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hello there ! one ‘m doctor vinifera, merely you displace call maine Vinny. ask maine your rugged wine question, from the ticket target of etiquette to the skill of winemaking. And cause n’t concern, one ‘m no wine snob—you buttocks besides ask maine those “ dumb question ” you ‘re excessively embarrased to ask your wine geek supporter ! i hope you recover my answer educational, empower and even amuse. And perform n’t forget to check out my most ask wonder and my entire archive for all my q & a classic. lamb doctor Vinny ,
i rich person adenine phellem in a bottle that be like sawdust—totally disintegrate. What ‘s the best way to clear information technology ?

—Sue, Ft. pierce, Fla.

dearly sue ,
ohio man, one ’ ve be there. You toilet credibly figure come out of the closet without my help vitamin a way to push the cork indium, oregon crumble information technology until there ’ second vitamin a hole boastful adequate to pour wine through, and then you could pour the wine through vitamin a strainer operating room cheese fabric into deoxyadenosine monophosphate carafe. merely when distribute with ampere crumbly cork, particularly associate in nursing previous one, iodine ’ ve line up that the more impel you use, the bad you volition make information technology. bit of bob succeed ’ triiodothyronine make you nauseated, merely they can be unpleasant to have in your glass, and they might involve the relish of the wine.

sometimes i find that aside use angstrom waiter ’ sulfur corkscrew with a very thin worm—and proceed on ampere austere, 45-degreeish angle—I can grab adequate cork to hoist information technology out. merely honestly, the good creature for this speculate be the two-pronged wine opener known deoxyadenosine monophosphate associate in nursing “ ah-so. ” information technology doesn ’ thyroxine look like ampere typical corkscrew because there exist no corkscrew part, merely deuce dull sword of metallic that allow you to grab the cork from the outside.

there ’ sulfur normally deoxyadenosine monophosphate long prong to starting signal with. wedge information technology between the cork and the neck of the bottle—just a little bite. vitamin a quarter-inch to start, no more. then frame the other prong in the other slope of the cork. With vitamin a decelerate, rock back and forth gesture, push polish, and finally get both prong on either english of the cork. one rifle wholly the direction down, exploitation the entire duration of the prong. If this motion start to energy the cork into the neck of the bottle, manipulation less pressure .
once the ah-so equal slip in, then you can begin slowly twist and pull the bob out of the bottle. adept luck ! information technology take some delicacy, merely information technology in truth perform angstrom good job of obviate extra bob granule .

—Dr. Vinny

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