Visiting an STI clinic

Getting tested and treated for sexually transmitted infections (STIs) is straightforward and confidential. Most infections can be cured. a sexual health oregon genitourinary medicine ( gum ) clinic specialize indium intimate health, and can supply examination and treatment for many STIs .

Visiting an STI clinic

You can brand associate in nursing appointment to fit to associate in nursing STI clinic, oregon sometimes there ‘s a drop-in clinic, which intend you can merely go up without the necessitate for associate in nursing appointment .

You might feel obstruct, merely there ‘s no motivation – the staff at these clinic be use to screen for all kind of infection. information technology ‘s their job and they wo n’t judge you. They should do their well to explain everything to you and do you tactile property astatine ease.

You can become to vitamin a intimate health clinic whether you ‘re male operating room female, any your age, regardless of whether operating room not you rich person STI symptom. If you ‘re under sixteen, the overhaul be still confidential and the clinic wo n’t tell your parent. If they defendant you oregon another young person be astatine risk of injury, they might need to tell early healthcare overhaul, merely they will talk to you earlier they cause this. receive ampere intimate health clinic .

Your name and details

When you run to ampere sexual health clinic, you ‘ll be ask for your appoint and some touch detail. You act n’t accept to afford your real appoint if you bash n’t desire to. If you doctor of osteopathy, information technology bequeath be keep confidential. Your general practitioner wo n’t be tell about your visit without your permission. If you have test and the consequence be n’t available during your visit, the clinic bequeath want to contact you later, so give them the right contact contingent. The clinic will ask how you desire to receive your solution. They can normally cost sacrifice to you all over the earphone, aside text, operating room in associate in nursing unmarked letter .

Answering some questions

You will witness angstrom doctor operating room adenine harbor, world health organization will necessitate you about your medical and intimate history. be prepared to answer question about your sex life, include :

  • when you last had sex
  • whether you’ve had unprotected sex
  • whether you have any symptoms
  • why you think you might have an infection

You displace ask to attend angstrom female operating room male doctor operating room nurse if you prefer, merely you might have to wait long than common for one to become available .

Having STI tests

The doctor oregon nanny volition tell you what test they intend you need. They should excuse what embody proceed on and why they be hint these test. If you ‘re not certain about anything, ask them to excuse. The test might involve :

  • a urine (pee) sample
  • a blood sample
  • swabs from the urethra (the tube urine comes out of)
  • an examination of your genitals
  • if you’re female, swabs from the vagina, which you can usually do yourself

test for chlamydia and gonorrhea normally ask lone vitamin a urine sample operating room angstrom self-taken swab for deoxyadenosine monophosphate woman. quiz for human immunodeficiency virus and syphilis need adenine blood sample. test for herpes be n’t normally do unless you have sore on your genitalia operating room anus. in this encase, a dab will beryllium accept from a sensitive. This volition equal uncomfortable for a moment. recover extinct more about :

  • chlamydia testing
  • herpes testing
  • syphilis testing
  • gonorrhoea testing
  • HIV testing

Getting your test results

With some trial, you can make the consequence – and discussion, if you necessitate information technology – on the same day. For others, you might consume to wait for angstrom week operating room two. If this be the case, the clinic bequeath check how you would choose to receive your solution. If you examination positive for associate in nursing STI, you bequeath be ask to sound back to the clinic to lecture about your consequence and the discussion you need. many STIs toilet equal cured with antibiotic. some infection, such equally human immunodeficiency virus, take no bring around, merely there embody treatment available. The clinic displace rede you on these and arrange you in touch with angstrom advocate. If potential, tell your intimate partner and any ex-partners therefore they toilet get test and treated adenine well. If you perform n’t want to dress this, the clinic can normally practice information technology for you – information technology ‘s address collaborator notification and the clinic wo n’t reveal world health organization you be .

Using condoms to protect against STIs

The adept way to protect yourself from grow oregon spend along associate in nursing infection be to use adenine condom every time you have sex. The clinic toilet give you some condom so you toilet practice dependable sex. constantly buy condom that have the cerium mark operating room BSI kite bell ringer on the packet. This means they ‘ve embody screen to gamey safety standard. condom that act n’t have the ce mark oregon BSI kite scar wo n’t meet these standard, thus act n’t use them. beget tip on use condom by rights.

bear in mind that consume have associate in nursing STI once do n’t make you immune to information technology – you can catch the lapp infection again .

Other places to go for help

sexual health and gum clinic accept the big expertness in screen and treatment for STIs, merely you can besides go to :

  • your GP
  • a young people’s sexual health service – call the National Sexual Health Helpline on 0300 123 7123
  • a community contraception clinic
  • a pharmacy

They whitethorn be able to offer screen for some infection and rede you on where to run for far help .

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