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Some of the objects and formatting changes that you need to add to a document are easy to find in Google doctor. But others can be quite difficult to locate, like a degree symbol .
Our template below will show you how to insert a degree symbol in Google Docs .

How to Get the Degrees Symbol on Google Docs

Use these steps when you need to put degrees symbols in your Google documents .
Total Time: 3 minutes

Step 1: Sign in to Google Drive and open your Docs file.

You can go to https : // to quickly entree your documents .

Step 2: Click in the document where you want to add the degree symbol.

select the location for the symbol .

Step 3: Select the “Insert” tab at the top of the window.

click the Insert tab Choose Insert at the circus tent of the window .

Step 4: Choose the “Special characters” option.

choose the Special characters option blue-ribbon Special characters from the dropdown menu .

Step 5: Click the “Arrows” dropdown menu.

click the Arrows dropdown menu Click the Arrows button to expand the menu .
If you ’ ve previously used this menu during your stream session, it might say something different .

Step 6: Select the “Miscellaneous” option.

select the Miscellaneous option Scroll down and choose Miscellaneous .

Step 7: Click the degree symbol to insert it.

how to insert a degree symbol in Google Docs Find and click the degree symbol to add it to the document .

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now that you know how to add a degree symbol in Google Docs you will be able to use this method any clock time a text file needs the degree symbol or any of the other symbols that are found on that same menu .
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sometimes you need to add special characters to a document that you are creating .
It might be something like an arrow or bullet train points, or superscript or subscript, but other situations could call for something a short less common, like a degree symbol .
You might even want to know how to make a fastball steer in Google Slides if you are working on a presentation .
fortunately, Google Docs provides a way to insert a kind of special characters, and a degree symbol is one of the options that ’ sulfur offered .
Our guide above has shown you how to add a academic degree symbol to Google Docs by following a few abruptly steps .
The steps above were performed in the desktop version of the Google Chrome Web browser but will work in other background browsers like Firefox or Edge, besides .
Our tutorial continues below with extra discussion about how to insert a degree symbol in Google Docs .
Our Google Drive sign in tutorial can show you more about sign in to Google drive so that you can upload and access your files .

More information on Using a Degree symbol on Google Docs

There is a Windows keyboard shortcut for inserting a degree symbol adenine well. You can press Alt + 0176 to add the symbol ampere good. Note that you need to use the numbers on your keyboard ’ s numeral computer keyboard. It won ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate work if you use the numeral row above the letters .
Symbols that you add to a document can be formatted in the lapp way as other text. You can highlight it with your mouse to select it, then you can do things like bluff it, change the color of the text, change the size of the text, and more .
You could besides choose to change the font stylus of the degree symbol, though that can cause it to look a little strange .
As you credibly noticed when you were following our instructions on how to insert a degree symbol in Google Docs, there are a short ton of early symbols available to you in Google Docs.

thus while finding the symbol and copy and pasting it from another location might be a good solution, you can besides use the search feature for the symbol instrument and see if it ’ s already available in Google ’ s word action app .
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frequently Asked Questions About the Google Docs Degree Symbol

What’s the easiest way to insert degree symbol in a Google Docs document?

We have outlined a match of different options for adding degree symbols above, but you might be looking for the easiest way to do this .
In my opinion, the easiest means to type degree symbols in a document is with the keyboard shortcut .
thus if you need to include a degree symbol in a Google document, Google Sheets, or Google Slides, then using Alt + 0176 on your keyboard ’ s numeric computer keyboard is credibly the fastest and simplest way to do this .

Is there a way to insert degree Celsius symbol?

While the steps in our article above have focused on ways for you to include a degree signal from the Insert menu in one of your documents in Google Docs, you might want to get a little more specific .
One extra transfer that you could want to use involves adding a Celsius modifier future to the degree symbol to indicate that you mean the temperature should be read as being in celsius .
You can find the Celsius degree symbol by going to Insert > Special characters > then clicking inside the search measure and typing the discussion “ celsius ”. You will then see a Celsius degree symbol that you can click to add to your document .
The like option works if you want to add a Fahrenheit academic degree symbol, excessively. You would fair need to type the news “ Fahrenheit ” into the search prevention. Or, since that ’ s a baffling password to spell, just “ fahr ” should do the trick american samoa well .

How can I add other mathematical symbols to my Google documents?

Our tutorial focuses specifically on the degree symbol, but about all the symbols you might need to include in one of your documents can be found on the Insert > Special characters neglect down menu .
The exact choice on that menu might vary based on the symbol that you need, so you might need to choose something other than the Miscellaneous option that we selected to insert the degree symbol in our document .

What do I do if I can’t find a specific symbol in Google Docs?

If you ’ ve been looking through the different options on the special characters menu and have even tried different options like Google Docs preferences of the Substitutions tab key and you still can ’ thyroxine find the symbol you want, then the search cake in the extra characters menu can be actually helpful .
If you go to Insert > Special characters you will see a search bar on the correct side of the dialogue box. Simply type a description of the symbol you want and you should see a correspond result if that character is available .
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