at the very base (back) of the tongue. In fact, I pushed it over a decisive edge, down the hatch.
  • As I pulled out my hand, I felt my dog swallow. He then licked his lips. At that point, I knew the mission had been successful.

Bonus Tip

The most park err people make in this technique is putting the pill ON the tongue. Unless the pill is very pleasantly flavored, the typical frump is going to spit it right out. Success depends upon getting the pill angstrom deeply as potential in the throat angstrom quickly as possible .
besides, because certain pills can cause damage to the esophagus if left to sit in the throat, I always follow the “ Jaws ” proficiency with either administration of a few treats or syringing some urine into the dog ’ south mouth .

5. Your dog still won’t take pills? Enlist an accomplice—the pharmacist

If all else fails and your frank will not take pills, while you ’ re at the vet ( check out my tips on utopian vet visits here ), ask about getting your pawl ’ randomness medicine compounded and flavored. forte pharmacies ( not the kind at grocery stores and big box stores ) can pulverize your pawl ’ mho medicine, mix it with a potent season, and provide it to you in liquid form which you can give orally via syringe or add to your pawl ’ s food. And you can have a state in that flavorer. Does your frank LOVE bacon ? citation it to your vet. There are several options, so you should stack the odds in your favor, by expressing your dog ’ mho preference if you know it .

Do you have a topple on how to get your dog to take a pill ?

Please comment below ! May we always learn from each other !

Looking for more practical ways to help your dog live the happiest, healthiest animation possible ?

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