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How can I maintain and protect my gold jewellery set with diamonds?

  • How can I protect my gold and diamonds?
  • How can I clean my jewellery myself?
  • What are my other options?

Your dateless gold jewelry set with diamonds adds the finish touch to every outfit and radiates pure luxury. ampere hanker as they sparkle, they retain their limited and classy appearance. But what if my jewelry has become a bit boring and lacklustre ? What if they are starting to lose their original fall ? With the following tips from BAUNAT, your jewels will remain as new !

How can I protect my gold and diamonds?

The protection of your jewels starts with how you store them. You may not wear your white gold earrings with diamonds casual, but where do you store them when you are not wearing them ? It is best to keep your baseball diamond jewelry separate. As diamonds are the hardest gemstones in the world, a ball field can only be damaged by another diamond. To ensure they stay scratch-free, you should keep them in their original box, a easy pouch or an specially designed jewelry box. This manner you besides automatically protect your valued jewelry with rubies, sapphires, emeralds or early gemstones.

When they are not stored away, you should wear them with care. It is best to set your jewelry apart when float, shower, sleep, garden or working out. besides be careful to touch your ball field a little as possible. The oils and soil on your peel can transfer onto your rhombus and cause it to become dense .

How can I clean my jewellery myself?

You can easily clean your jewelry without running the risk of damaging it. It is possibly easier than you think : gold, platinum, diamonds and gemstones can be cleaned with mild saponaceous water or ammoniac.

  • How can I clean my gold and diamond jewellery with mild soapy water?

Dip your jewel in a bowl of lukewarm water, assorted with detergent and kitchen salt or pop. Polish it with a soft soup-strainer and wash with running halfhearted water. Pat the bejewel dry with a soft, fiber detached fabric. Do not use composition towels, as they could scratch your jewelry .

  • How do I use ammoniac to clean my jewellery?

Place your bejewel in a bowl containing 3 parts halfhearted water and 1 contribution ammoniac. Leave to soak for half an hour and polish your bejewel with a soft soup-strainer afterwards. wash with net water and let dry.

But particularly with white gold jewelry you need to be careful. White amber is made by mixing gold with other materials to form an alloy. On peak of that, a rhodium level is applied to give your blank golden ring with a brilliant its foam. If you rub excessively unvoiced, that rhodium level could be damaged .

What are my other options?

What if I ’ five hundred preferably not clean my gold and diamonds myself or if I don ’ t have the time for it ? You can always choose to have your jewels cleaned professionally. Jewellers can use an supersonic clean to give your jewels that arrant cleanse. This fiddling car removes impurities from the smallest nooks and crannies using vibrations. They are ideal for cleaning intricate jewelry, as it removes scandal from places a toothbrush can not reach. Where can I have my jewelry cleaned professionally ? Which other maintenance tips can help me uninfected my jewelry ? Ask the rhombus experts from BAUNAT for advice on how to keep your jewelry shining as newly .

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