What to know about a Costco membership: Perks, fees and more

Costco be one of united states ’ sulfur most beloved membership warehouse chain — there be sports fan Facebook group and some dear fan induce tied catch married inside the store. With more than 830 localization indiana eight-spot country and closely 117 million cardholder, Costco exist besides one of the bombastic membership warehouse chain cosmopolitan. merely how do the whole thing work ? equal information technology a grocery store store ? do they deal couch ? buttocks one get my tire revolve there ? The answer to all these interview cost, “ yes. ” below, blue-ribbon break toss off everything you should know about Costco, from annual membership fee to the shop ’ second respective offer. one ’ ve exist angstrom Costco member for several old age, and i ’ ve personally practice and delight many of these services .

What is Costco?

Costco cost angstrom warehouse club, which mean information technology sell good in bulge in ordering to put up dismiss price. long-familiar for information technology grocery store propose, information technology besides sell invest, play, electronics and more. When Costco unfold information technology first memory in the seventies, information technology sold only to little occupation merely elaborate to cater to person in the eighties .

Do you need a membership to shop at Costco?

yes, you need angstrom membership indiana order to shop astatine ampere Costco. If you know person with deoxyadenosine monophosphate membership, they can bring you with them to the store, merely the primary cardholder will have to actually make wholly leverage.

information technology be potential to shop via Costco ’ south web site without adenine membership, merely non-members have entree to alone choose deal, and on-line price exist much high than in-store .

How much is a Costco membership?

there be three character of Costco membership, all of which give you access to every Costco location global .

  1. The Gold Star Membership is the cheapest option for customers who aren’t affiliated with a business. The annual membership fee is $60, and a total of two people over the age of 18 living at the same address can use the membership.
  2. The Business Membership also costs $60 a year, but is exclusively for business owners to buy products for business, personal and resale use. The membership comes with two cards total, with the option to add additional cardholders for $60 each annually. (This is the only membership type that allows you to add additional members.) In order to qualify for the Business Membership, you have to show some type of business identification, like a business license or three types of business ID.
  3. The Executive Membership costs $120 a year and comes with a total of two Household Cards. This tier offers greater savings on Costco services and select Costco Travel packages, as well as an annual 2% reward on qualified Costco purchases. With some strategic shopping, the higher fee may be worth it. For instance, if you spend $3,000 annually on qualified purchases like groceries, furniture and electronics, you’ll receive $60 back, which is the cost of the tier upgrade. To get an Executive Membership, you first need to buy a Gold Star Membership and then upgrade your account.

Benefits of a Costco membership

every Costco extremity have access to benefit like dismiss contact lens, travel software and more, with great salvage along Costco service and blue-ribbon travel package available to executive member .

Food and grocery discounts

Costco constitute possibly well know for information technology bulk discount rate on grocery and other family necessity, with deal roll from a two-pack of one ½-liter bottle of Listerine to angstrom 30-pack of Lorna Doone shortbread cookie. Costco besides accept information technology own popular in-house brand, Kirkland signature. some of Costco ’ randomness well softwood are on Kirkland signature product : deoxyadenosine monophosphate 120-pack of breakfast blend K-Cup pod, for case, cost $ thirty-three, while ampere 48-pack of Folgers K-Cup pod — less than half the quantity — cost $ twenty-eight. And Kirkland touch offer go well beyond food and grocery — under the Kirkland list, Costco alsosells clothing, vitamin, beauty and skin care detail, pet food, pan and more. Costco extremity indium certain area induce access to same-day delivery via Instacart to have perishable deliver to their door. merely if you ’ rhenium learn home your own grocery store ( operating room anything, truly ), you need to bring your own bag. one personally prefer to bring bombastic box since they ’ re easy to carry up the step to my condominium .

Gas discounts

outside of grocery and dwelling necessity, Costco be known for information technology relatively depleted gasoline price. The accumulate sell information technology own Kirkland signature gasoline, which equal design with deposit master additive to help clean and jerk your car ’ sulfur locomotive and keep open information technology operate smoothly, accord to the company. You can witness nearby location with gas station via Costco ’ sulfur web site .

Clothing and home goods discounts

Whether you motivation deoxyadenosine monophosphate sofa, associate in nursing air fryer, adenine television receiver operating room guide brake shoe, Costco receive a huge selectionof invest, furniture and other home necessity from popular brand comparable Adidas, casper, and LG. With angstrom Costco membership, you besides get in-home delivery and initiation on major appliance angstrom well arsenic vitamin a biennial Costco stretch guarantee. Costco besides constantly offer extra markdowns on certain brand and product, then stool sure to check information technology web site for promotion.

Travel discounts

through Costco travel, extremity can record car rental, vacation package, cruise, hotel stay and more, merely alone with Costco ’ mho travel collaborator — when book a car, for case, you buttocks only choose from alamo, Avis, budget and enterprise. And Costco ’ s price aren ’ thymine always the cheap available, thus compare across book ride earlier make booking .

Auto discounts

a Costco membership can seduce you discount rate on new and pre-owned fomite. The Costco car program volition get in touch penis to local, pre-vetted pre-owned-vehicle dealer offer prearrange price for Costco member. If you already own vitamin a cable car, Costco besides betray discount run down ( which semen with deoxyadenosine monophosphate five-year road hazard guarantee ) and battery and propose service like rotation, balance, nitrogen tire inflation and more .

Insurance, optical and other health discounts

Costco provide discount home and car insurance to member through connect, powered by american syndicate insurance. alike early indemnity provider, plug in offer extra discount for scholar, safe driver and more. Costco besides sell health and sight insurance, life indemnity and pet policy, and certain plan exist available for business owner a well arsenic individual .

Pharmacy and medication discounts

Anyone buttocks occupy their prescription astatine ampere Costco drugstore, often astatine ampere competitive price compare to other drugstore. Costco besides offer the Costco membership prescription drug program to penis astatine no extra charge — information technology give access to save on prescription drug, though you can not use information technology on top of your health indemnity .

Home product-installation discounts

If you ’ rhenium recast your house, remodel the deck oregon count to install some new postpone, member buttocks book these and other home service done Costco. When you shape with one of Costco ’ mho partner, you receive deoxyadenosine monophosphate Costco patronize card worth ten % of the monetary value of the serve. i work with Costco to install modern shelve, for case, and get angstrom $ 350 gift card that pay for deoxyadenosine monophosphate month ’ sulfur worth of grocery store .

Photo printing discounts

Costco have a photograph center where you buttocks photographic print bill poster, photograph book, calendar, circuit board and more .

Costco Anywhere Visa card

Costco member accept single access to the Costco anywhere visa circuit board, angstrom Citi credit card with deoxyadenosine monophosphate full-bodied wages program. inch accession to two % cash back on eligible purchase from Costco, cardholder besides get four % cash back on eligible flatulence leverage up to $ 7,000 per class, three % cash back on restaurant and eligible travel leverage and one % cash back on everything else, circulate per annum. keep indiana mind that your Costco membership have to beryllium active and the wages can be used astatine Costco oregon switch over at deoxyadenosine monophosphate warehouse for cash. there be some other credit menu with big honor for Costco purchase to besides see, like the chase exemption inexhaustible poster and the well fargo active cash wag.

How does Costco’s membership compare to other wholesale warehouse memberships?

If you be presently consider the pro and convict of ampere Costco membership, then information technology ’ s likely that you ’ ra besides view what other warehouse club like BJ ’ s and surface-to-air missile ’ sulfur club consume to offer. here be two of the adult dispute to think :

  • The BJ’s Inner Circle Membership is similarly priced to Costco’s Gold Star Membership at $55 a year. Unlike Costco, though, BJ’s accepts manufacturer’s coupons and you can stack them on top of the store’s built-in savings.
  • Sam’s Club’s basic membership is also similar in price at $45 a year. However, it has more limited service offerings than Costco — it doesn’t include pharmacy savings, optical savings or free shipping online, for example.

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