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How to Get Poop Stains Out of Your Carpet

It does n’t matter how hard you ‘ve tried – the crap tarnish just wo n’t come clean. Let ‘s grimace it, poop stains in your rug become an center afflictive and can even pose a health hazard. Whether you ‘re sharing your home with a new baby or a new puppy, read through these elementary steps from ServiceMaster Clean to find out how to get positron emission tomography and baby dope stains out of carpet, so that you can have a glad home again.

Keep Dog Poop Stains Out of You Carpet

  • Don’t let the stain sit. Try to pick up as much of the waste as possible as fast as you can, to avoid letting the stain set in and do permanent damage to your carpet.
  • Scrape off any excess poop from the carpet fibers. Try to use a moist paper towel or baby wipe and pinch the carpet fibers to pick up as much material as you can.
  • Mix a cleaning solution of two cups cool water, one tablespoon of liquid non-bleach dish soap and one tablespoon white vinegar. Make sure the dish soap is completely free of bleach before you use it to avoid lightening or discoloring your carpet. Caution: Before trying any stain remover on your carpet, always test a small, inconspicuous area with the solution or cleaner to avoid permanently damaging or staining high-traffic sections of your carpet. Apply the cleaning solution and look for color fastness (fading or running dye) and any other type of fiber damage.
  • Spray or pour a small amount of your cleaning solution directly onto the stain. Blot at the stain until the liquid is absorbed, and repeat until you can no longer see the stain. Depending on the size of the stain, this may take effort and a lot of patience. Make sure that you don’t rub the affected area – you might make the stain worse! Remember not to oversaturate the carpet with your cleaning solution, as you might do damage to your carpet or carpet pad. (Pro tip: Consider using disposable towels or rags to blot the stain, so you can simply throw them out later.)
  • Once the stain has disappeared, spray or pour a small amount of cold water onto the area. Blot it up with a new cloth to remove any excess cleaning solution from your carpet and carpet pad.
  • Once dried, sprinkle baking soda over the area and let it sit for about 10 minutes. Then, vacuum it up and you should be left with a newly sparkling carpet!

Try as you might to keep stern and other nasty stains off your carpets, stuff happens. Try out these elementary tips to tackle messes ampere promptly as you can, and if you find you ‘re in need of a professional carpet clean, call the experts at ServiceMaster Clean. We have the right cognition, equipment and high-quality products that will get out even the toughest stains so that your carpets can look their best.

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